A&E Gets Sex-Change-tastical!



"The brother of Courtney Cox’s husband David Arquette, actor Alexis Arquette, is to become a woman in two months. He will be filmed as he goes through therapy sessions before having
hormone injections and then the operation. His brother David and sister
Patricia will also appear in the recording. He has already received the
go-ahead from psychiatrists to proceed with the operation."

A&E you say? I thought this was more up FOX’s alley. Regardless, I will watch and be delighted that television has given birth to a new all time low of bad reality tv programming. What will they think of next? [softpedia article]

Roses have thorns



This is by far my favourite Rose. I just wish it wouldn’t do things like date Marylin Manson or you know go and get arrested at a Tmobile party.[CityRag Scoop]

Top Ten Best and Worst Shows for family viewing on prime time broadcast television



year, the Parents Television Council rates the best and the worst shows on
primetime television on the seven major broadcast networks. The PTC Best and
Worst list measures series’
appropriateness for family audiences from a content perspective. The seven
broadcast networks included in this listing are ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ITV, UPN
and the WB.  Primetime refers to 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (ET/PT), when the largest
television audience is available."

Well, it looks like I’m hell bound, as four of my favourite shows are listed in the "worst" column.. I guess my mother didn’t raise me properly because the idea of watching "Dancing with the stars" is comparable to the pains of eating brussel sprouts. Maybe… I would reconsider if it came with cheese.[Top 10 List]

Thursday Morning Quick Hits



According to this shameless puff-piece, John Travolta is 30 years old,
was the top choice to be the next James Bond, and is about to play
Captain America
. Also, his crap is rainbow-colored, flecked with
24-karat gold, and jasmine-scented.

HBO will air a series about a polygamous Mormon family. All your wives are belong to us.

Paris Hilton
denies having a one-night stand with Tom Sizemore, resulting in the one and only time nobody disputed a claim made by Paris Hilton.

Time Magazine’s list of "five new things that will blow your mind". In other news, "Five New Things That Will Blow Your Mind" movie due to be released from Warner Brothers.

  David Copperfield plans to impregnate woman on stage without using his magic wand.

NYC company offers "customized reality adventures" replete with "executive kidnappings". Michael Douglas not available for comment, as he is trapped in a box in South America.

Birthday Rolex from Marilyn Monroe to JFK sold at auction for $120k. Bidder disappointed to discover birthday song, dance, BJ not included.

Minutes after Fox cancels "The Simple Life", Paris and Nicole realize the world isn’t paying enough attention to them, decide to make up.

Charlize Theron lauded for her immersive research as a coal miner for upcoming movie. Was equally diligent for upcoming role as Aeon Flux, working in Hoover factory, learning how to suck.

Unlike Madonna, Courtney Cox has no problem with her kid watching TV. Protective services threatens to intervene if the child is exposed to any of her dad’s movies.

David Hasselhoff flattered and thankful that hackers use his image to deface web sites. No-no David. Thank you.

The Nintendo Entertainment System turned twenty yesterday, still plays video games in parent’s basement.

A Letter from Daniel Craig


BWE has obtained a letter written by Daniel Craig (the new Bond) to his fans.  Here it is, unedited.


Dear Bond Fans,

The initial consensus seems to be one of overwhelming disapproval in regards to my casting as the new 007.  I completely sympathize with your outrage.  I will freely admit that I have no right to be playing this part.  Let’s be honest, I’m not really attractive.  If I walked by myself on a street I probably wouldn’t check out my own ass.  So there goes that qualification.

My resume didn’t really suggest that I was right for the part either.  I’m actually struggling to name three movies that I was in.  The English Patient?  Let me check IMDB.  Nope, Ralph Fiennes.  Hmmmm.  I had to be in some super British movie like Love, Actually.  Um… no, actually. Hmm. Ah, it turns out my big British movie was Elizabeth (you know with Cate Blanchett). That works.  Hey, it says here that I was in Road to Perdition! Cool!

So why am I Bond? Well, do you think it’s easy making a career out of tricking people into thinking you’re attractive and getting Jude Law’s woman to leave him? Actually… yeah, it kind of is.

Anyway, who the hell was Pierce Brosnan before Goldeneye?  Remington Steele was like 30 years ago and Mrs. Doubtfire and The Lawnmower Man aren’t exactly Citizen Kane either, if you know what I mean. Hell, they’re barely even Layer Cake.  And THAT’S saying something.

Well, regardless of your “opinions” I’m Bond. James Bond. And you’re gonna have to deal with that.


Daniel Craig

(I think that’s how I spell it)



Anyway, a tiny peck was exchanged between the two, but mostly this private pool party was all about the bashful smiles. Why didn’t Jason step up and jam his tongue down her throat? Surely that’s his style. Or is it? You just know a jealous Cedric was in the bushes, sharpening a blade, cursing LC’s name. Beware the jilted lover, LC. Beware…

TVGasm is all up on the Laguna beat. Read this week’s recap here.

What’s with these Laguna kids??? They need to expand their social circle and stop hooking up with one another. Let’s hope nobody gets mono, because that would definitely ruin the chances of there ever being a Laguna Beach III.