Zimbalist Movement



Pierce Brosnan has five (!) projects currently in the works: Seraphim Falls, The Topkapi Affair, Mexicali, Butterfly on a Wheel, Instant Karma. Yet tragically, he doesn’t want to do a movie based on Remington Steele, which was the most awesome show ever. He can’t be swayed with money, so let the passionate letter-writing campaign commence!

Hunting While Hunted



This might be the most awesome game ever, of all time, for serious.  Wrap your brain around THIS: a mash-up up classical games Duck Hunk and 1945, that requires you to shoot ducks AND enemy Nazi soldiers.  Win the war while killing your dinner!  Check it out!

(link via Gorillamask)

Lush Life


Drunk Kiefer Sutherland stories are my absolute favorite. From what I hear, just about everybody living in LA has one. Here’s the most recent (from Page 6)Kiefer_1 

"24" STAR Kiefer Sutherland shocked staffers at the Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz, Calif., the other morning when he bellied up to the bar around 9 a.m. demanding to start a tab, reports Steppin’ Out magazine. Editor Chaunce Hayden says the normally thick-waisted Sutherland looked "rail-thin" when he entered the tiny dive bar with a group of rowdy pals and ordered a round of drinks. According to witnesses, when presented with the bill, Sutherland claimed his wallet was "indisposed" – "It’s been stolen! I promise I’ll come back and pay." At that point, things got weird. "He started to go into a series of karate kicks in the middle of the floor while the bartender, waitress and several customers looked on," Hayden reports.

Don’t these people know who they’re dealing with??? That’s Jack Bauer! Don’t charge him! God knows what he’s capable of. And c’mon, we’ve all seen 24… the guys’ been through a lot.

Corn Flakes: Your Essential Inessentials



* Jennifer Love Hewitt mulls over offers from Playboy. Thinks showing her curves might show her edge.
* Demi and Ashton might be adopting a baby, grandmothers in Ethiopia terrified.
* Minnie Driver is starring with Eddie Izzard in a drama for FX. They play traveling married con artists with a “complicated relationship.” We can think of a few complications.
* Now they’re saying Brangelina will be a boy.
* Either way, Angelina says the child will be a bastard.
News from the last century: Madonna appeared at a Gaultier show in Paris.
* Steven Soderbergh: box-office poison?

SURVIVOR: Prison Edition



Richard Hatch was convicted of failing to pay taxes on the $1 million winnings in 2000 and about $391,000 he earned from half a dozen other source, reports Yahoo News.He will remain in custody until his April 28 sentencing.

According to network execs, nudity and backstabbing alliances will not necessarily behoove the former champion in this edition of the game.

“Strangers With Candy” Update



From amysedaris.com:

According to Amy, the Strangers with Candy movie will be released in June 2006. She provided no further details, but we’ll update this site as more become available.

All that finger crossing seems to have worked!

F@#% You! / No, F@#% YOU!


So who got the better of the WB / UPN merger? Best Week Ever bloggers Bob and Piper debate in the all new F*** You! / No, F*** YOU! Forum.


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