Speaking of MySpace…


Check out this awesome t-shirt design combining two things that have about as much business being married as Tom and Katie:Carebear_1

Emo Care Bears!

When he does the "Care Bear Stare". I wonder if his chest shoots out My Chemical Romance songs and old Hot Topic reciepts?

(via Our Favorite Uncle G.)

MySpace: Ain’t Nobody Humpin’ Around



Some enterprising reporter at the New York Daily News has found the myspace pages for Bobby Brown’s children. The highlights:

16-year-old daughter, LaPrincia
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Smirnoff raspberry vodka
Would you ever be an exotic dancer?: "Ohh yess"
Have you ever danced like a whore?: "Yess all the time."

Fourteen-year-old Bobby Jr.:
"i can read but i choose not to."

Twelve-year-old Bobbi Kristina:

Screen name: "nimpho babb"

quote: "i love swimmin with hot guys lol (memories), i love
makingout, i love cheerleading, i love driving, and last but not least
i love BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!!!!!!!!"

Sadly, Bobbi Kristina’s profile had to be removed because people found out who she was. By the way, guess who also has a myspace account? We do!



deleted by youtube! laaaaaaame.

Check out "Must See" Norman Baker’s recap of last night’s best TV.

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Fight Night in the Ukranian Parliament


If you think politicians in the U.S. are overly partisan, check out the way they do things in the Ukraine.

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SIZZLER: Nick Kissie CaCee



Jessica Simpson’s very best friend in the world, CaCee Cobb, was spotted getting hot and heavy with Simpson-ex Nick Lachey at an LA nightclub.

"The two were all over each other," says the eyewitness, who knows both Nick and CaCee. "Nick had his arms wrapped around her, and he was kissing her all over the side of her face…"

Sure it’s a betrayal but can you blame her? Nick is one amazing side-of-the-face kisser.




We’ve been watching ever awesome story in the glorious world of celebrities. Here’s what we’ve learned:

So that’s today. We can hardly wait until tomorrow…