SIZZLER: Tom’s Suing Rampage



Tom Cruise may sue Life and Style Magazine over their reportage of his split with preggers girlfriend Katie Holmes. But first he’s got to finish suing the biographer who’s researching his gay relationships and this dog on street who’s looking at him like he might be gay.



HEADLINE: "Guy seeks police help for something moronic" (Reuters)

SURPRISING DADDY ISSUE: Handsome, critically acclaimed and universally popular movie star George Clooney is still seeking his father’s approval? (Yahoo! News)

PERVERTED JUSTICE: Former rocker turned repeated pedophile Gary Glitter is going to be tried on rape charges  in Vietnam.  Here’s to hoping that Vietnamese prisons are as sleazy as he is. (BBC)

SALT IN THE WOUND: A teenage girl’s prosthetic leg has been stolen — for the second time.  (Yahoo! News)

SPIELBERG MOVIE INSPIRATION: A man who publicly denied the existence of the holocaust was sentenced to three years in prison in Austria. (MyWay)

TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: Apparently all excited about President’s Day, Bush says we’re on the verge of an "energy breakthrough" that would help wean the country off foriegn oil.  (MyWay)

Get Back To Work!



In the past minute:

  • Paris Hilton has just earned $55
  • The Olsen Twins earned $175
  • Tom Cruise earned $260
  • And you probably earned 32 cents

Check out the Forbes’ money meter to find out how your salary compares to that of celebrities.  Cheer up: you may be short on cash, but you’re rich in unfilling jobs.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Spankin’ New Videos



The Strokes "Heart In A Cage" (via The Modern Age)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion" (via Product Shop)

Improve your street cred by watching these videos from everybody’s favorite New York hipsters The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love that The Strokes are finally making real videos now (does anybody remember "Hard to Explain"?), and "Gold Lion" proves that Fire + Karen O is a can’t miss combination.  Enjoy.

While You Were Watching The Sun Go Down On Your Long Weekend



  • Isaac Mizrahi refuses to "put a mask on to meet people" in response to the controversy he caused at the Golden Globes. And that’s fine, we’re just asking him not to grope women.
  • Kate Moss is possibly pregnant again. That’s actually not funny at all.
  • In a surprising parallel to her 2002 movie The Sweetest Thing, a bird(tin foil duck) flies splat into Cameron Diaz’s windshield. A striking example of life imitating sh*t.
  • Angelina Jolie plans to drop food on needy people’s heads. Maybe the impact will make them forget they’re so hungry.
  • Tom and Katie are still together. Don’t believe them? Check out this hot n heavy bear hug.



Here’s Toni J with her roundup of the best TV from last weekend:



Madonna10azWhile you were enjoying your day off, we were enjoying our day on:

  • John Legend is "playing the sex angle up a little bit." JFK would approve.
  • Lindsay Lohan snubbed Kimberly Stewart at a recent party. Jimmy Carter mediated, and all is well.
  • Keira Knightley hates her boobs, just like Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Simon Cowell is a total liar, but Gerald Ford pardoned him.
  • Brokeback Mountain won four BAFTAs (British Academy Film Awards) last night. George W. Bush said now he totally has to see it.
  • Madonna pats herself on the back for doing something Eleanor Roosevelt could do with one hand tied behind her back.