Trash Bags: So Hot Right Now



Move over Marc Jacobs, because there’s a hot new designer in town!  Two of them, actually. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (you ever wonder if Ashley gets pissed at always being mentioned second?) have recently announced plans to bring their peculiar style of dumpster diving haute couture to high-end retailers across the country. 

This means that soon you – yes, you! – can also look like a recovering addict who got hosed down with sewer water on your way to the methadone clinic.  Provided you’re rich enough to afford to look poor, of course.

Tipper Gore



The New York Post has the dish on Kate Capshaw’s tipping habits:

A PAGE SIX tattletale claims…that actress Kate Capshaw, wife of Steven Spielberg, brought eight children into the Milky Way restaurant in Los Angeles and was "incredibly demanding. She sent everything back and nothing was done correctly – the tea was too cold, everything. So the waitress was run ragged and at the end she didn’t even leave a tip – and the meal was comped." To make the tale even more embarrassing, the Milky Way is owned by Spielberg’s mother. But Capshaw’s representative, Marvin Levy, insisted that our source’s no-tipping tale was utter hogwash.

To be fair, the meal was free, so fifteen percent of that is zero.

Intimate Portrait: Beth Stolarczyk



Take an up close and personal look at the fascinating Beth from the Gauntlet 2.  The elusive celebrity spills all her secrets about "the industry" and what it’s like to mingle with superstars like Scott Wolff and Michael Rappaport at this year’s Sundance Festival on her very own Yahoo Podcast.

No Hassle, Just Hoff



It’s a good week for Hasselhoff fans. First, the International Federation of Competitive Eating, IFOCE, annouces that it will seek to determine the exact weight of the actor’s generously-sized head.

Then come’s, a website that allows you to simulate waxing the Hoff’s chest as he spews impassioned lines from his Knight Rider days.

Bonus: If you still can’t get enough of Germany’s hottest pop star, try making a Hasselhoff paper airplane

The Elfman in the Room



Tonight at 9:30 on CBS, Jenna Elfman returns to network TV in Courting Alex. The much anticipated show, about a single lawyer balancing work with romance, is receiving rave reviews from the critics.

Check out the roundup of overwhelming praise:

"Unoriginal doesn’t … describe ‘Courting Alex’ " -The Seattle Post Intellegencer

"It … look like a winner." -The Courier Journal

"It has all the …elements of a show…" -The Chicago Tribune

‘"’Courting Alex’ doesn’t deserve contempt" -The Boston Globe

NBC Has to Pay for “Friends”




NBC has apparently struck a deal with the six stars of FRIENDS to lure them back to the small screen for four hour long specials. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry will all return for a whopping $5 million each!

Also, there might be another spin-off show starring Perry, Schwimmer, and LeBlanc called A Guy Thing. Dare we dream?

(Thanks to goldenfiddle.)

Another Reason to Love Porn



Do you like streaming video and other fun stuff like that? According to MSNBC, you can thank porn:

Rob Enderle, a tech industry analyst, said that technology and pornography have an interdependent relationship that tech pundits don’t often acknowledge. "So much of the technology that we’re using now for less risque purposes had its origins in porn," said Enderle, who pointed to online "streaming video" as one major example of a technology that was driven by porn in its early days.

For example, while Hollywood is still struggling with how best to put its movies online, entire porn empires have been built by production companies selling streaming-video programs on the Internet. Naughty America, one such company, has been in the business for five years but only last year decided to make some of its programming available on DVD.

It’s such a shame to see Naughty America is selling out like this.