Britney must be confused



This has to be photo-shopped. Some magician has surely changed the contents of this picture. Is that…umm…is that an apple? A bottle of water even? Good GOD! What about the baby? The baby needs Starbucks coffee and Cheetos, stat! [link]

Best Of Thursday Linkage


Flickr Postcard Browser – Enter a search term and then discover the postcard results. I spent way too long searching random things on here. I should have been sleeping and/or working?[link]


Just another splendid moment in Family Guy where the Griffin family attempts to survive without Lois.[link]


Remember way back when in an Internet land long ago, when the Icy Hot Stuntaz hilarity began? Well
  B-Shoc, from Icy Hot Stuntaz fame, has released a hip-hop album. Begin crying for our generation in, 5…4…3…2…[link]


Public Hygene has never been so amusing. However I probably could do without the painful soundtrack. [link]


The Fingertips project created by the folks of Albino Black Sheep give you a flash video mix-up of that identifies the cliches of the interweb and so much more. Check it out.[link]

Moorhuhn goes to the army
should probably not have amused me so much but I can’t stop laughing. It could because I lack coffee or it could be because I’m a sucker for home made puppet films.[link]

Staring contests need to make a comeback. Lets make this happen people.[link]

Thursday Quick Hits: Pam, Tommy, Carrie, and Chiklis



Jessica Alba has slammed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for using their romance to promote their movies. She then went on to declare that her love for Michael Chiklis is real.

Hilary Duff wants to keep her romance with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden out of the public eye. She also wants to keep her romance with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden out of Joel Madden’s eye.

The new Harry Potter book is a hit. Really? I mean, wow. I’m floored. Do we really need somebody to report this?

Grand Theft Auto gets bumped to an "Adults Only" rating and has its hidden sex scene removed from the game.  Meanwhile, all the robbing, beating, and prostitution in Oregon Trail remains untouched.

So now Pam & Tommy aren’t getting married. Sex tape sequel delayed indefinitely.

Carrie Underwood signs on to sing jingles for Hershey. Ruben Studdard whines, "Why does Carrie get all the good deals???" Then adds, "Mmmm, candy."

Jude Law’s ex feels bad for Sienna Miller. Um, why? We all saw what having a cheating British boyfriend does your career. Sienna’s the luckiest girl since Elizabeth Hurley. Enjoy the career, sweetheart!

Mash Me Up



What can I say, people dig mashups… even AFTER all that Jay-Z/Linkin Park crap.

This site has a bunch of interesting ones. I recommend the Gorillaz vs. Cake (as seen above) and the Hot Hot Heat vs. Bowie.

Now can somebody explain to me why it’s gotta be "vs." Why can’t these people just get along?

See Tom



Ultimately, finding a woman who intrigues and captivates me has simply
risen to the very top of my list, calling for me to take extraordinary
measures to find her. I know a lot of people who’ve settled in the
interest of having kids and security. But, that’s not for me. I want
something that will be special every day of our lives

Tom has searched around the globe for the woman of his dreams and he has now taken the next logical step. He’s using the interweb to bring the women to him. You might not be the one for Tom but in the mean time, I suppose you can just know him, bop him, dress him, or if you feel like it…date him.

Good luck Tom. May you one day get bopped good and hard…[link]

Be sure to catch Tom on The View tomorrow morning.

Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits: Mike Tyson scares the crap out of me.


examines the possibility of a real world Peter Griffin.

Director David Lynch hopes to raise one billion dollars in one year for his new meditation and peace foundation; claims chanting will help students resolve school stress and shine like bright pennies.

Lindsay Lohan packs more clothes in her luggage than you can count. She probably didn’t leave any room for airplane snacks either.

Looks like the rumors of Pamela Anderson to marry… again… Continue. Yes it’s to the same person as before. I suppose she is hoping the third time is a charm, even if he isn’t.

My Dog is Tom Cruise. Okay well not my dog, but his dog is…

Mike Tyson builds $12,000 coup for his pigeons.  Now more than one thing on his property will be full of crap.

I’m sorry, What?  Pigeons?????? Dear mother of god.

Best of Wednesday Linkage



Family Guy:
With Lois in jail, Peter is forced to take over her household duties and a few other classic clips from this season’s Family Guy.


Haven’t had enough of that annoying ‘Crazy Frog’ yet? Try the Crazy Crazy Revolution flash game. It’s that damn frog and dance dance revolution combined.


The following link is a spoiler for "Harry Potter and the half-blood prince" as this guy trys to rain on people’s Potter crazed parade.


Here is a list of banned (and a few that are available on dvd only) Disney cartoons from the past. None of this is new, it’s just interesting to see it all combined in this format. Check it out.


I’ve seen a lot of the Star Wars kid videos but some how I missed "Undercover Star Wars Kid". How it happened, I’m not quite sure.


What Do You Look Like Doing A Jowler?-This site is a place for you to upload and browse a unique type of
photo that we like to call the Jowler. These fun pictures are created
when the subject of a photo shakes their head really fast while the
picture is taken. So, enjoy these unique expressions and if you feel up
to it, take a few of your own and post em up.


A compliation of idiots.


Tired of being a hungry vegan? Or have some of the triple tofu tower! It’s EXTREME!(thnx to Screenhead)

Letters to Star Jones



Here lies a list of  letters to television personality Star Jones written by comedian
Chris Monks. Be sure to check out the postcards and remember to STAY GOLD.[link]