Are Nobodys Having the Best Week Ever?



There has never been a better week to be a nobody. Now, we’ve known for a while that Brandon Routh (you might remember him as "Young Henry Phillips" on an episode of Cold Case) is going to be the next Superman. But he just made a surprise appearance at the WonderCon and blew everyone away. A nobody having an even better week is Mads Mikkelsen, the new Bond villain Le Chiffre. You might not have seen him in such roles as "Arne" in 2000’s Blinkende Lygter or as "Jacob" in 2001’s En Kort en Lang , but you will certainly see him in Casino Royale. Last but foxiest, Karima Adebibe has been chosen to be the "new face of international action hero Lara Croft." I don’t know what that means, but it’s certainly a step up from her role as "Sacrificial Maiden" in Alien vs. Predator. Such a step up in fact, that I’d say she and her fellow nobodys might be having the Best Week Ever!

Blame Canada



The nominees for the 2006 Juno Awards– Canada’s version of the Grammys– were announced today, and as usual, they were the funniest thing to come out of Canada since Jim Carrey.

There’s been a lot of talk over the past couple of years about the Montreal music scene. Bands like the like the Arcade Fire, The Stills, Stars, and Wolf Parade put the city on the map (that’s a metaphor. To the best of my knowledge, at press time there are still no actual maps of Canada.) Anyway, when the Juno Awards were announced I kind of expected that the new, hip Canadian acts that dominated college radio would be well represented. Well, they weren’t. Instead, the band who earned the most nominations was… Nickelback.

It gets worse…

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Name That Thing



I need help: You know how sometimes you’ll be walking down the street and someone walking toward you seems to be talking to themselves and you think they’re crazy for a moment but then you realize they’re talking on their hands-free cellphone? I think there should be a name for that. But what should it be?

The winner: Schizophonia!

…Of The Day


"I’m the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend." – Dick Cheney (CNN)

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Drinking With Dick


Dick Cheney admitted to drinking one beer "hours before" he went hunting with a couple of friends and proceeded to shoot one of them in the face.

Now, generally one beer doesn’t do much to most people. However, anybody who’s ever attended a sorority mixer, drank with a bunch of high school kids, or funneled a beer in high altitudes while hanging upside down by their ankles off a deck KNOWS that different people handle various amounts of liquor differently. If you’re a 65-year-old man with a history of heart problems who probably takes more pills daily than Barry Bonds does over the course of his Spring Training regimen, then I’d say you probably shouldn’t risk it. Well, Dick did. And look what happened.

I think we should all breathe a sigh of relief that Mr. Cheney stopped at just one. If you use the formula One Beer = Shoot a Guy In The Face, things get pretty hairy when you extrapolate that to a night out drinking. Don’t believe me? Just check this out:

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