You So Crazy



I need help again. How many times have you heard in a movie: That’s crazy. So crazy, it just might work! Okay, you don’t here that many times any more, but I was thinking, What are some actual things that were so crazy that they worked? I’ll start: Ashlee Simpson. Not particularly talented, not particularly pretty, already has a famous sister (who is talented and pretty). You would have to be crazy to think you could make her a star. But lo and behold, she’s a big star and has even appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. So what else can you think of that was so crazy that it worked?

Commentary: MTV’s Fat Camp



If anyone managed to catch MTV’s Fat Camp, a reality show that takes place over a summer at a Poconos weight loss camp, you may have noticed it’s hard to be fat and in high school.  But it’s even harder when you have a camera following you around when you’re getting undressed.

In last night’s MTV special, the directors and producers got a little too documentary-style when it came to profiling these obese kids. They featured lots of unflattering bathing suit shots, followed one heavy-set girl around while she was buck naked and employed the Celebrity Fit Club method of weight loss display, dressing the kids in skivvies to reveal their bulging bodies before and after. All in all, pretty much a fat high school kid’s worst nightmare.

While the show taught me that fat kids have the same problems as skinny kids (except they’re also fat), it seems that these kids now have another problem: the whole world has seen them half-naked. MTV just may have guaranteed these kids a year’s worth of painful, public wedgies.

…Of The Day


REASON TO ASSUME THAT J.J. ABRAMS IS CRAZY: He doesn’t think Tom Cruise is crazy (SciFiWire)

Employers hit smokers in the wallet (CNN); California city passes no smoking outside (The Acorn)

REASON NOT TO WATCH PORN: Kid Rock & Scott Stapp… together at last (The Bastardly)

REASON FOR GEEKS TO PICK UP THE NEW MAXIM: Veronica Mars, naturally (Maxim Online)

Her Dick Cheney hunting song (The Huffington Post)

LISTEN UP: You Daily Dose of the Best Week Ever Part Deux



  • Dirty Little Secrets makes me feel dirty. If their song Got a Feeling had a smell, it would be a blend of busch beer, stale basement and hot guy sweat.
  • Said the Gramaphone has a Shelley Short lullaby called "The Sunny Side." It sure do wish I were sitting on a porch swing with a glass of pink lemonade and working knowledge of how to play the ukelele.
  • Happy Bullets’s Brit pop ditty The Vice and Virtue Ministry explores class heirarchy in a society that pits royals against the working class but mostly it  reminds me of Crowded House
  • Diddywah hosts this strange Grace Slick-ish late 60’s inner-journey by Fairport Convention called Tam Lin.
  • We’ve got tracks from Gun’s n Roses’ Chinese Democracy. After so much anticipation, it’s time to rock in the free world.




You spent your day working for the man, we spent the day working for you!

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


Axl_1 Chinese Democracy! It’s finally spreading!!!

After over ten years of waiting for the next Guns N’ Roses album, it’s impossible to hear the words "Chinese Democracy" without thinking about Chinese Democracy. And without thinking about how bat-s*** crazy Axl has gone, and without thinking about that dude who joined the band that wore a KFC Bucket of chicken on his head.

But anyway, all signs are pointing to Axl Rose FINALLY unleashing Chinese Democracy onto the general (American) public. First up there was a rumor that it was going to be released this spring. Nobody got too excited though, because just like leap year that rumor pops up once every four years. No big deal.   But then today… today we took another step closer to Democracy. Two previously unreleased tracks leaked onto the internet today, one of which you can find HERE (for the time being, at least).

Download it and let me know what you think. Are you glad they’re back, or would you have been content just listening to the new Velvet Revolver?

TomKat Down Under



This morning, Tom Cruise was attending media mogul Kerry Packer’s funeral alone. Katie planned to stay behind to avoid the 14-hour flight so late in her pregnancy. But now, popsugar has pictures of the happy couple in the land down under.

While we understand how important it was to be there for Tom during this difficult time of media skepticism, we’re not sure if it was the best idea. 

According to WebMD: "Pregnant women should avoid air travel after their 36th week….Frequent flying is not recommended as it is possible for you to exceed the cosmic radiation limit considered safe during pregnancy."

On the other hand, cosmic radaition is how Katie got pregant in the first place.



Tony tries very hard to explain what a buzz-by is. This is by far our best Daily Danza yet!

Oh, don’t forget to sign our Save Danza petition so he doesn’t get canceled!

Ugly Kid = Big Star



Movie stars, rock stars, and rappers. They’re the beautiful people now, but Barbie Martini asks, "Which celebrity was the ugliest kid?" Of course, I can’t answer that because I believe that all children are beautiful in their own way.

Is Cheney An Unfaithful Dick?


It couldn’t just be a hunting accident, could it? Of course not! Check this out:

Sirius radio’s Alex Bennett just broke a rumor that the delay in
reporting the news that Cheney shot an old man in the heart was due to
an effort to hide or spin Cheney’s female companion.

Bob Cesca takes it a step further by asking: Was Cheney Hiding His Lewinsky? To that, I have just one thing to say– STOP IT! Dick Cheney is 65-Years-Old! The woman in question looks like my grandmother! The last thing I want to think about today is the Ambassador to Switzerland giving the Vice President of the United States a mouth hug. Sorry. It’s a little too much to take (no pun intended.)

In other news, Steve Martin reports: Cheney Shoots Three Presidents In Oval Office Mishap. I find that less disturbing.