LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) — It’s a fade out for "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" after next month’s finale.

Sources said that NBC has passed on ordering another round of episodes of the Stewart-hosted edition of "The Apprentice," which has struggled in the ratings since its September 21 premiere. [continue reading]

Those people over at NBC are brave. Martha’s a hardened criminal, who knows how she’s going to react to this! Note to execs: No more cooking segments for Miss Stewart- keep all sharp objects far, far away.

The Day in David



David Cross. You have to love the guy.  In case you haven’t noticed, he’s all over the internet this week. Check it out.

1. In this audio clip, David says what we’re all thinking. Well, all of us who are confused / angry / and completely depressed over the news that Arrested Development is on the way out. Damn you Fox. And damn you marketing department. Here’s his rant.

2. The Strokes are cool. David Cross is cool. So it makes sense for David Cross to make a cameo in the new "leaked" Strokes video. Oh, and things that are "leaked" are cool too.

3. David has his own impersonator wreaking havoc in the East Village. And by wreaking havoc I mean getting his picture taken by people who think they’re looking at David Cross.

Man, it’s only Monday. Who knows where else DC is gonna pop up before this week is over. Stay tuned.

The truth about diamonds and spoiled brats who get book deals.



Chapter One
Reserved Seating
Chloe Parker would be a terrible role model if she were famous. Trouble is that she was about to be.

It started innocently enough, or as innocent as you can get on the dance floor of one of the hottest clubs in L.A.The nightclubs of L.A. are like soap operas, except they’re not Days of Our Lives; they’re more like Passions — crazy stuff happens, and no one bats a fake eyelash. There’s always some bizarre drama that plays out every night, and everyone in the cast — I mean, everyone —
is great looking, stoned, and/or drunk. It’s like a traveling freak
show that stars the youngest and hottest in Hollywood. It’s about fun,
and sex, and pseudo-danger.

Wow. Just wow. "Her first kiss, her first crush on a gay guy, the first time she saw Jimmy Choo sandals, the first time someone passed her a joint — all happened in a club." Can you hear that? That’s the sound of the world’s tiniest violin playing for Ms. Richie. For the love of jebus… If this winds up on a best seller list or Oprah’s book club, I’m calling it quits on books forever. Take a peak at what may be the worst book ever written. ever.. [MSNBC article]