Thursday Morning Quick Hits



British actor who played Chewbacca is becoming an American citizen. Ideally in a trade that would send Mark Hamill to the UK.

MTV says it will mark the release of Madonna’s new album by actually playing a music video.

Brannon Braga insists he had nothing to do with Brent Spiner being on  his new soon-to-be-cancelled sci-fi TV show. In related news, Brannon Braga lies as badly as he makes sci-fi TV shows.

Tori Spelling starring in H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos movie; yet another seal from Revelation breaks.

Spike Lee planning a documentary on Hurricane Katrina. George Bush  doesn’t care about black people making documentaries.

Regis and the Donald team up to sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".Santa surrenders,and cries a little on the inside.

Great musicians have quirks: Beethoven – paranoia. Vivaldi – arrogance. Tchaikovsky – impetuosity. Bach – temper. Cardinals organist Ernie Hays - potty mouth.

Apple releases video iPods, allowing you to put an assortment of videos(porn) into the palm of your hand. Placement of other hand optional.

School district spends $6.8 million on new school, but can’t  afford $250,000 to build a road to it. Personally, I would have built the road first, but that’s just me…

18 wheeler loaded with chocolate loses its brakes! 18 wheeler loaded with peanut butter credited with quick action to avoid two great tastes that taste great together!

Michael Jackson wants everyone to know that he is ok, had his nails done, and is also a reincarnation of a knight that died 800 years ago.

The Five Senses



Hey, Hey, Hey, the latest skit from The Post Show is most fabulous and deserves your immediate attention. It appears the breakup of Bennifer caused shockwaves between these 5 friends. Those of you who enjoy this skit should check out their previous videos immediately. Oh yeah and the boys update every Monday and Thursday, so be sure to check back for more tomorrow![Post Show Video Link]

survivor toyland



Once upon a time, sixteen famous toys were selected
to partake in a savage game of survival and cunning deep in the jungle!
As the competitors began to congregate, they were confronted by smarmy
reality TV host Max Steel.

"As of this moment
politeness and fair play are out the window," he explained "You can be
the winner, or, you can be one of what will eventually become fifteen
sorry-assed losers!"
This may be the greatest thing on the internet right now, people. It’s a beautiful thing when Pizzazz lets a bottle of Jim Beam into her life.[Link]

TVgasm Review: Save The Last Dance



"OMG.  Like OM-F-ing-G.  I like can’t believe prom is over!  Like, over!  Guys, this is so sad.  Only two weeks left in Laguna Beach senior year.  Promise that we’ll always be friends?  Forevah and evah?

Yes, it was prom night on Laguna Beach, a momentous occasion that the online community has surely been anticipating ever since photos of the big pre-party
leaked to the internet. And I’ll say this: I was not disappointed. This
episode came with all the silliness, drama, and pettiness that we’ve
come to expect not only from Laguna Beach, but prom season in
general. Plus, Cami the Vaguely Ethnic Girl popped up, so you know it
had to be a fun night on MTV. Just about the only thing missing were
some of those crazy Laguna parents. Oh wait, we had them too. Best
episode EVER!"

Did you miss the episode?  Let TVgasm‘s fantastic recap fill your Laguna Beach void.[TVgasm Review]

Where are they now: Pussy Galore



"With the search for the new James Bond still ongoing, I’ve noticed the
press continues to open the age old debate about who was the best Bond
(Connery, obviously) or sometimes, the best Villain (I’d vote Oddjob).
Left out in the cold too often are the Bond Girls – the Pussys, Honeys,
Kissys and Plentys. I thought it was about time to redress the balance
and ask Bond Girls – where are they now? (Part one – Connery’s Chicks.)"

Take a look at the Bond girls from our past and see what they’ve been up to these days. Oh and don’t have a hissy fit because Halle Berry is not featured on this list.This site, much like me, pretends that whole incident never happened…[Yes but No Link]

Lost: Complete Visual Analysis of Hatch Interior



"This is my analysis of the Hatch interior. I’ve analyized all the
videos of the hatch interior. And its taken quite some of time to get
the map right. Especially to let every screenshot "fit" with the
constructed map.
It was frikin’ hard to get everything to match . But the result is a very precise map.

I will show an analysis of several areas of the interior. Some screenshots are accompanied by a
corresponding map which shows the camera view in color.
This is very helpful in understanding what you are actually looking at
in context to the rest of the interior. It also proves the map is
accurate. I hope you enjoy these context-maps…  "
Geekiest / most glorious thing ever. Fans of Lost are sure to be impressed and scared for this man’s work. He must be an ex-trekkie or something.[ Link ]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Woman loses 75 lbs for a chance to dance with Bono.  Apparently the only dance move Bono knows is that ‘lasso’ one.

Dominic Monaghan believes the Beatles are bigger than Jesus, Buddha, or Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Dumbest Quote Ever In the History and Future Of Mankind, courtesy of
Ashton Kutcher: "I hope the love that we share can resonate around the
world so that someday I can hear its echo." The Sun is there.

In order to stay relevant, TV Guide releases new full-color larger
format mag
. Publisher apparently hopes to compete with arch-nemesis,
the TV Guide Channel. 

Stevie Wonder hopes his new album will inspire our government to treat
people with more respect. Says he hasn’t seen enough of that lately.

Punkers unite, no, wait, Punkers fight. Still no definition of a "low-rent fake mockney two-bob runt".

Marilyn Manson launches his own perfume. Will not smell like teen spirit.

Pierce Brosnan complains about being dumped as James Bond, insists his demand for $40 million had nothing to do with it.

once was a poet named Kim, whose writings fell over the rim, He jumped
in the water, thought he was an otter, too bad he couldn’t swim.

asks Aussies to stop sheep torture because they are afraid that some
stool sheep will rat them out and spill the beans on their evil world
domination scheme.