Red Carpet Turns Soylent Green



George Clooney
, Joaquin Phoenix, Frances McDormand, and Jennifer Aniston are reportedly going to drive low-emission hybrids to the Oscars this year. This is the fourth year of "Red Carpet, Green Cars," which is sponsored by the non-profit environmental organization Global Green USA. The "Green" is not what you think. It’s people!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Matt and Al’s Gay Luger Movie


This morning on the Today Show, intrepid reporters Matt Lauer and Al Roker decided the best way to cover the Winter Olympics was to mount each other. Check out the footage of their luge love affair here and tune in to Best Week Ever on Friday at 11 for more on this and other hot n’ bothered moments from the past week.

[delete by youtube…f’in f those guys]

Hot Tip: This clip is even funnier when you close your eyes and listen to it.

Lindsay Lohan : Hollywood Legend


Lohan  Lohan_elle

Goldenfiddle posted these pictures of Lindsay Lohan dressed as various movie icons featured in an upcoming issue of Premiere Magazine. You may also remember Lohan on the cover of Entertainment Weekly last year imitating the likes of Brigitte Bardot.

Are these subliminal messages orchestrated by team Lohan to make us forget about her unmemorable films thus far? It is odd that she’s reached megawatt status with only Herbie Fully Loaded and a smattering of teen dramas to her name.  Then again, she was brilliant in La Dolce Vita and I cried my eyes out when she said goodbye to Bogie and hopped a plane out of Casablanca.

While You Were Throwing Stuff At Paris


  • Bruce_willis_2
    Bruce Willis
    wants more kids. He’s thinking of following in his ex-wife’s footsteps and just marrying one.
  • Character Actor Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez has passed away. His friends and family will miss him miss him.
  • Judge Judy is celebrating her tenth year on the air. At least somebody is celebrating it.
  • Rapper Cam’Ron is going undercover on the internet to catch pedophiles. Little does Cam’Ron know, for most of us he’s ‘undercover’ all the time.
  • First there was a gay cowboy movie, next up: Gay Muslims. Hmm. Judging by how well the they took to a recent cartoon, I can’t imagine any problems stemming from this. None whatsoever.

The King Biscuit Flour Hour Starring Paris Hilton



Hollywood Rag
has the story that Paris Hilton was "flour bombed" after her catwalk appearance at London Fashion Week last night. The protestors were from PETA. "There is nothing remotely fashionable about the torture and death of animals killed for fur," PETA Europe’s Yvonne Taylor told the BBC. She could have added, "I’m so jealous of Paris. I wish I were on the catwalk."

Test Your Player Skills



If you haven’t  heard of OK cupid, a dating site where you create tests to find your one true/one night love, you’re probably still single. Sucka.  The co-creator of (now defunct site circa 2000) has developed this free service, that allows users to quiz their crushes on grammar, personality or just about anything else that’s crucial in finding your soul mate. We rec commend you take the Genghis Khan Genetic Fitness Test or the Zombie Scenario Survivor Test before you even think of calling us.

It’s Time For A Brand New Bond Girl


A press conference will be held in Prague today to announce who’s going to take on the role of the next "Bond Girl." Actresses like Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton have already passed on the project, so it’s really anybody’s guess as to who it’s going to be. I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions, before it’s too late.James_bond

1) Katie Holmes – Now that she’s escaped Tom’s clutches, Katie’s the perfect choice. She has a new lease on life, she’s ready to let loose, and you know that anything the evil Bond-Villian throws at her won’t be nearly as scary as the stuff she’s seen at the Scientology Center these past 10 months. Now, granted she’s very pregnant, however if you’ve ever seen a James Bond movie you know that that probably won’t deter him from nailing her. Kinky pregnant fetish sex? Sounds like a job for Bond. James Bond.

2) Sienna Miller – We know this: she’s a feisty one. The girl’s a fighter (when confronted with the paparazzi or British nannies), and she doesn’t take any crap from anybody… except Jude Law. 

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The TomKat 100% Guarantee



Tom Cruise
and Katie Holmes have issued a statement that recent reports that they have broken up are "absolutely 100 percent false." That impressive level of certainty got me thinking about other things that were guaranteed 100 percent…

  • OJ Simpson: "absolutely 100 percent not guilty"
  • Robert Blake‘s son on Larry King: My father is "100 percent not guilty."
  • L.A. Laker Kareem Rush about Kobe: "I’m going to stand by him and say that it’s 100 percent not true."
  • P Diddy and J. Lo have split up: According to a representative, "It’s hilarious, but 100 percent not true." (Oct 12, 2000)
  • Saddam Hussein: Won 100 percent of votes in a referendum for a new term in 2002.

I’m 100-percent convinced now.