Swedish “MTV Me” interstitials



"Mind-bendy, funny promos for Swedish MTV from Vardagfilm which inspire
in the viewer a feeling very much like the one you get from placing
your expensive new television in a piece of Swedish furniture that
you’ve build with only an Allen wrench, can’t pronounce the name of,
and has a least a dozen leftover parts, three of which are umlauts"

Let Screenhead hook you up with some Swedish MTV funnies this afternoon.[SH Link]

It’s just a weezy Thursday for all



Pepto Bismol’s new slogan is "Pink tastes better than you think". Joint marketing agreement with Taco Bell in the works

Despite his booming film career, "American Pie" star Jason Biggs claims he’d be up for another AP sequel.

Still out of ideas, Hollywood plans to bring "Transformers", "Voltron", "Miami Vice", and "Dallas" to big screen…

George Clooney to remake "Network" on live TV; will play deranged
protagonist Howard Beale. Apparently, Clooney is a method actor.

Python bites
off more than he can chew, ends up with indigestion.

‘Super koala’ habitat to be bulldozed. Nick Cage’s baby wakes suddenly from a dream, cries a little.

Charlize Theron was spanked and whipped as a child. I’m sorry… I know this is horrible so I’m trying very hard to read this without finding it hot…and I can’t do it. I just can’t. In fact, I’m going to end this post now, as I lost the ability to function properly.

Please excuse me for a moment…

America’s Next Top Ghost



Hmm. I’m trying to make sense of these pictures after having missed this week’s episode and only having these photos to keep me company until I manage to steal someone’s TIVO. My conclusion thus far? Models are practically invisible anyway so I suppose that makes them ghost-like…that’s a ghost right? Bah. Who cares… after viewing these photos, I am left perplexed, hungry and in dire need of hairspray.[ONTD picture post]

cheap celebrities suck



This morning as I sit in this local cafe realizing I tipped a dollar for a dollar coffee I stumbled upon Cityrag’s post concerning cheap celebrity tippers and now I feel much better about myself. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me. [City Rag Link]

TVGasm Review of the day: Fiesta Forever!



"Cha cha cha! It’s fiesta time in Laguna Beach! This week’s episode was all about gettin’ drunk on what I imagined was Cinco De Mayo (why else would white kids throw a fiesta?), and while there was all sorts of good drama (like OMG! Kristin totally hooked up with Jessica’s crush!), the real story was watching Roz get drunk and dance around her house like a latter day Tom Cruise in Risky Business, except fully-clothed. We also learned other intriguing things about this sidekick’s personality: her shyness with boys, her love of piñatas, and of course, her deep, undying fear of WAVES. So grab some nachos and a big sombrero. In the immortal words of Lionel Richie in his seminal anthem, All Night Long, "we’re going to party, karamu, fiesta, forever!" Everyone Loves a Spicy Latina Party! "

Everybody’s favorite spoiled brats through a feisty fiesta.[TVgasm Link]

Thursday Morning Quick Hits (Part 2)



EA to release Superman game in time for next movie. Expected to suck as fast as a speeding bullet.

Ozzy Osbourne, realizing he’s become a parody of himself, releases CD full of cover tunes including Joe Walsh and Mott the Hoople. Can’t be held responsible since there’s no Caucasian equivalent of "keeping it real". 

Tyra Banks comes face-to-face with Tyra Banxxx for the first time, it is obviously not the first time Tyra Banxxx has come face-to-face with someone.

Aftermath of DC Stones concert leaves MCI Center looking like cover of Goat’s Head Soup; fans left black and blue and with sticky fingers.

Doctor Who quit because BBC overworked him. Twelve episodes a year apparently too much for Time Lord. In other news, cast of "Lost" still begging ABC for a shower.

Justin Timberlake being recruited to play Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten in biopic; producers seeking River Phoenix to play Sid Vicious…

Thursday Morning Quick Hits (Part 1)



Charlotte Church has shoes stolen off her feet. Crowd decides to follow the gourd instead.

Further demonstrating why it is a nation to be admired, Canada bans Martha Stewart.

Eminem files law suit over ring tones. Will the real Slim Shady please answer your phone

Governor Schwarzenegger triples amount people can win if assaulted by paparazzi. Papa Smurf still free to do as he pleases.

Country singer who specializes in drinkin’ and cheatin’ songs is inspired to quit drinkin’ after learnin’ girlfriend is pregnant. Drinkin’ resumes after learnin’ girlfriend was cheatin’ and the baby ain’t his. The songs write themselves

Jason Alexander first heard about his newest show’s cancellation while thumbing through USA Today. Continues to comfort himself by crying softly into pillow made of Seinfeld residual checks.

Sh*ttiest Mixtape Boombox Blast video


At a recent Crash Test, Aziz Ansari challenged his roommate Zach to see who could come up with the sh* ttiest mixtape.

Each contestant was to choose five songs. Their other roommate, Merlin, would act as judge.

The loser would have to walk around the city blasting all ten songs from a boombox.

Aziz lost the contest.


I can’t believe LFO made it on that tape.  Actually wait. Yes I can.

Watch the video here.