Project Runway 2 Designers



Just Jared provides us with a quick preview of this season’s Project Runway victims and I have decided to place my bets for who I think will be the final three contestants…based soley on their headshots ( I figure my superficiality is quite fiting to the show’s theme). Why these three, you ask? Here’s the break down: Two of them are rather adorable and the other one looks sort of like jesus and I’ve learned not to mess with people who look like the buddy christ…they mean business.[Just Jared Post]

Nick and Jessica to Divorce



Gawker has today’s ‘this s**t is bananas’ size scoop on Hollywood’s once Barbie and Ken couple. Quite frankly I don’t consider this all that interesting, unless Miss. Ashlee… sick of being in her sister’s shadow, realizes she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the front page again with more of a hoe-up than a hoe down. Ashlee, take a page from Paris Hilton’s memoirs and step up the evil a notch or two. If not for yourself, do it for the peoples![Gawker post]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits (Take 2)



Gerard Depardieu uses the ever popular Sean Penn technique to discourage photographer.Sacre bleu-arity ensues.

Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters and Switchfoot
want you to break CD Copy Protections. Want to know a better way to spend your time? Sit down and think about why on earth you would want to listen to
a Dave Matthews Band or Switchfoot cd.

Man arrested for falsely lighting emergency beacon.  "Oh, wicked, bad, naughty evil Zoot!", said man.

Today is the day the music died.  Martha Stewart in good ol’ gangsta fashion has decided to launch record label.

Anthony Hopkins to play the role of Ernest Hemingway. Overheard pondering, "vowels in or vowels out?"

Rabies, the musical.



Everyone has RABIES!
Everyone has RABIES!

Check out "Rabies The Musical".[Link]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits (Take 1)



Someone started a petition to keep horrible show "The Comeback" on HBO.
Signatures stall at the 3,200 level, as that’s the total number of people
who’ve ever watched the show.

Paris Hilton
‘s ex-fiancee calls her, "The most incredible woman I’ve
ever met in my life."
In other news, a study finds that billionaire heirs
are incredibly sheltered.

Like herpes, Jimmy Kimmel is probably going to be with us until we die

Peter Jackson officially moves onto much bigger rings as he will be producing the live-action Halo movie.  Frodo unavailable for comment, but agrees it looks like a Puma.

Lindsay Lohan suffered minor injuries in her car crash.  Airbags deploy and deflate… again.

Lawsuit filed by suckers bilked into buying into the "Dr. Phil Weight
Loss Plan
." Next lawsuit will come from those who bought all those
bottles of "Dr. Phil’s Super Miracle Grow Hair in a Bottle."

Dr. Phil and Shaq to appear together in Scary Movie 4.  There is nothing good about any part of that sentence.

Lohan didn’t learn a damn thing from Herbie



This makes car crash #2. Turns out Lohan learned jacks**t from filming Herbie. That or she thought cars could actually save her from flying bananas, diamond thieves and pesky paparazzi. Perez Hilton has your story, complete with really annoying logos all over his crash pictures.[Perez Hilton Scoop]