??? Pink is the new bag ???



I want so much to have something witty to say about this picture but I have no words at the moment. I…I…uh…

Nope, nothing. Just enjoy these photos.

Oh and just one more thing… Paris, when interviewing sidekicks, its probably best to take their heads out of the bag before you decide.  We don’t want another fiasco like Kimberly Stewart now do we?

[pics thnx to Just Jared]

Three is better than none



"Four Brothers star Mark Wahlberg has decided not to go under-the-knife to remove his third
nipple – because he has grown to love it.

The rapper-turned-actor considered having an operation to lose the extra
nipple after all the media attention it attracted."

It’s okay to laugh a little. I think. Well, I laughed and I’ve always believed that having more of something is better than having no nipples…I mean nothing at all. "Rhymes will groove you.
And I’m here to prove to you that we can party on the positive side and pump positive vibes
so come along for the ride!"

Do you feel it? I feel it. Go on, feel the vibration.

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Alec Baldwin has been picked for a PETA award. Sure, that makes sense… who can out act /  humanitarianize (???) Alec Baldwin?  He’s the greatest actor / humanitarianizer that uh…ever lived.

Writer claims ‘Lost’ was his idea, but we understand the Donnelleys have a bone to pick with him.

American Idol star Bo Bice undergoes emergency surgery. Apparently,
they found some remaining talent in him and had to get it out.

Eric McCormack
ponders the end of NBC’s "Will & Grace". Television
viewers nationwide shocked and saddened to learn the show is still on
the air.

In an interview with Steve Carrell reveals he’s not really 40. At least he understood to use Kelly Clarkson as a profanity.

Indian tribe plans to open glass-bottomed skywalk 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon.  What could possibly go wrong other than that people might actually perceive the nature of their gambling debts

builds rock and roll Frankenstein from the 25 best body parts
in music
. Strangely Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen’s arm didn’t make
the list.
Eva Longoria refuses to date other celebrities claiming that they all have slept with one another at some point. No wonder she didn’t get an Emmy nomination.

Finished? Feel better? Good. Now head on over to the GoldenFiddle for some more juicy news.




Raji, an East Indian convenience store owner,
conspires to fool people into thinking that he is a yokel from the old
country. In reality, he is as American as Lincoln. The
turban-and-accent routine is only to fool the public into thinking that
they’re silly and harmless. In reality, they have a much more sinister

Stay Fresh people.[watch now]

Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits



Steven Seagal personally defeats numerous plants from around the world, harnesses their power to concoct new energy drink.

Michael Moore follows Roger Ebert’s footsteps and starts the Pritikin Diet. DeFede spotted leafing through the brochure.

Bruce Willis signs on for psychological thriller "Perfect Stranger" Unsure if he will play Balki or Cousin Larry.

Crocodiles now come GPS enabled. I, for one, welcome our new Reptilian Overlords.

Ashlee Simpson’s Plans to Move to Ashgabat are Dashed to Pieces.

HotorNot + Google Maps = Hot People by Zip Code



I think the google map craze has gone a little too far.  I have to say I was shocked to learn that Hot or Not is still kicking around the web. Anyway, all you have to do is enter your zip-code and your sexual preferences and you’ll be shown a list of people to rate or blackmail in your area. Lets bring back the year 2000 folks![link]

Top 100 “Hunks”



Okay Brad Pitt, Jude Law and Johnny Depp I get. What I don’t get is how Benicio Del Toro and Robbie Williams make the top 10. I would just like to go on the record that…this s*** is b-a-n-a-n-a-s.[link]

I’d also like to think that if we aren’t following the rules of picking actual "hunks" for this list, I would like to submit a late candidate. This guy is so hot..[Video spoof  may make you lose your appetite. For that I'm sorry.]