Eva Longoria Says “Happy Thanksgiving!”



Attendant: “You only gave me a dollar?”

Shrew: “Jesus! It’s Thanksgiving. Be nice. F***!”

And she drove off. Yes. I swear it was… I kid you not… Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria. [full story here]

There you have it. The official kick off the holiday season: Eva Longoria cursing off a parking attendant. Now it’s time to start shopping.

Story from Defamer.

How To Scare Your Parents Over Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving, a time for reuniting with family members and scaring the living shit out of them. Since bringing a hooker home and introducing her as your fiancé gets pretty expensive after a couple of hours, we’ve come up with a cost effective way of making your mother cry. Just write the following entries into a journal and leave it lying around the house for concerned relatives to stumble across.

I’m sure most of you don’t need any help scaring the living s*** out of your parents during the holidays, but just in case– here you go.

Play your cards right and you won’t just scare them over Thanksgiving, they’ll be scared for many holidays to come. [From Cracked.com]

Barney Shakur



Definitely the best Mash Up of the year. BarneyTupac… together at last.

Now we all have to sit back and wait for the inevitable Notorious B.I.G. / Teletubbies pairing. Then we’ll get a REAL East Coast/West Coast thing going on here. With costumes. Imagine?

Watch the video here.

Let them sing it for you



This site will keep you busy for minutes! Have fun with it. Now granted, it doesn’t sound good when they sing… but neither does Ashlee Simpson, and that’s never stopped us from listening to her.

Let them sing it here.

Britney & XTina: The Cover Says it All



At this point Christina Aguilera has to be asking herself, "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO BEAT BRITNEY????" Christina gets married, has a ridiculously expensive wedding, takes some beautiful wedding photos and what happens? Britney gets the cover and she’s squeezed into a little box on the upper right hand corner!

Nice job People. If Christina goes on a rampage now, it’s all YOUR fault.

Pic from A Socialite’s Life

Counting Down The Days till Laguna 3


Laguna Beach is done? Doesn’t matter to the folks at TVGasm. They’re eagerly anticipating Season 3… just like me. Check out their official analysis of the Season 3 trailer here.


Attractive underage girls? Check. Surfer dudes without their shirts on? Check. Talan? Check that too. Should be another great season.

Now we all have to do is sit back and wait for the new crop of Laguna teenagers to amaze us with their insightful observations, their admirable selflessness, and their unparalleled desire to lead drama-free, enjoyable lives. Right? Oh wait, I’m definitely thinking of the wrong show! So who do you think is going to bone?

Matt Da-Mon



So you have kidnapped Matt Damon. Good for you. Millions of Americans think about doing this their whole lives but never realize their true Matt Damon kidnapping potential. You are living the dream.

National Lampoon has done it again. Now you can finally read about how to act when YOU kidnap Matt Damon.

Read the National Lampoons article here. Hilarious.