You spent the day working, we spent the day rounding up the day in pop culture:

  • You’ll never guess who Joaquin
    called after his car accident. Hint: She gave him tea and sympathy.
    (Star Magazine)
  • Three-foot-tall woman gives birth; doctor accidentally slaps her! (AP)
  • If you’re expecting Dave Chappelle to come clean to James Lipton, think again. (Yahoo!)
  • ABC’s World News Tonight co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas is pregnant with co-co anchor. (AP TV)
  • Rapper Penelope Jones will go on Fox TV’s America Most Wanted to talk about the unsolved slaying of her brother, Tony. Why didn’t Busta do that? (Big News Network)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow loves living in UK and feels Brits are more intelligent than Americans. She should know. (CelebVilla)

Gearing Up For The Olympics


Now, maybe if this was an actual event I’d tune in tonight. Instead, I’ll be watching the 2 hour Arrested Development finale. You should too.

Live Blog: Tyra


Today on Tyra:  Tyra searches for America’s next “Transsexual Top Model!” The outrageous Janice Dickinson, former club kid James St. James and drag icon and recording artist Kevin Aviance judge guests in a “Top Model” style competition to decide who will walk away with a Tyra-directed high-fashion photo shoot, a spread in Instinct magazine, and a modeling contract!

If that’s not worthy of a live blog I don’t know what is. I’ll be posting all throughout the show (5-6pm) on behalf of those TV-challenged office-workers who don’t want to miss this monumental event. Check it out after the jump.

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SIZZLER: Neve Campbell Engaged



E! is reporting that People is reporting that Neve Campbell is engaged the British actor John Light. Meanwhile Jennifer Love Hewitt has a really weird tan.

GOOGLE SEARCH: Survivor’s Shane Powers



After last night’s episode of Survivor, I have developed my first ever Reality crush. Shane Powers, is a 30-something father, with cool tattoos, a job as a Marketing Executive and an uncanny resemblance to Tommy Lee. He’s also got a bit of a temper. Last night Powers, who quit his 3 pack a day habit when he arrived in Panama, spent the entire episode jonesing for a cigarette and cursing the day he ever agreed to do the show. In fact he asked his teammates to vote him off.

I was smitten by his candor and his seeming apathy towards screen time. So I decided to do a quickie Google search to find out more about his job as a makerter. You may already know this, but it seems that he’s been working overtime. Check out Powers’ resume after the jump:

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Paris Hilton: J’accuse



According to this, if you want Paris Hilton to attend your event, you better get a jacuzzi:

Paris Hilton reportedly threatened to pull out of the Brits unless she had a Jacuzzi in her dressing room. The sexy socialite, who is supposed to be reporting from the red carpet at the awards bash later this month, was allegedly ready to boycott the show if she didn’t get the special bath.

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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Muzzle of Bees has an excellent free download of the Drive-By Truckers’ rockin’ new song "Feb 14th".
  • Get your OG swerve on over at Cocaine Blunts, who has a couple good vintage Hip-Hop tracks from Divine Styler.
  • And keep your ass a-shakin’ with a slamming P.O.S. track from Said the Gramophone.
  • Now get yourself a slice of smooth, hot-buttered soul with a couple classic tracks from Darondo available at Soul Sides. ("Didn’t I" is a must-download)
  • The Scenestars try to cure your cancelled Cat Power tour blues with a couple emotially-sensitive tracks from another folky singer/songwriter lass, Sonya Cotton.
  • Aziz Ansari, our favorite funnyman/BWE panelist/amateur DJ, has posted a couple tracks from indie buzz-band Celebration
  • Fluxblog has a pretty rockin’ track from The Eagles of Death Metal (who can be seen opening up for The Strokes on their upcoming US Tour).

Busted Tee


Mohammed_t_shirt_1Some might say it’s the worst idea for a cartoon T-shirt since those ridiculous ghetto Bugs Bunny & Taz shirts from the early 1990’s. Others might say it’s downright criminal. I say, do they have any mediums left?

Shopmetrospy thinks that if you don’t buy this T-shirt of the prophet Mohammed with bomb on his head, the terrorists have won… and we’re not JUST talking about the war on fashion here.

You could read all about the controversy by clicking here. My favorite line is "Critics of the Mohammed T-shirt say this is a perfect example of why Americans are hated around the world." See, and the whole time I thought it was because of Fred Durst. I was way off.



Now you can sleep until noon and not miss anything:

  • ABC and Showtime are battling it out to be the next network to cancel Arrested Development.
    (USA Today)
  • Restaurant critic Gael Greene writes about her affair with Clint Eastwood in her memoir Insatiable. She said that the ambience was satisfactory and recommends the fish.
    (Female First)
  • Askarresteddevelopment_2

  • Grody to the Maddox: Angelina Jolie wants her son in the room with her when she gives birth.  (National Ledger, via A Socialite’s Life)
  • Brokeback Baseball? (The Movie Blog
  • Love Monkey pulled. ABC and Showtime will not be fighting over this one. (E!)
  • Quote from Gwyneth: "Hollywood films these days are just so bad. They used to be kind of good like Top Gun or something, but now they’re just terrible."  (Hollywood Rag)
  • Finally, some sad news: Franklin Cover, who played Tom Willis on The Jeffersons, has died. He was 77. (AP)