Friday Morning Quick Hits



Sir Anthony Hopkins to receive special honor, fava beans, and a nice chiantti.

Brittany Murphy dumped by her manager and agent. Immediately runs to Cher and Dee to help her get through it and give her a makeover.

Running out of rock stars to date, Pam Anderson‘s new boy toy is Mark McGrath; Sugar Ray frontman looking forward to excitement, companionship, Hep C.

Entertainment News reports Danny DeVito will be returning to the small
screen for a sitcom next year
. In a related story, Danny DeVito says
he’ll be returning to the big screen for a sitcom next year.

Time’s latest sexiest man alive was once arrested for playing the bongos naked in his living room. But who hasn’t?

"Hi Mom. I’m just calling to let you know that despite what the police told you, I’m not quite as dead as they led you to believe".

Madonna Hates Attention



"I’m not obsessed with publicity or celebrity anymore. I think it’s all
a lot of shit. I had it and it didn’t make me a happier person."

Madonna? Attention whore? Never. I’m sure dating Dennis Rodman had nothing to do with attention seeking and everything to do with sweet sweet love making. Or that time she made out with Britney and Christina? Totally a love connection. One day they will reconnect…Guy Richie is just a temporary thing. Her babies need a dad-da.[I dont like you in that way post]


Madonna’s new tour videos. (Thanks to ONTD)

What has Bryanboy, Le Superstar Fabuleux been up to lately?



"As any tourist spot in the world, there were HORDES and HORDES of
tourists and I know this goes without saying, they all look fucking
hideous. H-I-D-E-O-U-S. Hahahahahahahaha!"

Have you been keeping tabs on Bryanboy lately? No? Well he’s on vacation in China and he’s documenting the whole thing on his blog. I highly suggest you head over there and say hello. Be sure to tell him he’s by far the best dressed tourist  ever to grace the wall of China.[What would Bryanboy do?]

William Shatner To.Sell.His.Kidney.Stone.



WILLIAM SHATNER is hoping to persuade medics who removed his kidney stone to
hand it over so he can sell it on auction site eBay.
The actor, who played CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK in STAR TREK, claims the stone
will become "the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia".

Dude, we trekkies, have our limits.

Uh…wait..yeah you’re right… no, no we don’t. Who wants CAPTAIN KIRK’S KIDNEY STONE? Step on up! God bless Canadians![Female First Scoop]

The Lindsay Lohan Story



In brief: just for the hell of it, an otherwise-ordinary civilian named Jason Lewis learns that Lindsay Lohan is staying at the Soho Grand, where he happens to be drinking at the bar. Being a prankster, Lewis leaves his name, a message and a number for Lohan. Lohan, thinking the Jason Lewis who has left word is the same Jason Lewis of Sex and the City fame, returned the call. And so a week of thrilling text messaging begins, culiminating in a climactic resolution at — where else? — Bungalow 8.

And this, people, is the reason why you should check out Gawker everyday. What a story!

Read the rest of the Lewis / Lohan saga here.

A girl has to keep her options open don’tcha know…

Mischa’s Barton*



*and by "Barton" we mean "nipple"

Eagle eyed OC viewers may have noticed something different about last weeks episode. Seems things got a little nipply in Orange County.

Now people wonder: will the FCC get involved? And to that, I say this– PEOPLE! What’s wrong with you??? We sat through 10 seasons of Dennis Franz’s fat naked ass on NYPD Blue and nobody complained, but now we see a quick flash of a grainy nipple and it’s time to cal the FCC??? What am I missing here? What happened to the good old days when it was COOL when a nipple popped out? God I miss the 90′s.

TVGasm has the OC video in Quicktime 7. If your computer can swing it, watch the video of the incident here.  I just hope we, as a nation, can make it through this.

/moves to Europe