Google Fight



I think I’ve entered everything I could think of including every object in this room. You know you have spare time on your hands when you are trying to start a fight between your "pinky finger" and "baby toe". Ha and I thought the fight between the kitchen sink and bath tub was crazzzzy.[link]

You’re going to a minimum security prison!



There won’t be any "You’re fired" death knells sounded when Martha Stewart takes the reins of "The Apprentice" this fall. The domestic doyenne will find her own way in her own reality series — but she won’t say what it is yet. [continue reading]

Alright, what’s it going to be? I got $5 on something passive-aggressive yet somewhat polite, like "You can see yourself out!"

What’s your prediction?

Ask Tom Cruise A Question



ask tom cruise anything. no question is off limits [link]

Wow… I… I… I didn’t see that one coming. Sorry Tom, I’ll never ask you about working with Spielberg ever again. I’m… so sorry.

Thursday Quick Hits: Cumming Right At Ya’



Alan Cumming to guest star in upcumming episodes of "The L Word". I’m not too surprised, I always had a feeling that Alan Cumming was a lesbian.

Lindsay Lohan Won’t Consider Nude Scenes. "I felt a great disturbance in the force, as is a million voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something bad has happened."

Hollywood still out of ideas, Jumanji goes Sci-Fi.

Gallagher questions efficacy of Live 8; promotes smashing watermelons with a mallet. Oh wait, wrong Gallgher. Damnit.

Speaking of Gallaghers, apparently Liam didn’t know that Spinal Tap was a made up band. Neither did I… when I was 11.

Flash Back Time: Rock, Paper, Saddam



Saddam: I’ve got an idea! Let’s play a game of Rock Paper Scissors!

Old, yes, but still funny. I just thought we should put this up while our President’s approval rating is at an all time low to remind people that some good did come out of invading Iraq. In fact, we should totally invade more countries and capture their leaders just so people can make more websites like this one.  [check it out]

When you’re done reading, take a look at the merchandise. I’m not sure how I feel about the Rock, Paper, Saddam thong… I think it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Peter Griffin is a Genius



It recently dawned on me that there hasn’t been enough Family Guy on this blog. So, to alleviate that problem, here’s a clip from last week’s episode when Peter won a game of Trivial Pursuit. Sort of. [watch clip here]

I think I’m going to be singing the "I’m a tumor" song all afternoon. Some say its the catchiest tune since "I have no legs."

She ain’t no Hollaback Girl


So the question has finally been answered: Who do you turn to when your heart has been broken?

Answer: Gwen Stefani, obviously.

A source claims that Jennifer Aniston has been leaning on Gwen’s shoulder while getting over Brad.

"Gwen told her not to allow herself to be portrayed as a doormat. She is encouraging her to get mad. She says the painful truth is, nobody respects a loser and she must not come off looking like one."

Gwen also told her to start hanging around a gaggle of young Asian girls and to find herself a mid-90′s alt-rocker to make her happy. No doubt.