Will Smith Intimidates Me



"It’s Summer, so of course I’m thinking about Summer Songs. You know,
those special songs that everyone loves to hear non-stop all summer
long. Songs like "Yeah", "Crazy in Love", and "Summertime". These are
the songs that the nerds, the jocks, the sportos, the motorheads, the
dweebies, and the dickheads all love equally. These are the songs that
everyone can agree on. They can be played at your parents BBQ or at a
skinhead rally, it doesn’t make a difference. These summer songs unite
us all, until fall."

Continue reading Paul Scheer’s piece on Will Smith at College Humor and find out why the Fresh Prince scares Paul.

Monday Morning Quick Hits



It seems Sir Laurence Olivier couldn’t keep up with Vivien Leigh’s demands of sex three times a day. Good god…Vivien, you lucky Girl. My tears don’t love you, Vivien! They blight and curse and damn you!

New reality show
is like ‘Cribs’ for dictators, but with camels instead of Jaguars.

98-pound speed-eating marvel Sonya Thomas eats 11.3 pounds of lobster
(44 lobsters) in 12 minutes, she is definitely not a cheap date.

Monty Python’s Terry Jones hooks up with fangirl four decades his junior. Say no more!

Jerry Lee Lewis closes his home to tourists. No more piano shaped pools for you.

Midgets love basketball…and we love midgets. (yes there is a picture)

Meanwhile back in Italy, Italians love balsamic vinegar, celery and tomato ice-creams. Violet Beauregarde surrenders.

Best Week Ever — LIVE! In LA!


Monday’s show at the UCB Theater in L.A. is sold out. We love you, L.A!!!

Wednesday Night’s show is at 11, and features Paul Scheer, Christian Finnegan, Danielle Schneider and Doug Benson. (Greg Fitzsimmons apologizes… he’s unable to make Wednesday’s date.)

See you there!


Paul Scheer on Gothamist



"Is Paul Scheer always "Paul Scheer"? Are you always on? And now
for the Barbra Walters moment: Who’s the real Paul Scheer? What kind of
tree is he?

When I’m not performing or meeting new people, you can often find me crying in the dark with a bottle of Jack and a can of TAB.

I’d be one of those novelty plastic singing Christmas trees that wears sunglasses and dances when activated by music or sound."[Full interview]

BWE panelist/actor/comedian extraordinaire Paul Scheer’s interview with Gothamist is ready for viewing. What are the topics you ask? Well, lets just say they range from Best Week Ever to his newly purchased dishwasher. To learn more about Paul Scheer, be sure to check out his webpage.

Jen and Vince a couple?



Oh No They Didn’t
has the scoop on Jennifer Aniston’s life after Brad. Do you think Vince Vaughn used the balloon animal display / broken man combo or went with the Oprah’s book club angle? Hey Vince, grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!

Get your very own virtual Daisy Duke today!



I should be disgusted by this, right? By all accounts I should talk about how this objectifies women, blah blah blah but I’m going to be honest with you for a minute.  I keep making Jessica shake her rump over and over again. I’m mesmerized. So I figured, maybe…just maybe one of you would find this as entertaining as I did. May not be safe for work if your office has a problem with blondes in pink bikinis.[link]

Between You and Me



"Seen by over 30,000 people online this 4 min long film was shot with
a still camera. A girl on her day off takes a hike through the streets
of New York. As she runs she takes photographs of stuff on her way.
She’s assaulted in the evening and looses the camera. The "good guy"
who tried to save her uses the camera as his only clue to where she
might live.

This, and other films written and directed by Patryk Rebisz can be found on his web site: www.patrykrebisz.com."

Add this short film, Between You and Me to the list of things you have to watch today. Rebisz shot the whole film with a Canon 20D digital STILL camera.

Link thanks to:
NYC Photobloggers