Entourage screen tests



"Cute ad campaign for HBO’s Entourage, in which less than A List celebs
appear in “screen tests” of scenes from the show. Hear unlikely people
like Pat Morita say unlikely things like “shit” and “fuck” and
“residual check.” If the real show actually used Pat Morita and Gary
Coleman like this, we’d actually watch the show."

Let Screenhead hook you up with Entourage screen tests today…[Link]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Young Buck and Lloyd Banks arrested for weapons possession, the Anger Management tour just got angrier and they are packin’.

Pop band storms out of debut performance on BBC because presenter
called them "fat". Good thing he didn’t call them "talentless,
first-class whiners".

Darwin now going after gamers. Gamer geeks everywhere hide in the dark of their basements. Can’t Darwin just understand he had to get the POWER UP and WIN THE GAME?

Drug addict sues doctor for prescribing OxyContin and pharmacy for
filling prescription. In his defense, prescribing 420 pills per week
does sound rather excessive and quite frankly I think I would blame the Doc’ too.

Rachel Hunter likes it hot and decides to chow down on the Yin Yang Twins‘ chicken wings. Hilarity fails to ensue.

Reese Witherspoon loves to read interweb gossip. So everybody say hello give her some good ol’ Snaps!

Better to look good than to uh…read good?: School board votes to take away
$1.2 million
already spent on textbooks, votes to award $1 million for
architect fees for new High school.

Afternoon Quick Hits




on Britney Spears: "She’s let herself go. I can’t see a
comeback on the cards." In other news, the kettle has ended its
cease-fire with the pot.

Sinead O’Connor: "I am one of those human beings who would not be alive
today if it was not for the teachings of Rastafari.
" So she’s high?
That would explain everything.

Tommy Lee says he got some sweet college lovin’ at the U of Nebraska.

Ricky Williams tells Miami Dolphins fans, "I never really was away." Fans immediately ask for another drug test.

Reporter finds runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks on grass.

The Passion of the Matt



Tonight kicked off with the second stop of the Eugene Invitational
tour. As RAW was broadcasting from Pittsburgh, PA, the audience
wondered who Eugene’s "Hometown Hero" opponent could possibly be? H.J.
Heinz? Andy Warhol? Jimmy Stewart? Unfortunately, they’re all dead, so
we had to settle for Kurt Angle. (We can only imagine how cool it would
have been to see Andy Warhol’s reanimated corpse shuffle into the
squared circle…)[continue reading...]

TVGasm takes a look at Raw.

Best of Tuesday Linkage


Gnome Nookie

It may be a commercial for gum but I’m more impressed at how suave this little gnome is…(link thanks to Cynical Smirk)


Musical Hands – This guy makes NES Mario noises with just his hands. Women everywhere remain unimpressed.


New Strongbad email – Lady…ing – Ooooooooh the ladies can’t resist the cute baby brother…


Guilty Pleasures, Embarrassing Truths
- "Ask anyone what their favorite movie is and you are likely to get the stock response: The Godfather. Or maybe Scarface. If you ask a woman, you might get some cr…"


MAGIC HARRY’S MUGGLE POTS.- Which pot is the Orb in? Quick flash game for the Potter-nuts.