Friday Morning Quick Hits



FOX does it again. It makes us very very angry, as Arrested Development put on probation by FOX. Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Paul McCartney
to beam concert into space.  If the aliens weren’t hostile before, they will be now.

Harry Potter
snubs fans and prefers to hang out with VIP’s.  Voldemort would be pleased.

National Geographic
sending Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue to Thailand for
photojournalism assignment
, in an apparent attempt to finally upgrade
the quality of their boobies pics. w00t.

Ashlee Simpson
seeking average Joe.  Joe Millionaire, Joe Namath, and Bazooka Joe all breathe sigh of relief.

T.V. show in the works. ABC turns over control to SkyNet.

Chuck Berry
sues over use of his songs for Karaoke. Japan surrenders.

Despite declining ratings, Trump is sure he won’t hear "You’re fired!" from NBC.

Idaho Blows



I hate Idaho drivers.  I know, I know, everybody has a local horror story
about bad drivers,
but until you’ve experienced the lofty heights of ineptitude of an Idaho driver,
kindly shut the hell up.  I’ve done a fair amount of driving around the
states, and people from Idaho take the cake.  If you see some dips** holding
up traffic for miles, there’s a good chance that the driver is from Idaho.
Just look for this stupid plate"

Maddox is back doing what he does best, hating. This time he is devoting his hate to all things Idaho. No potato is safe.[Maddox Post] *may not be safe for work due to language*

iDoom, uDoom, we all Doom for iDoom



"iDoom is a Doom port for iPod that is built from the source code id software released in 1997.
        The goal for the iDoom project is to make a fast and nice looking Doom port for iPodlinux, that gives you the maximum possible Doom experience."

I for one, welcome our new idoom playing, subway riding, overlords.[idoom]