Okay. It’s official. THIS is the best site on the internet: The Kevin Federline Fan Club.

Here you can type in a predicament, problem, or situation you are in,
and Kevin will tell you how he would handle that situation, the K-Fed
way.   Just hit “What would Kevin Do?” after you have typed in your

WWKD? Now we finally know.

Thanks to the other best site on the internet, Gorillamask, for the link.

Experimenting With Drug Ads



Someone recently pointed me in the direction of an AWESOME new series of anti-drug ads created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, aimed at convincing teenagers to overcome the temptations of peer pressure and avoid the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

As I’m no longer a teenager, and have long since succumbed to the temptations of peer pressure, I thought I would do a little more "experimenting" of my own by watching the ads from the "Above the Influence" campaign, under the influence.  My findings are after the jump.

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Tyra Overcomes Fear of Dolphins



On Tyra yesterday, she went all Fear Factor on us. She made people face their fears (pennies, birds) by offering them big prizes (watch, trip), but the highlight was watching Tyra crying when confronted with…a dolphin. But she conquered her fear for the sake of her viewers. Thanks, Tyra!

Why Not “Coal Miner’s Daughter”?



I was feeling a little down after finishing a biography of Edmund Wilson, so I dug out my old obscure country records to cheer myself up. One of the records I heard was Loretta Lynn’s “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” As I got wrapped up in the story, I realized, “This would make a great movie!” They make movies based on TV shows, so why not a song? I even thought of who could play Lynn: Sissy Spacek. Obviously she can act, but she’s also made a country album. Plus, she looks a lot like Lynn (see picture above). Seems like a no-brainer to me.

CORN FLAKES: Your Essential Inessentials



  • Rocker Pete Doherty has been sentenced to one year of community service for possession of drugs. But don’t worry; he believes that if he gets high enough it’ll only feel like a couple of weeks.
  • Paris Hilton has been issued a restraining order to stay away from a 37-year-old event planner. Now if only somebody could issue her a restraining order to stay away from cameras.
  • Angelina Jolie has supposedly asked a past lesbian lover to be the godmother of her children. If there’s only one story this  year that bridges the gap between the old scary/sexy Angelina and the new motherly/humanitarian Angelina, it’s this one.
  • President Bush wants the cartoon violence to end. Hagar The Horrible responds, "No dice."
  • Simon Cowell says he’d sleep with Paula Abdul to "relieve the tension." In other news, Simon Cowell is horrible at foreplay.
  • The Rolling Stones are pissed that they were censored at the Super Bowl. Seattle fans eagerly try to find a way to blame that on the referees as well.

Chicken Revived by CPR



According to CNN, a chicken was revived by mouth to beak resuscitation after being found floating face-down in a pond. Marian Morris said she hadn’t had any practice with CPR in years, but she was interested to see if she "still had it."

According to the chicken, she never lost it.