Fisher, Diaz, & Law



According to Star magazine (where I get all my news, naturally) Sienna Miller is pregnant with Jude Law’s child.

So let me get this straight. Jude gets Sienna pregnant. Jude then cheats on Sienna. Sienna finds out. They split up.

I’ve always said, if you ever realize that your life is similar to any of the characters on "Six Feet Under," it’s time to re-evaluate things. Jude, you best make some changes… or else. We all know how your story line ends.



Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Ashton Kutcher demands Adrien Brody’s Academy Award after pranking him
on Punk’d. In short, don’t get used to seeing "Ashton Kutcher" and
"Academy Award" in the same sentence.

Jennifer Aniston insults Brad Pitt’s hairdo.  Brad Pitt responds by banging Angelina Jolie some more.

High school Physical Education class is now available online….
                            …. Say what now?

Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m schizophrenic and hungry too. Academic study links hunger to schizophrenia.

Bo Bice breaks his foot during the first stop of the Idol tour.  Corey Clark seen fleeing the scene.

Christopher Walken
was once a lion tamer, and still wants a bushy tail.

Mike Jones: An Album Retrospective



"In my lifetime,
no more than three artists have driven me to jealousy to  the point of madness.  One was Jimmy Page, one was Jeff Buckley, and one
was  Mike Jones.  When I listen to Jimmy, I shout.  When I listen to Jeff,
I cry.  When I listen to Mike, I do neither, because I feel as though I am no longer myself."

provides us with a look at the first ten years of a Mike Jones. Yes, Mike Jones, the man, the legend, the American Dream! Who is Mike Jones you ask? Don’t act like you don’t know the name. Hit him up at 281 330 8004 baby! [Link]

The Golden Republic “At The Rockstar Hotel”



If you’ve seen them live, you know The Golden Republic are full-blown rockstars onstage. So what happens when they pack up the gear and head back to the hotel? Check out the brand new game ‘The Golden Republic at the Rockstar Hotel‘ to find out. Test your own hotel-trashing skills… and leave a little something extra for the housekeeping staff.

That’s one cracked out hotel room. I was worried I might stub my toes on needles or something. Yes, I was worried about  needles. Sign  #2,463 that you play too many video games is when you find yourself analyzing even the simplest flash games half to death.[play]

Robin’s Big Date



I have re-discovered something this afternoon that I can justify posting due to it being a slow news day. For those of you who have not seen this comedy short film by the Red-headed League now is your time to enjoy. Watch Batman ruin Robin’s date. [Link]

Tuesday Morning Quick Hits



and BFF Courtney Cox totally diss Brad & Angie. "I like a
lot of people, but I am sooo not ‘in like’ with anybody." Seventh grade

Santana performs for sold-out crowd in Hiroshima. One concert-goer said it was the bomb.

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine follows in the foosteps of Head, and denounces his old Satanic songs.  God 2, Satan 0.

Derek Zoolander becomes a father.  Jacobin Mugatu, The Spleen, and Mary Jensen unavailable for comment.

Martha Stewart looking for other Martha Stewarts to join audience of Martha Stewarts for Martha Stewarts new show "Martha."…and that’s not a good thing.

The Rules of Wedding Crashing



Rule # 1 – Never leave a fellow Crasher behind.  Crashers take care of their own

Rule #2 – Never use your real name.

Rule #3 – Never confess.

Rule #4 – No one goes home alone.

Rule #5 – Never let a girl get between you and a fellow Crasher.

Read the rest here. And I’m not totally positive, but I’d imagine these work at funerals too. Happy crashing!

Treat Your Mother Right, Fool!




There is no other

Like Mother

So treat Her right


I always Love Her

My Mother

So treat Her right, treat Her right

I think it’s safe to say this is the best Mr. T moment ever.[link]


Afternoon Quick Hits



Director David Lynch wants your children to meditate in school. He
directed Blue Velvet, so this is actually pretty normal for him.

Al Gore’s network to show the most popular Google searches of the day
at the top and bottom of every hour. I for one am looking forward to
seeing "free naked Britney" scroll across my TV screen every 30 minutes.

Harrison Ford to stay on as chairman of Experimental Aircraft
Association’s program to introduce children to flying. Former chairman
John Denver unavailable for comment.

Florida State unveils world’s largest magnet. Heard saying, "I’m kind of a big deal".

Sean Connery to retire from films, fed up with Hollywood "idiots."  Alex Trebek surrenders.