Free Chibi-Robo!



From boingboing:

After logging about eight hours on Chibi-Robo in the last four days, my eight-year-old daughter has decreed it to be the best title ever for the Nintendo GameCube. Chibi-Robo is a four-inch-tall domestic cleaning robot, a gift to a young girl from her father, an out of work roboticist. Besides attending to tasks like scrubbing up muddy dog prints off the floor with a toothbrush (and accumulating "Happy Points" for doing so), Chibi-Robo explores the house, learning snippets of a meta-story involving a no-good robotics company out to harm the family.

I feel sorry for Chibi-Robo. Couldn’t they at least give it a mop?

Eva Longoria on “Oprah”: Mommie Deerest



Eva Longoria is on Oprah because she bought a house for her parents, and she’s asked Oprah’s decorator to fix it up. (Her parents initially put the outdoor furniture she bought for them inside the house.) Her mother said that she always dreamed of having a leather couch, while her father seems to prefer deer heads. Oh, by the way, Eva can skin a deer. Marry her now, Tony!

Tastee Pirate



From Pro-G (via Engadget):

A man running a counterfeit piracy operation, selling games, CDs and DVDs from his ice cream van has been convicted. William Agnew from South Lanarkshire was sentenced at Hamilton Sheriff Court after admitting to the offences. 4,000 DVDs, CDs and games (PlayStation, Xbox and PC) were seized during a raid on the man’s business premises. The goods, if sold new, are estimated to be worth in the region of £100,000.

By the looks of his truck, I say he was asking for it.

The BWE Guide to Great PR: Jacko Sings Catholic Praises



Lesson #84: "Enlisting a Pop Singer to Create a More Positive Image For Scandal-Plagued Client"

Let’s say you’re a publicist.  And let’s say your client is the Roman Catholic Church.  You should be eating, sleeping and breathing new ways to deflect negative attention from the church’s recent string of sexual abuse scandals.  Your goal in life needs to be getting the church as far away from the "child molesters" stigma as possible. 

But there’s only so much a sincerely worded, heartfelt press release can do.  The Vatican can only make so many official statements condemning the actions of the offending clergy.  Sometimes you need to go the extra step.  Sometimes you just need a little more.  Sometimes…you need to get children’s rights advocate Michael Jackson to record the prayers of the church’s holiest leader

Jesus Walks – Like a P.I.M.P.



According to, the success of The Passion of The Christ has inspired another film about the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Only in the indie production Color of the Cross, Jesus is… wait for it… black!

The producers chose to cast a black actor as Jesus for artistic reasons for cheap publicity, which is fine by me. I’m used to Hollywood remaking classic movies with an ethnic spin, I’m just curious how far they’re going to take this one. Will Steve Harvey be prominently involved? How about Anthony Anderson? If they’re going to do it, they better do it right.

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Vote for Nacho



Ain’t It Cool News has the exclusive online trailer for Nacho Libre, the new Jack Black comedy from the guy who did Napoleon Dynamite.  High School teachers across the country are already bracing themselves for the film’s inevitable plethora of catch phrases they’re going to be hearing constantly for the next two years.