The Rules of Wedding Crashing



Rule # 1 – Never leave a fellow Crasher behind.  Crashers take care of their own

Rule #2 – Never use your real name.

Rule #3 – Never confess.

Rule #4 – No one goes home alone.

Rule #5 – Never let a girl get between you and a fellow Crasher.

Read the rest here. And I’m not totally positive, but I’d imagine these work at funerals too. Happy crashing!

Treat Your Mother Right, Fool!




There is no other

Like Mother

So treat Her right


I always Love Her

My Mother

So treat Her right, treat Her right

I think it’s safe to say this is the best Mr. T moment ever.[link]


Afternoon Quick Hits



Director David Lynch wants your children to meditate in school. He
directed Blue Velvet, so this is actually pretty normal for him.

Al Gore’s network to show the most popular Google searches of the day
at the top and bottom of every hour. I for one am looking forward to
seeing "free naked Britney" scroll across my TV screen every 30 minutes.

Harrison Ford to stay on as chairman of Experimental Aircraft
Association’s program to introduce children to flying. Former chairman
John Denver unavailable for comment.

Florida State unveils world’s largest magnet. Heard saying, "I’m kind of a big deal".

Sean Connery to retire from films, fed up with Hollywood "idiots."  Alex Trebek surrenders.

Leave It To Bush! #003: Strangers On A Train



  Well folks, Ken McIntyre’s Leave It To Bush series is back and how can you go wrong with Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Walken? It’s a comedy gold moment in flash animation. Those of you living under a virtual rock can find the first two episodes here. Language may not be safe for work.[Episode 3 link]

Beckham plays footsies



There was a time when David Beckham’s right foot could do no wrong. Then came that missed penalty.
Now, in the view of one eagle-eyed magazine editor at least, it
appears the most famous foot in Britain has committed another

Hmm. You have to be a little bit impressed. The guy just never quits. He’s accused of adultery every other week and he is still at it and in public no less. If this has any truth to it at all, Beckham better watch out or Posh Spice is going to cut his money makers off.[link]

Monday Morning Quick Hits



Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber sells at auction for $200k George Lucas reportedly wonders why he even bothered with
"that prequel crap."

receiving critical acclaim for remake gems such as The Stepford Wives
and Bewitched, Nicole Kidman signs on to tackle a remake of Invasion of
the Body Snatchers.

By the power of gayskull, errr grayskull, the first 33 episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are coming to DVD on Oct  18th.

once and for all that if you lose the carbs, you can lose it all,
shows up in court eager to show off its new, slimmer self.

Unauthorized translation of Harry Potter hits stores in China for 10
times less
than what the official book sells for. Unknown if book is by
the same person who wrote "Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-To-Dragon"
in 2002.

Jennifer Aniston sends ex-boyfriends plans to sell toilet paper love note down the crapper.