Therapy Films



Here is a small collection of hilarious short films for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Therapy films. They are short and not all that sweet.[link]

Supermodels never learn



"THE Daily Mirror today reveals shocking pictures of supermodel Kate Moss snorting a fat line of cocaine during a debauched drugs and drink session with junkie lover Pete Doherty."

Five lines of coke in the space of 40 minutes, you say? Not the former heroin sheik model Kate Moss who so happens to be in healthy and happy relationship with a ‘rock star’? Not again! I guess that $30,000.00 stomach implant of Naltroxene she bought her man was sort of a waste of money. Imagine the coke she could have bought with $30,000.00.  She could have built a house with that much cocaine… and then you know, snorted it down in only five "fat" lines.[Mirror article] [gigawise article] [gawker article]

Added: Well, the picture has surfaced.

The Couch Trip



"Two guys and a couch see a little bit of the city; 35-freak laden NYC
blocks, in fact. Check out this photo journal in which porn, pizza, fat
guys in Hummers, and an accordion slinger all glide past as a humble
bit of furniture has a night on the town. Includes some great pictures,
a few short videos, and for some reason a person freely choosing to eat
at a Domino’s Pizza in New York City."

A completely reasonable way to spend an evening in New York.[Screenhead link]

Thursday Morning Quick Hits



Richard Branson’s latest adventure: starting an anti-snob wine operation that uses screw-top lids.

Paris Hilton cell phone hacker gets 11 months in a juvenile facility, job at Microsoft upon release pending.

Home Shopping Network launches new reality show. Participants to lie
about ugly overpriced jewelry and attempt to convince old ladies into
buying it.

Surreal Life producers begin drooling like dogs as arrest warrant issued for Dennis Rodman.

Brown’s wife
flees with their child, currently in hiding; said she’s
tired of the drugs and abuse, needs to jump back, kiss herself.

Sex Pistols to be honored on London’s Walk Of Fame. God Save The Queen.

98 Degree singer is not giving up on political career. He returns to studio to continue a ‘music’ career he should give up on.

resident told to learn to speak the English more goodly so visitors confuse they don’t at 2010 Expo of World.   uh….

I can see the FOX reality TV show now: When good sea lions go bad.

China hoping to make condom use as common as eating cabbage.  In other news, eating cabbage is  known to be historically difficult in China.

image thanks to:
The Cobra Snake

Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits



Today may be the paparazzi’s lucky day. Is it time for the very pregnant Britney Spears to go pop?

Simon Cowell in talks to make American Idol movie, pretends "From Justin to Kelly" never happened.

As thousands of hurricane victims struggle to survive, Russell Crowe
whines because conviction on phone-throwing incident could prevent him
from working in the U.S.

Jimi Hendrix’s boyhood home saved from wrecking ball, slated to become
a nuisance when poor renditions of "Purple Haze" from young aspiring
musicians threaten to torture neighbors.

Wacko Jacko hosts party for kids at water park. Full body speedo suit ensues. Where is the Sun and why are there no photos yet? Come on people, get your acts together. Pervert+ Pool+ Children+ Pictures= Paparazzi goldmine. No?

Heidi Klum’s new baby has a name 8x longer than the father’s name. World, meet Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel.

Damon Wayans will send his sons to Iraq when President Bush sends his
daughters too. No word on what it will take for Damon Wayans to send his 14 siblings to Iraq.

TIVO gets a new feature. Now networks can decide what you can
TIVO and can decide how long recordings last. All your base are belong to them.