Fun With Target Audiences



In this brain teaser, you must match the television show with product advertised during it’s programming. Enter your answers in the comments section.

A. Nuetrogena Anti-Wrinkle Cream                       1. Showtime at the Apollo

B. Mercedes Benz                                                   2. The View

C. McDonalds                                                          3. Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie   

D. Hallmark Greeting Card                                    4. The Gauntlet          

E. The Army                                                             5. 24

F. Men’s Warehouse                                               6. Girlfriends

G. Jacoby and Meyer’s Personal Injury Lawfirm  7. Six OClock News

(answers after the jump)

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Today in Celebrity Conception


Danrather_21 238_jane_pauley1

February 6 is a very newsworthy day in the history of celebrity conception. In 1931, Dan Rather’s parents got more riled up than a three-legged cow in a milk jug, conceiving the future CBS anchorman. And one extremely early morning in 1950, the local weather for Jane Pauley’s parents was fertile. Happy conception day, Dan and Jane!

Also conceived today: John Keats (1795), John Candy (1950)

GAMES: More Fast Food


If Piper’s McDonald’s Sim game didn’t satisfy your appetite for online fast food fun, maybe this will.


Remember that creepy Burger King commercial last night where women wearing Whopper-ingredient-costumes all piled on top of one another? Well, if you go here you can make your own Whopper sandwich featuring the Whopperettes.  I honestly can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.

I’m not sure what the best part of this site is. Brooke Burke. The King dancing on the side of the screen. The Send to a Friend option. Seriously. If a friend of mine ever sent me an online video of a sandwich he designed, we’d have to have a looooooooong talk.

Free Chibi-Robo!



From boingboing:

After logging about eight hours on Chibi-Robo in the last four days, my eight-year-old daughter has decreed it to be the best title ever for the Nintendo GameCube. Chibi-Robo is a four-inch-tall domestic cleaning robot, a gift to a young girl from her father, an out of work roboticist. Besides attending to tasks like scrubbing up muddy dog prints off the floor with a toothbrush (and accumulating "Happy Points" for doing so), Chibi-Robo explores the house, learning snippets of a meta-story involving a no-good robotics company out to harm the family.

I feel sorry for Chibi-Robo. Couldn’t they at least give it a mop?

Eva Longoria on “Oprah”: Mommie Deerest



Eva Longoria is on Oprah because she bought a house for her parents, and she’s asked Oprah’s decorator to fix it up. (Her parents initially put the outdoor furniture she bought for them inside the house.) Her mother said that she always dreamed of having a leather couch, while her father seems to prefer deer heads. Oh, by the way, Eva can skin a deer. Marry her now, Tony!