Penn Maims Another Cameraman



Some paparazzo is trying to file charges after being attacked while shooting photos at Chris Penn’s funeral.

Showing up at Sean Penn’s brother’s funeral and trying to take paparazzi pics is pretty much like showing up at a Black Panther meeting in Klan Robes.  Sorta had it coming, bro.  Also, mental note – even though he may look all "indie and sensitive" you DO NOT f*ck with Mark Ruffalo

CORN FLAKES: Your Essential Inessentials



  • According to Yahoo News rocker Courtney Love told a judge that she has put her drug problems behind her and said she has a renewed outlook on life…thanks to happy pills.
  • Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox are engaged, Cox’s publicist announced Friday. It is now Monday and there has still been no response from the media–however Cox may do an In Touch at home spread after the wedding.
  • According to Page Six, P.Diddy doesn’t like his profile- he thinks it accentuates his overbite. We thin it accentuates the fact that he NEVER TAKES OFF HIS SUNGLASSES.
  • Angie Harmon loves Bush and fur but surprisingly not Pam Anderson.
  • Ashlee Simpson is dating her band mate Braxton Oleta. Oleta is dating his boss. 
  • R.Kelly is touring this spring under the moniker Mr. Showbiz in an attempt to appeal to a younger audience (who hopefully like to be peed on.)

Brown and Bubbly


The choice of a new generation

As I’m sure most of you saw last night, after months of brainstorming, focus groups, and board meetings, and the good people at Pepsi came up with: “Brown and Bubbly.” Apparently they didn’t stop to think what else out there is brown and bubbly, so I went to Google to do the research they might have done before spending $8 trillion on the ad campaign. Here’s what else is brown and bubbly:

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The Diction-Carey (or How to Speak Mariah)



I’m really trying to decide which is funnier – that Mariah Carey has created her own language of "Mariahisms", that she would share said language on her official website, or that she truly actually uses the phrase "Be a Lamb" when asking people to help her out.  What do you think?

(Link via CityRag)

The Weakest Link


Willgrace011_1 22e_carell_narrowweb__200x2461_1 Braff_1

While watching Grey’s Anatomy last night, I realized that Meredith is the least interesting character on the show. And that got me thinking: Why is it that there are so many shows where the “main characters” are actually the weakest link on the show? Some examples:

  • Will and Grace: Everybody knows that Jack and Karen are the real stars. I understand the need for straight men (no pun intended), but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull.
  • The Office: Don’t get me wrong, I love Steve Carell, but his character on the show is just not as strong as the others. Whereas Ricky Gervais played David Brent as a sort of desperate, narcissistic fool that you still end up pulling for, Carell’s Michael Scott is just a jackass. Dwight and the Jim/Pam story are much more real and compelling. The show is hilarious, but I wish there were some more dimensions to Mr. Scott.
  • Scrubs: Heresy, I know, but Zach Braff is just a little too Braffy these days. It seems like he’s either mugging for the camera or showing us how precious he is. J.D.’s relationship with Turk is great, but when he’s alone onscreen, not so much. Again, I love the show, but sometimes Zach Braff just makes me say frick!

Make A Grown Man Cry



According to AP news, editors at the Superbowl Half-time show took advantage of the 5-second delay and edited out a controversial word in the song "Start Me Up." The word is "a reference to a woman’s sexual sway over a dead man." Huh? Can anyone find the everyday word that’s now considered perverse before I use it in front of children?

Lyrics posted after the jump

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Advertising is Awesome!



According to nueroscientists who mapped brain activity of viewers watching the Superbowl Ads, the most successful commercials of the evening were the ‘I’m Going to Disney’ Ad and the Bud ‘Office’ Ad.

However 15 year old Billy Thomas of Newton Massachusettes claims to have experienced the most ‘activity’ during the Miss Piggy-Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut commericial.