Can Eva revamp the art of cheating?



Eva Longoria told Britain’s Eve magazine: "I end up overlapping people
because I know I’m over the relationship, so I move on without telling
them. It’s not good. I’ve never broken up with someone successfully." .

Interesting way of looking at it, Eva. I mean, I’m pretty sure that logic works only in your head, as your ex-boyfriend(s) might see your overlapping and raise you one (possible several) count(s) of cheating. But I’m going to give Eva the benefit of the doubt today and examine the term ‘Overlapping‘ to see if it truly applies to her behavior:

     adj 1: related by having something in common with or coinciding
            with; "having overlapping duties"; "found unexpected
            overlapping areas of interest"
     2: laid overlapping (not flush) [syn: lap-jointed, lap-strake,
         lap-straked, lap-streak, lap-streaked]
     n : covering with a design in which one element covers a part of
         another (as with tiles or shingles) [syn: imbrication,

Okay while I’m sure it involved a lap or two, lets take a look at the term ‘cheating’:

     adj 1: not faithful to a spouse or lover; "adulterous husbands and
            wives"; "a two-timing boyfriend" [syn: adulterous, cheating,
     2: violating accepted standards or rules; "a dirty fighter";
        "used foul means to gain power"; "a nasty unsporting
        serve"; "fined for unsportsmanlike behavior" [syn: cheating,
         dirty, foul, unsporting, unsportsmanlike]
     n : a deception for profit to yourself [syn: cheat]

Hmm. Maybe two-timing was the word Eva was looking for. I’m sure that’s it. The press can make people nervous. I’m sure she just meant "I end up two-timing people
because I know I’m over the relationship, so I move on without telling
them. It’s not good. I’ve never broken up with someone successfully." .

There. That sounds just about right.

The Pussycat Dolls and their collective right to live



"I spent an unhealthy amount of time yesterday pondering the collective fates of the Pussycat Dolls.

constitutes an unhealthy amount of time is debatable, of course. I
probably spent about five minutes honestly thinking about it while on a
run last night, followed by another five minutes thinking if it would
be something worth writing about. All told, that’s 10 minutes of
thinking about the demise of a presumed one-hit wonder pop group with
no redeemable social values, which is probably about 11 minutes too
much."[ continue reading…]

Apple Pop Life reflects on the Pussycat Dolls and their ‘hit’ song "Don’t Cha".

The iPod nano



"Take everything you love about iPod and shrink it. Now shrink it again.
With 2GB (500 songs) and 4GB (1,000 songs) models starting at $199, the
pencil-thin iPod nano packs the entire iPod experience into an
impossibly small design. So small, it will take your music places you
never dreamed of."

Hmm it’s no wider than a pencil and here I thought bigger was better. Once again I have been proven wrong by Apple.[Engaget report]

Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits



Star Jones to adopt baby because she is too old, husband too gay.

Gamers take a break from beating up prostitutes, shooting people, and otherwise being violent to organize Katrina aid.

Marvel Entertainment announces 10 characters it will develop in to full
blown features including such well known superhero greats as Black
Panther and Ant-Man, who can shrink to insect size and umm… communicate with

Fox news gives Kanye West’s new album poor review. Fox News doesn’t care about hip hop.

Thai artist creates sculptures of dismembered body parts from bread.
Investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the Pillsbury
Doughboy and family abruptly reopened.

group of Germans showered for 101 hours to break the world shower
record. That’s 100 hours and 50 minutes longer than the French record. I kid…I kid.

“Mego superhero action figure commercials form the 70s”



"Currently video upload site
You Tube is on fire with old ads for those Mego Action Heroes,
the 8 inch (and occasionally 3 3/4 inch) tall action figure dolls from
the 70s. If you were alive back then, even only barely, this is one
heavy flashback to all the cool stuff you wanted but couldn’t have, or
had an abundance of and enjoyed lording over kids who are still angry
about it and still want to kill you with your own ripped off limb even
if they should know better by now."

Screenhead has all your 70′s super hero action figure commercial needs.[link]

One Wonderful Day



It appears that they are sexing up the new season of Desperate Housewives already. The season premiere is this coming Sunday and I don’t think you have to even like the show to enjoy the photo-shoot.[link]




One Locked Out Lohan



It seems Lindsay Lohan lost the key to her car. Here’s an idea Lindsay, maybe if you were using a smaller purse (you know, like one that isn’t the size of Texas) you would have less trouble locating your keys, make up, sidekick, etc. Help us, help you. [pics]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Monica Lewinsky decides to blow town, study in London; headmaster expects she could make cum laude.

Hugh Jackman

   turns down James Bond role. Wanted Bond to have adamantium claws as special equipment.

Dennis Hopper, 60′s hippie icon, has voted Republican since Reagan;
tries to keep it a secret from his Hollywood friends, by telling the

Creators of "Super Troopers" and "Club Dread" sign three-year deal with Warner Brothers.  Still don’t know what a liter-of-cola is…

Superman Returns’ budget nears $250 million. Kneel before Zod.

Mastermind behind 1972 Munich Olympics murders upset Spielberg didn’t consult him for film. Uh, should we start being concerned about the film ET or is it too late?