New Insight into Sambora Locklear Split



Best Week Ever has exclusive new insight into Locklear and Sambora’s shocking split. While it was previously believed that their failed marriage was a result of Sambora’s success with his 2004 album Sharkfest. Sources are now speculating that it was their fierce competition when it came to side-swept bangs. "Every time Heather would get her bangs feathered, Richie would go out the next day and feather his bangs even more. It finally became  too much for her to bare," says a close friend. Best Week Ever’s pictorial history of the couples bitter bang battles after the jump.

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Lachey’s Ballad Reveals Insight Into Split



Nick Lachey’s heartfelt ballad ‘What’s Left of Me’, recently released on AOL, provides insight into some the pain the singer felt after his split with wife Jessica Simpson.

Inspired to write, while wearing an unbuttoned white linen shirt and sitting in front of a fan, Nick sings about watching  "life pass me by in the rear-view mirror." 

Sources believe the rear-view mirror in question, once owned by rocker Meatloaf, was at the heart of the split. "It only reflects memories, not cars. Jessica didn’t think it was safe for him to drive, but Nick loved looking into it for inspiration" says a close friend. 

Now that Lachey has put his pain to words, he’s next plans to put it to video.

Today in Celebrity Conception



On this day in 1974, George Lucas was polishing up the first draft of Star Wars (excuse me, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), the Ramones were having their first practices, and Joaquin Phoenix (nickname: Kitten) was conceived in Puerto Rico. Happy conception day, Kitten!

Also conceived today: Jonas Salk (1914,) Bill Gates (1955), Julia Roberts (1967), Brooke Burns (1977)

CORN FLAKES: Your essential inessentials



  • Christian groups are fuming that Britney Spears will be appearing on Will and Grace. On the flipside, they’re very proud of her marriage to stripper loving babydaddy Kevin Federline and her series of religious hymnals like I’m a Slave 4 U and Breathe on Me.
  • Mischa Barton laughs off Nicky Hilton’s insulting ‘fat pig’. She seeks revenge by not eating.
  • The drug addicted, sex tape hawker Tom Sizemore, known for bedding and beating Heidi Fleiss, has been accused of failing another drug test and of getting thrown out of a drug treatment program. Now that’s what I call a catch!
  • Motown building razed for superbowl parking. Superbowl officials compensate for flub by having British teen star and Gap spokesperson Joss Stone sing the blues at Half Time.
  • Bono, quoting from Islamic, Jewish and Christian texts, asked for more money for poor people. Then asked for Nobel Prize please.
  • Apple Computer was slapped with a lawsuit charging the company doesn’t adequately warn consumers that its wildly popular iPod can cause hearing damage. Apple cites they were more concerned with alerting the public about the potential to turn into a dancing shadow.

SIZZLER: Brangelina Get Slapped



Female First is reporting that a Jennifer Aniston fan attacked Brangelina outside a restaurant in Germany:

The loved-up pair – who are expecting their first child together this year – were dining at Berlin’s Nola restaurant when a woman stormed in and screamed: "Where is that home-wrecking Angelina?" The crazed fan – dressed in a ‘Friends’ T-shirt – spotted the Hollywood couple and attempted to slap Angelina.

The fan gave the name “Annifer Jeniston” to the police, but they think it might be an alias.

Sambora and Locklear to Divorce



Actress Heather Locklear filed for divorce from husband of 11 years, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. While Sambora was able to vocally support bandmate John Bon Jovi on such rebel tunes like ‘Have a Nice Day,’  he reportedly  couldn’t support his wife with the same conviction.

Sources speculate, that while Sambora remained humble during his stint in Bon Jovi, the success of his 2004 side project Shark Frenzy changed everything.

Says a source close to the couple, "After Shark Frezy Volume 1 came out, Richie got a really big head. By Shark Frenzy Volume 2, their marraige was over."

Pac-Man Fever



This is a Pac-Man tattoo on someone’s posterior. I have to confess I spent a lot of time on my posterior playing Pac-Man, but I never thought to do this. Go to BME to see the whole thing.

(Thanks, I think, to Crystal Tips)