Jimmy Fallon, Funny with a capital F U!



EVERYTHING Jimmy Fallon does is hilarious. HE’S HYSTERICAL. Look at him, walking. Genius. Who is renting TAXI with me tonight? Anyone? ME. I am. I’m renting it right now. Done. Bam!

Seriously though, I mean Fever Pitch was a COMEDY GOLD MINE. Are the Sox winning? Losing? Is he going to lose his mind? Lose the girl? JIMMY FALLON wins at life.  I mean,  Saturday Night Live just isn’t the same without him is it? Can we also start a petition to bring back Fallon to SNL?

I can’t get over this picture. Look at how FUNNY he is! I mean, no wonder Horatio Sanz couldn’t keep a straight face around him. The guy just screams FUNNY. I’d go on and on about this but I am having trouble typing through the tears…

I frikkin’ love this man!

Thank you Jimmy Fallon. Thank you for providing us with non-stop laughter. You are truly the funniest man to ever grace this earth. The world needs more people like you Jimmy Fallon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch my Pauly Shore DVD box set for more genuine laughter.

God speed Jimmy Fallon. God Speed.

Best of Friday Linkage



This Guy Doesn’t Disown His Toyota, and Gets Beaten Up By a Little Girl.

Why can’t our Toyota commercials be this fantastic? Huh? I am going to start a petition, yes..a petition to ensure that our car commercials involve more little girls kicking the crap out of grown men. Mostly because it’s priceless. Sort of like midgets only cuter.

I’m going to make it happen people. Just believe.[link]

Jedi House


In this faux trailer, we see what College life might be like for some
Jedi training at the Academy. From fraternities to parties, and
everything in between, will they be able to graduate in just four
years? Or at all?

Jedi training and fraternities just shouldn’t mix. That’s all I am going to say.[Link]

Daily Blog Plug: Overheard in the Office


Guy #1: Is this a picture of your daughter?
Guy #2: Yeah. She’s really starting to fill out.

1501 E. Woodfield Road
Schaumburg, Illinois

In case you haven’t already bookmarked Overheard in the Office, I suggest you do so. It’s by the same people who brought you Overheard in New York, which to this day I believe is the greatest site in existence.[Link]

Strangest wrestlers from the eighties


Wrestling has been around for a very long time but the eighties really
elevated the sport into the mainstream category. 1984 was the birth
year of the annual wrestling Superbowl called Wrestlemania and launched
the career of guys like Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy. These wrestlers
were pretty normal however. They just acted like wrestlers. You may
think that’s normal, but in wrestling, almost nothing is normal. See,
every wrestler has to have a gimmick which separates him from the rest
of the bunch….

Wrestling will never be that amazing again. Ever. That hurts a little bit, deep down inside…[Link]

Smurf Yeah!


This following link is more smurf than you can probably handle. Smurf on.[link]

Friday Morning Quick Hits: Is this week over yet?



‘Desperate Housewives’ claims a solid gay following — Fox immediately signs Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, and Cher to star in "My Big, Gay, Reality TV Show." 

CBS still adrift without an anchor.

Kyra Sedgwick declines Playboy offer to show parts that are often zero degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

Minor League baseball fans bring baby items to Jennifer Garner’s baby shower at stadium to benefit low-income parents. Somehow this makes sense in West Virginia.

2 ATV Riders Crash on the way to the funeral of another ATV Rider. Darwin loves it.

Florida woman and God share a phone number in Bruce Almighty. Two years later, people still call her asking for God. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

wins libel suit against Vanity Fair. It’s one thing to call
him a pedophile but don’t you dare say he’s "callously indifferent!"

John Roberts: NOT related to Julia Roberts


Taking a break from real news (i.e. Jude & Sienna, Pam & Tommy, etc.), we here at BWE decided to check out CNN.com to find out what’s going on in our country. APPARENTLY our President (not Bill Clinton, I guess there’s a new guy now…when the hell did that happen?) just nominated a guy named John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

Eric_roberts_2Now, at first we were excited. Wow! John Roberts! That’s great! We loved him in Best of the Best, and his performance in the Killers video for "Mr. Brightside" is phenomenal. But no, it turns out that that’s ERIC Roberts. John Roberts is some conservative dude who went to Harvard, not the Pope of Grenwich Village. Interesting choice. I think I would have went with Eric.

Over at Tequila Red they have a list of who they think should have been nominated. Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, and the Verizon guy, amongst others. All great choices, if you ask me. Check it out here.

If you got to nominate somebody to the Supreme Court, who would you go with? I think I’d pick Gwen Stefani, because we know she ain’t no hollaback girl. And in my humble opinion, the last thing we need in the Supreme Court is another hollaback girl. I mean, enough is enough.

Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits




Johnny Depp surprised that his latest character, a pasty, androgynous weirdo with a penchant for little kids, reminds people of Michael Jackson. The Oompa Loompa named Bubbles didn’t help, either.

Jessica Alba tells the press of her steamy french kiss… with a monkey. What happened to that whole not kissing and telling thing? Monkeys count damnit.

Canada legalizes gay marriage nationwide. Husbands stop loving wives, society crumbles…

Japaneshe reshearchers unlock myshteries of drunkenenness/.

Volvo asks Swedish government if they could drive drunk. Not to be outdone, BMW asks German government if it’s cars could offer Weizenbock on tap.

And now for the "Worstest Album Covers Ever III". Umm, it just got worstier?

Late breaking proof of R. Kelly’s innocence!

Britney must be confused



This has to be photo-shopped. Some magician has surely changed the contents of this picture. Is that…umm…is that an apple? A bottle of water even? Good GOD! What about the baby? The baby needs Starbucks coffee and Cheetos, stat! [link]

Best Of Thursday Linkage


Flickr Postcard Browser – Enter a search term and then discover the postcard results. I spent way too long searching random things on here. I should have been sleeping and/or working?[link]


Just another splendid moment in Family Guy where the Griffin family attempts to survive without Lois.[link]


Remember way back when in an Internet land long ago, when the Icy Hot Stuntaz hilarity began? Well
  B-Shoc, from Icy Hot Stuntaz fame, has released a hip-hop album. Begin crying for our generation in, 5…4…3…2…[link]


Public Hygene has never been so amusing. However I probably could do without the painful soundtrack. [link]


The Fingertips project created by the folks of Albino Black Sheep give you a flash video mix-up of that identifies the cliches of the interweb and so much more. Check it out.[link]

Moorhuhn goes to the army
should probably not have amused me so much but I can’t stop laughing. It could because I lack coffee or it could be because I’m a sucker for home made puppet films.[link]

Staring contests need to make a comeback. Lets make this happen people.[link]

Thursday Quick Hits: Pam, Tommy, Carrie, and Chiklis



Jessica Alba has slammed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for using their romance to promote their movies. She then went on to declare that her love for Michael Chiklis is real.

Hilary Duff wants to keep her romance with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden out of the public eye. She also wants to keep her romance with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden out of Joel Madden’s eye.

The new Harry Potter book is a hit. Really? I mean, wow. I’m floored. Do we really need somebody to report this?

Grand Theft Auto gets bumped to an "Adults Only" rating and has its hidden sex scene removed from the game.  Meanwhile, all the robbing, beating, and prostitution in Oregon Trail remains untouched.

So now Pam & Tommy aren’t getting married. Sex tape sequel delayed indefinitely.

Carrie Underwood signs on to sing jingles for Hershey. Ruben Studdard whines, "Why does Carrie get all the good deals???" Then adds, "Mmmm, candy."

Jude Law’s ex feels bad for Sienna Miller. Um, why? We all saw what having a cheating British boyfriend does your career. Sienna’s the luckiest girl since Elizabeth Hurley. Enjoy the career, sweetheart!

Mash Me Up



What can I say, people dig mashups… even AFTER all that Jay-Z/Linkin Park crap.

This site has a bunch of interesting ones. I recommend the Gorillaz vs. Cake (as seen above) and the Hot Hot Heat vs. Bowie.

Now can somebody explain to me why it’s gotta be "vs." Why can’t these people just get along?

See Tom



Ultimately, finding a woman who intrigues and captivates me has simply
risen to the very top of my list, calling for me to take extraordinary
measures to find her. I know a lot of people who’ve settled in the
interest of having kids and security. But, that’s not for me. I want
something that will be special every day of our lives

Tom has searched around the globe for the woman of his dreams and he has now taken the next logical step. He’s using the interweb to bring the women to him. You might not be the one for Tom but in the mean time, I suppose you can just know him, bop him, dress him, or if you feel like it…date him.

Good luck Tom. May you one day get bopped good and hard…[link]

Be sure to catch Tom on The View tomorrow morning.