Tuesday Video Linkage



Raoul loves the ladies and the ladies love Raoul.[link]


Love can burn.[link]


I hate sweety. [link]


A motorcycle powered by 24 chainsaws.[link] (thnx to milk and cookies)


Yet another true story…[link] (thnx to milk and cookies)


Hidden content in Super Mario Bros 3. I think the point is that these levels are
inaccessible during regular gameplay , and could only be discovered by
scanning the memory directly. Or you could just check out Super Mario Physics.


I Love Trouble



Troubled rocker COURTNEY LOVE is so upset about her dramatic weight gain she’s enlisted her sexy pal PAMELA ANDERSON to put her through a grueling fitness programme. [read more here]

The grueling program is expecting to include repeat viewings of "Stacked" and "Barb Wire."

In other news, it’s rumored that Pammy might be getting remarried to Tommy Lee for the 3rd time. Lots of Sex, drugs, Rock & Roll and another divorce are expected. Even Pamela’s "tommy/mommy" wrist tattoo thinks this is a bad idea.

I wonder what she sees in him…

Afternoon Quick Hits: Bad laws were made to be broken



BBC to consider selling downloads of Doctor Who.  The two people who have never heard of BitTorrent rejoice!

Fox News Channel
parent News Corp. buys MySpace.com parent Intermix Media, launch of MyRightWingSpace.com announced, Karl Rove automatically added to your network.

Pacman arrested, could not quite reach level 256 / 3,333,360 points.

Could the next big trend be ipods with Music Videos?  I’m not impressed. I’m still waiting for the iporn (a.k.a. ipr0n) to come out. Then I’ll be excited for the release of its video gallery, making public transportation just a little bit creepier.

TiVo wants you to watch the commercials. Umm. Well ,maybe you shouldn’t have eliminated the need for us to watch them then eh? Suckahs.

Xbox 360 Revealed



Some kid took pictures of his stepfather’s Xbox 360 prototype. He then decided to post those pictures on the internweb of greatness, along with his stepfather’s name and picture of his business card. This kid better be prepared to be disowned by his family and hunted down by Microsoft. [link]

More xbox kid flaming can be found here  if you belong to OT.




Coffee of the stars. For $8 bucks a shot you get a morning buzz and a sense of self importance.

See the larger version here. [Link]

Update: Turns out this post is another case of an interweb "been there, done that" crisis, as the New York based blog, CityRag made the Starwhore Starbucks discovery over a month ago and it seems that the collage posted earlier is just a crappier version of said discovery. See the original  collage here. Be sure to check out CityRag for daily linkage goodness.

Crazy Quarters Skills



Quarters is without a doubt our favorite classic drinking game. Some of
us have perfected certain techniques, like rolling the quarter off our
noses, but that’s weak sauce compared to this guy. As much as I want to
make the obligatory "too much time" comment, this guy pwns at a
drinking game, so you know he’s gotta be fun at a party.

Girls want boyfriend with skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills or you know…quarter flipping skills. This guy is amazing and to think I thought the Dance Dance revolution juggler was cool beans.[link]

Jude Law – Biggest Idiot Ever?


Don’t get me wrong Jude Law is pretty freaking hot and by no means should he settle for only one female in this lifetime, but for the love of god, could he raise the bar a little higher for his next affair? I get the whole "she’s my nanny, so I’m going to doooooo her" thing but…



is not even close to as hot as this

Jude, please, you’re People’s sexiest man alive. Start acting like it.

Grocery shopping bags are the new Balenciagas.



Junkfeud has spotted a new celebrity trend. Everybody is doing it.[Link]

Come back to the land of awesome Arnie


This ad will never get old. I just wish it could last an hour or two more.[link] You can find more Arnie ad goodness here.

Britney Spears gets a haircut
Start the countdown for Kevin’s run for the hills in 5…4…3…


Who is hotter? Robert Novak or Angelina Jolie? [link]

Monday Morning Quick Hits



Sandra Bullock marries Jesse James.  Billy the Kid reportedly best man. Honeymoon plans include robbing trains, getting shot.

Chocolate – Old and Busted. Cow Patties – the new hotness. Charlie Bucket just wants to be a regular guy.

Jesus is about to hit prime time television and he really hoping he doesn’t have to die (again)just for ratings.

Macho, macho man (macho man) I’ve got to be, a macho man. Over the weekend, the original policeman from the Village People, was
arrested by real police
for possession of a gun and drugs. Ironically, during the same weekend the one dressed like an Indian traded his land away for some beads.

You’re watching Futurama: the MOVIE that does not advocate the cool crime of robbery. You heard me….Sweet honeybee of infinity,they are making a Futurama movie.

Forget Disneyland, whatever became of Cucamonga’s Bible Storyland Bender of Futurama fame responded to this report with "Yeah, well, I’m gonna build my own theme park! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the park".


Domination’s the name of the game



As hot as Britney looks in this photo-shoot, you have to wonder how the photographer talked them
into this Derelict-esque trailer park glam look.

"Pink plastic flamingos and wife beaters are SO hot right now. pink plastic flamingos. So hot."

Who isn’t up for a little game of master and servant?



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