SIZZLER: 50 Cent Serves Up More Beef



50 Cent just released a new dis single aimed at the Game called "Not Rich, Still Lyin’,"- a play on his platinum selling album "Get Rich or Die Tryin".  Toward the end of the record, 50 says he has a new album coming out on July 18 because he "can’t stay away."

Possible names for upcoming album include "Nice Pitch, Went Flyin," "This B*itch, Is Mayan,"  "Got Hitched, Ring Buyin" and "If you’re Mitch, Who’s Bryan?"

Eye on Fashion Week


It’s Fashion Week here in New York City and supermodels like Naomi, Heidi and Kate are parading around in skimpy, sexy swimwear for all the top designers’ newest lines.

While we couldn’t score a front row seat to Michael Kors’ runway show and Heatherette claimed they didn’t have any more chairs left even though we said we’d stand, we managed to get the scoop on a new swimwear label that’s breaking all the fashion rules…

Introducing Wholesomewear: the modest line of skirted swimswuits, designed to "highlight the face and not the body." The swimsuits comes in three styles:

Culotte Culotte   Skrited Skirted  Slimming Slimming

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Aww Inspiring



Okay, everyone might already know about this site, but is it wrong to remind people how cute the world can be? I say no.

“24” Movie: Jack Bauer Meets Andy Warhol



According to Digital Spy, we might see 24 on the big screen:

The plans would involve shooting a movie version of 24 this summer, after the current fifth season wraps and before the sixth season airs in 2007…. "It’s certainly something that I’ve expressed an incredible amount of interest in doing," [Kiefer Sutherland] said. "It is something that Joel, Howard and Bob and I have all talked about. One of the real difficulties, and Joel’s expressed it in a number of interviews, is that any time they got really close to having a great idea for a film, we needed it for episode 18, so there it went."

The show is great, but I don’t know if a 24-hour movie will fly with the public.

New Insight into Sambora Locklear Split



Best Week Ever has exclusive new insight into Locklear and Sambora’s shocking split. While it was previously believed that their failed marriage was a result of Sambora’s success with his 2004 album Sharkfest. Sources are now speculating that it was their fierce competition when it came to side-swept bangs. "Every time Heather would get her bangs feathered, Richie would go out the next day and feather his bangs even more. It finally became  too much for her to bare," says a close friend. Best Week Ever’s pictorial history of the couples bitter bang battles after the jump.

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Lachey’s Ballad Reveals Insight Into Split



Nick Lachey’s heartfelt ballad ‘What’s Left of Me’, recently released on AOL, provides insight into some the pain the singer felt after his split with wife Jessica Simpson.

Inspired to write, while wearing an unbuttoned white linen shirt and sitting in front of a fan, Nick sings about watching  "life pass me by in the rear-view mirror." 

Sources believe the rear-view mirror in question, once owned by rocker Meatloaf, was at the heart of the split. "It only reflects memories, not cars. Jessica didn’t think it was safe for him to drive, but Nick loved looking into it for inspiration" says a close friend. 

Now that Lachey has put his pain to words, he’s next plans to put it to video.