“Forgotten pictures of popular people”


Forgotten Celebrity Pictures


A little collection of "then and now" pictures for your Tuesday afternoon amusement.[link]

Coldplay Album Art Generator

You can now make your own Coldplay Album Art. Type some text into a box to encode.[link]

Family Guy Petarded Chart Generator



the "Petarded" episode of Family Guy, Peter does well at Trivial
Pursuit and claims he’s a genius. Brian challenges him to take an IQ
test. The result indicates Peter is mentally challenged. The test
administrator shows the chart on the right to explain where Peter’s
test result places him.

Change the chart to say what you want. I have a feeling I am going to be playing with this all morning long. It’s good ol’ Family Guy fun for the whole office.[link]

Also check out this video clip where Peter entertains terminally ill children. 

Lil’ Kim Pigs Louis Vuitton Pictures



Pigs tattooed with the logo of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton rest
in a farm in the rural area of China’s capital Beijing July 14, 2005.
The pigs are owned by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, who has a staff of
local farmers and tattoo artists raising sows to use them as canvases
for skin art.

Cruel, yes? But we didn’t make the discovery, Just Jared did and that is our story and we are sticking to it.[link]

Tuesday Morning Quick Hits: In a half shell…turtle power?



WWE: "Okay, so staging a terrorist attack on live TV after the London bombings… not the best idea. Our bad."

Cocoa industry says chocolate is as healthy as red wine. I’m convinced!

GI Joe live-action movie coming in 2006, and knowing that is half the battle.

1999 Acura Integra tops 2004 "most stolen" list; continues to take
crown for "most primer-colored body parts" and "most often raced
against suburban minivans."

  Cleanup in aisle six. Singles are finding love at Walmart. (This is by far the worst news I’ve read all day)

Further proof that Hollywood is out of ideas: new version of "Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles"
to hit the big screen in 2007. No word yet on
whether Vanilla Ice will be available for the theme song.

Shariff don’t like it, but they want  to rock your casbah for free. Carbon Silicon make all their recordings freely available online.

Madonna shows Vogue magazine her "reinvented side." Readers of her 1992 book have already seen this side from several angles.

Tuesday Video Linkage



Raoul loves the ladies and the ladies love Raoul.[link]


Love can burn.[link]


I hate sweety. [link]


A motorcycle powered by 24 chainsaws.[link] (thnx to milk and cookies)


Yet another true story…[link] (thnx to milk and cookies)


Hidden content in Super Mario Bros 3. I think the point is that these levels are
inaccessible during regular gameplay , and could only be discovered by
scanning the memory directly. Or you could just check out Super Mario Physics.


I Love Trouble



Troubled rocker COURTNEY LOVE is so upset about her dramatic weight gain she’s enlisted her sexy pal PAMELA ANDERSON to put her through a grueling fitness programme. [read more here]

The grueling program is expecting to include repeat viewings of "Stacked" and "Barb Wire."

In other news, it’s rumored that Pammy might be getting remarried to Tommy Lee for the 3rd time. Lots of Sex, drugs, Rock & Roll and another divorce are expected. Even Pamela’s "tommy/mommy" wrist tattoo thinks this is a bad idea.

I wonder what she sees in him…

Afternoon Quick Hits: Bad laws were made to be broken



BBC to consider selling downloads of Doctor Who.  The two people who have never heard of BitTorrent rejoice!

Fox News Channel
parent News Corp. buys MySpace.com parent Intermix Media, launch of MyRightWingSpace.com announced, Karl Rove automatically added to your network.

Pacman arrested, could not quite reach level 256 / 3,333,360 points.

Could the next big trend be ipods with Music Videos?  I’m not impressed. I’m still waiting for the iporn (a.k.a. ipr0n) to come out. Then I’ll be excited for the release of its video gallery, making public transportation just a little bit creepier.

TiVo wants you to watch the commercials. Umm. Well ,maybe you shouldn’t have eliminated the need for us to watch them then eh? Suckahs.

Xbox 360 Revealed



Some kid took pictures of his stepfather’s Xbox 360 prototype. He then decided to post those pictures on the internweb of greatness, along with his stepfather’s name and picture of his business card. This kid better be prepared to be disowned by his family and hunted down by Microsoft. [link]

More xbox kid flaming can be found here  if you belong to OT.