Friday Afternoon Quick Hits



Alleged trespasser enters Jennifer Aniston’s house. Man says he was
just picking up his things then going back to Angelina’s place.

Sam Gamgee joins the Jack Bauer Power Hour. With the ring of power they will be an unstoppable force.

Australian woman claims to be baby stolen by dingo years ago;
unfortunately DNA tests prove she is actually part dingo herself
(with the most terrifying pic ever).

Rosebud was his sled. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Thelma and
Louise drove off a cliff and Norman Bates was really mother. Nate
Fisher is dead. We all know the ending of Harry Potter VI. What is the
statute of limitations on spoilers?

Fed up with fatties in Daisy Dukes, Budapest mayor wants female City
Hall staff to wear miniskirts
only if they have "completely perfect
legs", with skirts no higher than 1" above their knee.

Many countries draw a line for art. A pickled fetus head attached to a seagull typically crosses that line.

  NJ Swat teams get new rules designed to prevent troopers from searching the wrong home. First is don’t rely on MapQuest.

House of Cosbys, You See



"For the last few weeks at work, we’ve been obsessed with House of Cosbys.
So obsessed that other departments are starting to worry about us; it’s
consuming our lives. I first linked to it back in March, long before
the recent legal threats
from Cosby himself, so I don’t know why it’s taken this long to
infiltrate our brains. (I suspect one too many late nights on a recent
deadline is ultimately to blame.)"

Waxy is hosting the whole "Bill Cosby Talks to kids about drugs" album from 1971 for your enjoyment along with a long list of links to further your Cosby goodness. Oh and he’s gonna kill you! After he stick his spoon in your pudding… ggaaahh!![link]

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Madonna Shot



This site follows Madonna’s career in pictures. Watch her transform before your eyes from the cool activist ( *cough* notorious exhibitionist *cough*) and pop mistress of our past to the Gap loving material girl that she is today. This site is actually quite impressive starting with pictures from uhh….1958.[Link]

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Mr. Nasty

Friday Morning Quick Hits



Brad Pitt ans Angelina Jolie visit Canadian dinosaur museum. Fail to find petrified remains of Jennifer Aniston.

Tom Cruise says that he never claimed to be a reincarnated Scientology prophet, as that would just be silly. Unlike Scientology…

Boy invents hamster powered cell-phone charger. Note the conspicuous
absence of the words "Richard Gere brand gerbil-powered anal butt-plug".

There she goes. Miss  America. Leaving Atlantic City after 84 years, does not pass go, does not collect $200.

David Wells, who uses natural supplements like pizza and beer to bulk up, wants Rafael Palmeiro to take a lie detector test.

Red Sox forced to delay start of tonight’s game because the field was
damaged by all of the senior citizens walkers and wheelchairs at the
Rolling Stones concert.

And now for maybe the worst "news" story ever courtesy of The Sun. Marilyn Manson speaks out about Harry Potter’s "unacceptable" use of witchcraft.




Natalie Portman may be the only woman (besides probably Angelina Jolie) who could still look drop dead gorgeous with a mohawk. How does she do it? Magic. She’s a witch. It’s the only logical explanation.[see more pictures]

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Dude looks like a lady: The Scientology Edition



Tom Cruise dressing in drag? Too good to be true? NahhhhhDlisted has the pictures to prove it. I don’t know how the aliens (and most importantly Xenu ) feel about Tom in drag but chances are they would still want to probe him because lets face it he makes a pretty cute chick. Better than Patrick Swayze ever did anyway…[ link ]

Inside Britney’s Baby Shower



You were probably expecting this event to be the sort of event that would merit a ding-dong cake and some Pabst Blue Ribbon for Britney and all her friends, right? Nah. She threw a reasonably classy shindig. She just did it in cowboy boots. There is a 30 odd picture photo spread of the event if you are interested…just waiting for you over at Access Hollywood…and you are….so just go already.[link]