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Ultimately, finding a woman who intrigues and captivates me has simply
risen to the very top of my list, calling for me to take extraordinary
measures to find her. I know a lot of people who’ve settled in the
interest of having kids and security. But, that’s not for me. I want
something that will be special every day of our lives

Tom has searched around the globe for the woman of his dreams and he has now taken the next logical step. He’s using the interweb to bring the women to him. You might not be the one for Tom but in the mean time, I suppose you can just know him, bop him, dress him, or if you feel like it…date him.

Good luck Tom. May you one day get bopped good and hard…[link]

Be sure to catch Tom on The View tomorrow morning.

Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits: Mike Tyson scares the crap out of me.


examines the possibility of a real world Peter Griffin.

Director David Lynch hopes to raise one billion dollars in one year for his new meditation and peace foundation; claims chanting will help students resolve school stress and shine like bright pennies.

Lindsay Lohan packs more clothes in her luggage than you can count. She probably didn’t leave any room for airplane snacks either.

Looks like the rumors of Pamela Anderson to marry… again… Continue. Yes it’s to the same person as before. I suppose she is hoping the third time is a charm, even if he isn’t.

My Dog is Tom Cruise. Okay well not my dog, but his dog is…

Mike Tyson builds $12,000 coup for his pigeons.  Now more than one thing on his property will be full of crap.

I’m sorry, What?  Pigeons?????? Dear mother of god.

Best of Wednesday Linkage



Family Guy:
With Lois in jail, Peter is forced to take over her household duties and a few other classic clips from this season’s Family Guy.


Haven’t had enough of that annoying ‘Crazy Frog’ yet? Try the Crazy Crazy Revolution flash game. It’s that damn frog and dance dance revolution combined.


The following link is a spoiler for "Harry Potter and the half-blood prince" as this guy trys to rain on people’s Potter crazed parade.


Here is a list of banned (and a few that are available on dvd only) Disney cartoons from the past. None of this is new, it’s just interesting to see it all combined in this format. Check it out.


I’ve seen a lot of the Star Wars kid videos but some how I missed "Undercover Star Wars Kid". How it happened, I’m not quite sure.


What Do You Look Like Doing A Jowler?-This site is a place for you to upload and browse a unique type of
photo that we like to call the Jowler. These fun pictures are created
when the subject of a photo shakes their head really fast while the
picture is taken. So, enjoy these unique expressions and if you feel up
to it, take a few of your own and post em up.


A compliation of idiots.


Tired of being a hungry vegan? Or have some of the triple tofu tower! It’s EXTREME!(thnx to Screenhead)

Letters to Star Jones



Here lies a list of  letters to television personality Star Jones written by comedian
Chris Monks. Be sure to check out the postcards and remember to STAY GOLD.[link]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Hollywood, still out of ideas, making movie of slain rapper Notorious
Critics and moviegoers prepare to call it a notorious P.O.S.

No smurfin way! A smurf movie? Right in the smurfing theater? Smurf Yeah!

Ricky Williams
runs out of pot money, returns to Dolphins.

And now for something completely different… Monty Python to reform.

get naked in the name of art. Best misappropriated quote: "There was a
lot of standing around, waiting while Spencer got the right shot, and
it did get a bit cold – my mum’s lips went blue".

Darryl Hannah quits movies to save the world, just like in the movies.

Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to go topless in an upcoming movie. I, for one, welcome our topless slayer overlord.

Bill Gates laments that Microsoft now has a hard time
attracting qualified employees
. World’s smallest violin begins playing
in background.

Drew Rosenhaus, king of jackass sports agents, saves boy at Disney
resort pool. Emperor Palpatine dismayed that there’s still some
good in him.

I’m too sexy for this jail, too sexy for this jail, too sexy and frail. Sex-teacher Lafave may go to jail.

Former Black Panthers fought for black rights in their day and did a fine job. Their next obvoius step: selling hot sauce. They’re going up against the KKK’s "burning cross hot sauce", so the competition is going to be rough.

Dave Newfeld Gets His Ass Kicked



Shortly after Broken Social Scene took the stage on Saturday at the Pitchfork-curated Intonation Music Festival, singer Kevin Drew announced to the audience: "We just decided 20 minutes into arriving in New York that it would be a good idea if we went and bought marijuana. And Dave preceded to get the s*** kicked out of him by four policemen, ladies and gentlemen! He got thrown in jail for 24 hours!" And then, amid the jeers, came the kicker: "And now the Broken Social Scene is suing the cops of New York City!"

New York really hates Canada eh? Well, just expect an angry letter in the mail. Maybe even two angry letters. Just you wait. My homeland will teach you a lesson in pain. Emotional-heart-wrenching-prose.[link]