Charlize Theron Pictures from Aeon Flux



The official website for Aeon Flux, starring Charlize Theron,
has been relaunched with a whole bunch of new features. I think the
movie, which hits theatres on December 2, 2005, looks pretty
interesting, if for no other reason than how they’ve adapted a highly
surreal animated series into a slick looking futuristic action flick.
Of course, the sight of Charlize Theron in some of the costumes below
is also a motivating factor for my interest."

It’s a slow news day as Paris Hilton has managed to stay out of the news for almost 3 days…So it’s picture posting time of something random. This movie will most likely suck…but dear jebus is Charlize Theron gorgeous. She’s #2 in my books after Angelina Jolie, as being the most beautiful woman alive.[Egotastic! Pictures]

Friday Afternoon Quick Hits



As news of Rocky VI was so warmly received, Stallone to star in Rambo IV. Script for "Stop Or Mom Will Shoot II" still in development.

Prince Charles complains that it’s not easy being a Royal. Stops short before complaining about the castles, cash, and cars that come with the job.

If your name is James Stephens, the screen name JimStephens will not throw police off the trail when you look for young girls in chatroom.

Teen People publishes list of the Top 10 Most Egotistical Celebrities. No word on when the list of Top 10 Most Vapid Entertainment Periodicals will be released.

Haunted Memories Changing Portraits


"these morphing images are designed to transform when you change your
position. When your unsuspecting guests walk past them they will see
these seemingly normal "relatives" change into hideously frightening
creatures or macabre apparitions!"

Cityrag found this fantastic halloween-y link for you. Check it out.[Cityrag link]

Halloween Monster Madness Post



Halloween-themed tattoos – That’s the spirit! It could be worse…it could be Christmas themed. At least devils and pumpkins can look hardcore all year round unlike Mr. Claus.[Link]


Archie Goes GothJoey always finds the greatest little interweb gems and this Archie find is just the right way to start off your gothic festivities this weekend.[Accordion Guy Post]


The Best of The Treehouse of Horror -
a glimpse at the very best of Simpsons halloween specials.[link]


Star Wars paper masks to download and wear - Need a last minute
halloween costume idea and your a star wars geek. Fear not. These masks
are downloadable and totally wearable and this weekend you can get away
with wearing them in public. Yes, it’s safe to come out of the basement
again, friends. (did you honestly think I would find a way to throw in
a geeky halloween post?)[BoingBoing Link]

Friday Morning Quick Hits




New Australian western The Proposition is written by Nick Cave, king of the Goths. Release the bats, mate.

Jean van de Velde
, French male golfer, will attempt to play in 2006
Women’s British Open
. Says he will even shave legs to play, becoming
first french male or female this decade to do so.

"Cokie McSnifferson" Moss checks out of rehab clinic. In totally
unrelated news, industry analysts report the price of an eight ball is
likely to skyrocket shortly.

Angelina Jolie
says she wants more kids.  If breastfeeding and spanking are included, then I’m available for adoption immediately. Sure, I’m not from a third world country but we can role play if necessary. I promise to be the bestest daughter in the whole wide world.

Ford Motor Company
will begin monitoring, timing employee bathroom breaks. Employees pissed, say it’s a crappy policy.

Sulu comes out of the closet in warp factor 9, rainbow trails



Mr. Sulu
has caught the gay, probably from the poppies on Alpha III, but fret not as I’m sure Bones will find cure in the last ten minutes of the episode. On a serious note, that episode where Sulu runs down the Enterprise’s
halls shirtless, oiled and waving a sword, will never be looked at
the same way again. Ever. [yahoo story]

Thursday afternoon quick hits



A lover’s quarrel.. "Sigfried you b**ch! Ztop it, you are upzetting zee tigers-s-s-s-s.

As if "Lost" couldn’t get any weirder, "Requiem for a Dream" director Darren Aronofsky to direct an episode. Charlie’s begun shaking again already.

Johnny Depp gives crack-addicted Kate Moss something any sensible person would: a mirror.

Bad: Getting caught masturbating on the job. Worse: Doing it to porn you’ve downloaded onto the company computer. Worst: You’re a cop, on duty, in your patrol car, and it’s the police laptop you are using.