A Place For Boobs To Go



Well folks, tomorrow’s the day you’ve been waiting for… that is, if you’re a pervert. Tomorrow, the Hooters Casino Hotel opens in Las Vegas, and they’re promising "the most uncommonly good times of your life!" I’m not too sure what that means exactly, but I’m in!

If you can’t hop on the next Hooters Air flight out there, you can live vicariously by reading the Hooters Casino Hotel Blog. My favorite part of the blog is the Deep Thought section that currently reads "No time for deep thoughts, we’re opening in two weeks!" Because THAT, my friends, captures a Hooters Girl in a nutshell. Nice work.

Your Cinemax Tivo Schedule: Week Ending February 5th, 2006



Friday Febraury 3rd, 1:30 AM

Emanuelle VS. Dracula

Synopsis: Lovely Emmanuelle and her friends have a bachelorette party interrupted by the arrival of a handsome stranger who turns out to be a vampire. It’s up to Emmanuelle to best him between the sheets or become his eternal queen . Natasja Vermeer, Beverly Lynne, Kelsey, Mollie Green, Ernesto Perdomo and Marcus Deanda star.

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There’s so much talent at BWE, sometimes it oozes over to other sites. Go here to find out why "deal with it" will be on the tips of everyone’s lips by this time tomorrow.

Paris Victimized Again



It’s been reported that Paris Hilton’s tapes, computers and photographs have been stolen. The immensely private actress has long been a victim of theft and exploitation.

One can only hope that brave Hilton has the ability to turn this tragedy into something positive. (thanks Jossip)

Truckers Say No to Coke



According to CNN, truckers are not too happy about a new commercial for Full Throttle:

Truckers want Coca-Cola to slam the brakes on a planned Super Bowl ad for its Full Throttle energy drink…. Trade publication Advertising Age says the ad also shows the Full Throttle truck tailgating and forcing a smaller vehicle — adorned with the rival Red Bull logo — off the main road Graves’ statement said the ad "will reinforce and help perpetuate a negative stereotype that the trucking industry and our professional drivers have fought long and hard to overcome."

You’d think that truckers would be behind this new product, considering how much Coke has done for them over the years.

Today In Celebrity Conception



Twenty-two  years ago today, Ozzy Osbourne took a break from urinating on historic monuments and biting the heads off of helpless animals to do what he does best: get down and dirty with his wife Sharon. The result? Daughter Kelly, born October 27, 1984.

Maybe it was the thought of a little groundhog emerging from a hole that turned the Ozzman on. Or maybe it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rippling muscles in The Terminator, the number one movie that weekend. Or maybe… just maybe… the Prince of Darkness had a soft spot for Billy Ocean’s hit single "Caribbean Queen" and just couldn’t contain himself when it came on the radio.

Well, whatever the case may be, Mr. & Mrs. Osbourne got the ball rolling on giving baby Jack a little sister today. The worlds of reality TV and really bad pop music should take a moment to say ‘thanks.’

This Day Last Year



  • Star Trek stayed on the air, saving the earth from destruction from the Klingons.
  • Word was that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were breaking up. Luckily that wasn’t true, and they are now healthy and happy with a little one on the way. Pete says they’re going to name the baby Data, after this guy who helped them with their relationship.
  • It was reported that not only were Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake getting married, but that she was going to wear a traditional Native American dress. A month later, she was married by a priest named Father Picard.
  • We found out that Martha Stewart would host her own version of The Apprentice, which would go on to be the biggest hit of all time, introducing the world to her new catch phrase, “Make it so.”
  • Finally, it was announced that Star Trek: Enterprise would be canceled, ending Star Trek’s 18 year run on television. There were also reports that a Klingon ship along with three versions of the Enterprise from different eras appeared in the sky. It was presumed that they had come from the future to rescue the earth. If true, this might have some effect on the outcomes listed in this post.