Gorilla Mask’s Annual “Web Tard Competition”



"Every year, the beauty of
the Internet glistens more and more, and not through file sharing
clients, search engine innovations, increased browser competition, or
even the collective sperm on keyboards everywhere.  Technological
advances are peppered throughout the cyber galaxy, but the true sugar
in the web’s virtual spice rack is its ability to apply not just a
transparent door outside the dwellings of introverted closet weirdos,
but place a ridiculously strong magnifying glass on its peephole.
That’s right, just like a bad science fiction movie, the ‘Net has come
back to haunt its creators:  No dork is safe from online exposure…"

Check out the current nominees and be sure to keep checking back at Gorilla Mask as the videos keep rolling in. Some will make you hate the interweb at large and some will be sure to make you the king/queen of the office.[ link ]

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits



Pamela Anderson files restraining order against deranged fan, unaware he’s the only one watching her new T.V. show.

Laura Bush to appear on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. President sees chance to use bullhorn again. Cheney rumored to appear on FOX’s My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

TV writers stage protest over mandatory product placements interfering with their Nobel prizewinning tit jokes.

After this summer’s success of re-made movies…..get ready for Fraggle Rock: The Movie!

Your wife tries to sell your £100k , 35ft luxury yacht at a knock-down price. Do you a/ Negotiate a price you both agree on b/ Get an independent assessment, or c/ Use an axe to smash open valves below the water line to sink the boat.

You can raise their tuition, you can even make parking a nightmare, but you never, ever, kick their beloved 77- year old homeless guy off campus.

Desperate Housewives: The Ties that Bind



That’s right. The Desperate Housewives are back and
TVgasm is on them like white on rice, like flies on sh*t, like stink on
a mule and/or Kevin Federline. After being given the task of tackling
America’s favorite Housewives, I took it upon myself to watch all 23
episodes of the first season this weekend in order to get up to speed."

TVgasm reviews Desperate Housewives. They’re back ladies and gents…whether you want them around or not.[tvgasm link ]

Chad Michael Murray & Sophia Bush Call It Quits



"Chad Michael Murray, 24, and Sophia Bush, 23, have separated after five months of marriage, PEOPLE has learned.

A spokesperson for Bush confirmed the split, but offered no further
details on the relationship between the couple, who star together on
One Tree Hill."

Oh No’s, not another celebrity break up? I was sure these two were going to make it for the long haul. What could have possibly gone wrong? Did it have something to do with Chad being one of those men who spends more time looking at himself in the mirror than at her or that he got caught up doing too much research for his role on One Tree Hill?  Seeing as how I’m sure they are both super-duper mature individuals… this season of One Tree Hill is sure to be an interesting one…[Perez Hilton reports]

Best of Tuesday Linkage



School of Trip-hop - "The after-school percussion group at Minnetonka High School,
Minneapolis, rehearsed for months and can now play two tracks from DJ
Shadow’s ‘Endtroducing’ album. "
  This is truly fantastic. Make it your must watch video of the day.


Streaming Monty Python’s Flying Circus clips - Classic video goodness.


Subservient Stewie - Family Guy Live gives you an interactive Stewie. Give him a command and he’ll do your biding.


Another Childrin R Skary movie".
Anyone else ready for Halloween?


Star Wars Cameo in American Dad – Re-watch the clip from this week’s episode. (thnx to GM)

The Gummy Bear Project – "Roughly 4lbs of gummi bears, melted down into pure gummi evil".