Tom gets Wet



Four members of a freelance camera crew were arrested at the War of the Worlds premiere in London after its star Tom Cruise was squirted with water.

The 42-year-old actor’s face and jacket were drenched with water squirted from what appeared to be a microphone. [keep reading]

Oh, c’mon Tom, why didn’t you just play along? We’re all playing along with your big practical joke — you know, that whole Katie Holmes thing (great job with that by the way, I think people are actually falling for it) — the least you could do is take a little squirt to the face. Tom: Help us help you. Help us… help you.

Click here to watch Tom get his facial. Hilarious.

Paul’s Trip to Nashville



This picture makes us look like a low rent version of "Up with People".Watch Out, we’re going to come to your school and teach you things about "Diversity" and "Abstinence" all while rapping.

Paul Scheer, Sherrod Small, Doug Benson, and Jessi Klein recently visited Nashville during the "Best Week Ever Live" tour. You can check out pictures and read all about here

Oh, and hey, while we’re on the subject of Best Week Ever, it’s on tonight at 11 and all weekend long. It’s been a crazy week (with the majority of the crazy being provided by Tom Cruise, natch), so be sure to tune it.

Lunch Time



Edible underwear — not just for the bedroom anymore! A man brings in an, errr, interesting sack lunch full of "goodies" like these and really gets into eating it. One more reason to eat out during the day.

I’ll pay one of you a whole shiny nickel to try this at your lunch break.[watch now]

Giving up Triathalon Career to be America’s Top Model


OK, last auction I had did not raise as much money as I needed to buy my kids the swing set they wanted, so I need to have another one. Up for auction is my prize possession that has made it all happen for me, my head and wrist bands!!! That’s right, I’m giving up my Triathlon carrier to raise money for my children’s swing set. Now remember all the other items you see in the pictures are NOT included-this auction is for my head and wrist bands only.

I dunno, I think this guy has some competition. Biker Fox is light years ahead of him with the photo-shoots but I think he has potential. Please note the "Spirit Fingers" picture at the bottom of the page…[Link]

Willem DaFoe Failure Watch!



Everyone thinks Willem DaFoe is a great actor. He plays quirky roles, he’s the Green Goblin in Spider-Man — women go nuts for this jerk! Well, no one can be great ALL the time, and that’s why I created this blog! Now everyone will know when "The Foe" trips up, steps out of line, or fails. Can you take the pressure Willy? Let the failure-watch commence!

I’m sorry, did I miss something? Women go crazy for Willem DaFoe?

I think this is the only way to tell when you’ve truly made it… when somebody creates a blog and dedicates it to your failures. Congratulations Willem… I think.[link]

morning quick hits – Tomkat engaged, Jolie bad in bed?



Tom Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower, the only structure in the world bigger than his ego. Naturally she said yes. Her programming is complete.

Engagement ring photos:



The world is over as we know it is over. Last week’s TV ratings prove that Americans love ballroom dancing and Charlie Sheen.

Brad Pitt denies cheating on his ex-wife with Angelina Jolie. Meanwhile Billy Bob Thorton compares sex with Angelina Jolie like sex with a couch. In other news, the world is flat.

Queen Elizabeth got herself an iPod, and I got her pegged for a closet Tool fan. Anyone? Bets? Boy George? …Prince? Queens of the Stone age? I could go on…but I wont. Maybe some Queen? Okay, I’m done.

Michael Jackson is considering leaving the US for good. He has developed a taste for "Thai"…

Britney Spears thinks she is a prophet. Which is cute because she used to think she was a singer.

Batmobile hit by drunk driver. Christian Bale forgot to activate Bat Thrusters.