Tuesday Morning Random Video Linkage Time: Safety First



If you watch any of these video links today, be sure to watch this one.  It may be the only ballet I’ve ever enjoyed watching. A man and his machinery is a thing of beauty.


Here lies (what I believe to be) the greatest and perhaps the scariest condom commercial ever made.


Sure, you might not find this video all that amusing but had it been you and your friends in the backyard electrocuting sausages you would think it was pretty frikkin’ awesome too. 


Ahhem. This blog believes in safe sex.  So, you know how I said that Trojan condom commercial was the greatest condom commercial ever… of all time? Well, I think maybe I’ve changed my mind. Those Europeans are so very clever. There is just no stopping them. Watch this condom commercial and then move to Europe for crazy European (protected) sex.

I’m Tom Cruise, and I’m in LOVE!!!



This is a blog to show just how much I love Katie, and just how much we
both love living life together, and being awesome, and believing in

Everything is so awesome in his life. Totally, totally, awesome. Read all about it at Tom’s very own blog.[link]

McDonald’s Employee Of The Month



Mcdonald’s is a magical place.[watch now]

Oh and I totally didn’t know this is how Boston Runners keep in shape. I’m so moving to Boston.

In other news:

Will someone explain to me why one would spend a million dollars on a mobile home?

President Bush‘s TV ratings plummet. Fox expected to cancel him, wait for millions to be made on the dvds, then re-air him.

Ford is rolling out a new hybrid, but before you hand over your down
payment, be advised that it is a hybrid between a tricycle and a box of

  Indiana town kills Jesus. Don’t worry, he’ll probably be back in a few days.

Niche? But it’s David Coulier!



I am flabbergasted. David Coulier people. David Coulier. Only "Niche"? Meanwhile Bob Saget is apparently "famous".  He must have slept with the NNDB tracker’s wife because I can’t find anyone else’s profile insulting 90′s television gods…oh wait…maybe I can… and wouldn’t you know they were in  Full House too: Lori Loughlin got rated as "some what" famous. That’s charming. Hmm. So did Candace Bure.

Oh god. This just got even better. (Yes, I’m posting as I am discovering…)

Candace has a site and I was just about to make a joke about her falling off the face of the earth to do porn but oh no. She has a website.


Growing in God with Candace.

Good god! Kirk Cameron got to her. The way of the master strikes again!

Well, lets just say I took her "are you a good person test" and failed miserably. I think I got like 8 or 9 of 10 wrong. Yeah, they were the commandments and Yeah, I may be going to hell but I’m not going to sit here and take advice from an actress with a fame status of "somewhat". If Kirk and her combine their "somewhat" statuses or they get someone famous like Bog Saget, THEN maybe I’ll consider praying.

Riding Lohan




First she was linked to Bruce Willis, then Christian Slater, and now…my grandfather.[link]

Hey Lindsay, Why don’t you go back to your home on Whore Island!

“Dave Mathews Is The Only Concert Ever”



I know, I know, The Dave Matthews Band is your
favorite band ever! You love ‘Dave’, and you’ve seen ‘Dave’ in concert
close to thirty times. You own all of Dave’s albums, and you even saw
‘Dave’ solo once before. (Like that makes a f**king difference)
[continue reading...]

While you’re there check out "Who will be your next supreme court judge". Judy Judy Judy Judy!

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Monday Morning Quick Hits: Marijuana and Suicidal Sheep



Want to see cowboys in dreadlocks?  Willie Nelson does. Marijuana, totally not implicated this decision to make reggae album. Yeehaw-rakasha?

Nike is using Kobe Bryant again for the first time in two years for product endorsements .  The "Just Do It" slogan is expected to be amended with, "…but don’t get caught."

Scientists plan giant telescope with laser beams so we can spy on neighbors and post incriminating pics to internet.

Perscription abuse has doubled since 1992Tom Cruise, we need you now more than ever!In other news, most of the drugs in 1992 didn’t require a prescription. Thanks Brook Sheilds!

Not to be outdone by lemmings, 1500 sheep jump off a cliff in Istanbul. 1500 you say? Good thing I already have my new Serta…