Two Women, Unafraid



Last night, activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested for Unlawful Conduct by Capitol police when she wore an anti-war slogan T-shirt to the State of the Union Address.

In related news, actress Eva Longoria was charged with bitchy conduct by Team Aniston when she wore an "I’ll Have Your Baby Brad" Tshirt while shopping on Melrose.

Both women argue for freedom of expression and the desperate desire to reach an audience who may not otherwise be listening.

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Sizzler: More TomKat PDA



According to the newest issue of Star Magazine, "Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who made a special appearance at the techfest, couldn’t bear to be apart for a moment." "They gave each other little goodbye kisses when they would separate, even for a few feet," says the source.

Meanwhile, other sources close to the couple tell Best Week Ever that it was in fact Katie’s electric collar that was responsible for the couple’s proximity.

Your Tauntaun or Mine?



Have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to “drive a Podracer at 900 mph or more without a windshield or face mask”? Or if you could you survive a “50-foot fall into a snow bank”? Or could you “avoid freezing to death in a blizzard overnight by gutting a dead animal like a tauntaun and getting into its carcass?”

You can find out here.

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Presidential Table Manners


046220kitchen20table reports on tonight’s State of the Union address: "Bush’s speech to tackle kitchen table concerns"

First on the agenda: the basket of wooden lemons or the red candle sticks for the centerpiece?