Monday Morning Quick Hits: Marijuana and Suicidal Sheep



Want to see cowboys in dreadlocks?  Willie Nelson does. Marijuana, totally not implicated this decision to make reggae album. Yeehaw-rakasha?

Nike is using Kobe Bryant again for the first time in two years for product endorsements .  The "Just Do It" slogan is expected to be amended with, "…but don’t get caught."

Scientists plan giant telescope with laser beams so we can spy on neighbors and post incriminating pics to internet.

Perscription abuse has doubled since 1992Tom Cruise, we need you now more than ever!In other news, most of the drugs in 1992 didn’t require a prescription. Thanks Brook Sheilds!

Not to be outdone by lemmings, 1500 sheep jump off a cliff in Istanbul. 1500 you say? Good thing I already have my new Serta…

Top 13 Most Overrated Songs



4. "Hey Ya" – Outkast

“Hey Ya!’s basic 4 chord (G,D,C,E) repetitive structure sounds like it was recorded in a guitar 101 class. Not that there’s anything wrong with 4 chord songs per se, but this one is strummed without any sense of dynamics, much like the way my two year old daughter bangs her toy drum.

Click here to check out the rest of the Top 13 Most Overrated Songs according to and prepare to get angry.

the superbowl is gay


Everybody loves Andy Milonakis, right? How could you not? He’s like the little brother you never had… that’s somehow older than you. Tough to explain.


Download the second episode of The Andy Milonakis show here. And laugh. A lot.

Friday Morning Quick Hits: Stripping ain’t easy and the Whorehouse days are officially over.



Britney Spears pregnant with twins AND she’s denies any involvement in a (very toxic) naked Vanity Fair cover? The whole world’s gone to hell But how are you? (picture thanks to the Gallery of the Absurd)

Natalie Portman’s new (bald) look leads to police suspicion. The last Portman role that resulted in this much police activity was when she played Marty in "Beautiful Girls," but that was for a TOTALLY different reason.

The Williams sisters are battling each other again, only this time it’s not over some squishy balls. Oh no, this time they are fighting for the same role in the upcoming X-men 3 movie. The role you ask? A bi-sexual hooker. It’s a proud moment at the Williams house today…

A birthday party, a stripper, parenting classes, and 2 years probation.  What did you do for juniors sweet 16?

Pauly Shore will send you $1 if you don’t laugh at his new TV show on TBS. And I’ll send you $5 if you do. Hmm, I wonder who’s going to end up losing more money…

Whorehouse Days festival cancelled. Some city councils have no sense of adventure…

Paradise In His Arms


When I came across these pictures of Mary Kate Olsen and her new boyfriend on a trampoline, I found it IMPOSSIBLE to not think of Harlequin Romance novels. Not that I’ve ever peeked at any of those ‘novels’ before or anything. But after about 20 minutes of searching through Fabio cover art in search for the perfect picture, I am having mixed emotions. I’m laughing hysterically but at the same time feel the overwhelming urge to take a shower. I feel dirty all over.

I feel so very naughty.

Mk_masquerade Hearts_masquerade

Backstreet boys revisted



I’d like to sign a petition to have these two gentlemen handle all of the Backstreet Boys videos from now on. One has to love how the guy in the back doesn’t even flinch. [watch now]

Live 8 Video Downloads



Of course, before you download any of these, I’d ask that you go to and sign the list (The Live 8 site will open in a new window). The reason these shows happened was to show support and put pressure on the G8.  Do that now.. the list will be here when you get back.

Get all your Live 8 downloadable goodies here.[link]