Afternoon Linkage: The Past Haunts Us



Kim Cattrall is still upset about Sex and the City. So long as she knows that no one would have remembered her name had it not been for that show, save a  handful of trekkies who remember her role as a frigid Vulcan in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Could Michael Jackson be performing at Live 8? Oh, and Mr. Sneddon, he wants his penis pictures back.

Jennifer Garner to ruin another childhood classic. Look for her in Charlotte’s Web, along with Julia Roberts and Dakota Fanning coming to theaters in 2006.

Schwarzenegger was jeered at a Graduation Speech.  As a response, he grabbed a protester and shouted, "Who is your daddy and what does he do?"

Eddie Murphy returns to his musical career in  "Dreamgirls". That sort of makes me want to "Party all the time".

and now for the question we have been asking since the dawn of time: Is Mike D. of the Beastie Boys really related to Dustin Diamond from "Saved by the Bell"?

Daily Show Newshunter Game



“Do you have the killer instinct that made the Daily Show
correspondents what they are today? Then it’s time to get out of your
dreams and into our news van! Your mission is to do whatever it takes
to get the story first. And be smug about it.”

Now it’s your turn to be a big time news correspondent in this fun little flash game brought to you by the folks at comedy central.[play now]

The Brothers Grimm Trailer



A dark fantasy about the two "Brothers Grimm"
(Ledger and Damon) who travel around the Napoleonic countryside
vanquishing fake monsters and demons in exchange for cash. When the
French government figures out what they’re up to, they force the
brothers to deal with the real thing — a number of murders being
committed under mysterious circumstances in the northern woods between
Germany and France. It is there that they have to try and discover
what’s really happening and deal with it before more people are killed
or their lack of success leads to the guillotine.

Have you seen the new trailer for Terry Gilliam‘s latest film yet? If not, be sure to check it out.[watch now]




See class, that’s how you do it. First, you ask a question. Then you argue your point by presenting the evidence. 

And try not to giggle every time you write 69… that’s just immature.

Rachel gets fruity



Rachel Stevens who you may remember from S Club 7 fame, wants you to reach down into
your pants and hold your testicles in the the palm of your hand. I have a feeling that if all instructional videos were this *ahhem* informative they would have a much higher success rate. [Watch now]

Morning Quick Hits: Resistance is futile



Rapper 50 cent wants a piece of Lindsay Lohan. The thought of this sends shivers down my spine, but hey, " black men love" her.

We are the Scientologists. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Tom Cruise has hired a "minder" for Katie Holmes. Hm, I’m still curious as to why anyone would think Scientology is a cult.

Nothing says Republican fundraiser like family values and porn stars. Porn star Mary Carey answers questions Tuesday as she shows off her outfit for the evening’s event at a news conference in Washington. Insert timely "Deep Throat" joke here.


Blizzard Entertainment, creator of great video games such as World of Warcraft are giving away a rare, life-size mannequin of a Night Elf female. As if video game players are not already anti-social enough, why not give ‘em a blow up doll and make it seem totally normal. It should come with 2 years of therapy for free. But hey, at least Blizzard know their market right?

Hilary Duff has a hole in her head. Okay her ear, but it’s a big ol’ hole.

And the truth comes out? Jennifer Aniston wanted Brad Pitt’s babies after all, but he cheated on her with Angelina Jolie. Finally, some closure.

Afternoon Quick Hits Part 2: Elephants, Monkeys and ‘Dirty’ Torture



Nicole Richie wants elephant rides at her wedding. Yes, everything is to be over-sized so she looks comparably smaller than everyone and everything. Smart thinking, Ms. Richie.

Christina Aguilera‘s music was used as a means of torture to interrogate a leading al Qaeda suspect at Guantanamo Bay. He didn’t give out any info, but he declared that now he feels beautiful, no matter what they say, and words can’t bring him down.

Pierce Brosnan backs Clive Owen to be the next James Bond. I, for one would like to welcome our (potential) hottest Bond overlord.

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg, believes audiences have lost interest in the cute alien ET. Unless Tom Cruise starts dating it, of course.

Sleepovers are no more in Michael Jackson‘s bedroom. It’s now back to wham, bam, thank you… ma’am?