Natalie Portman may be the only woman (besides probably Angelina Jolie) who could still look drop dead gorgeous with a mohawk. How does she do it? Magic. She’s a witch. It’s the only logical explanation.[see more pictures]

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Dude looks like a lady: The Scientology Edition



Tom Cruise dressing in drag? Too good to be true? NahhhhhDlisted has the pictures to prove it. I don’t know how the aliens (and most importantly Xenu ) feel about Tom in drag but chances are they would still want to probe him because lets face it he makes a pretty cute chick. Better than Patrick Swayze ever did anyway…[ link ]

Inside Britney’s Baby Shower



You were probably expecting this event to be the sort of event that would merit a ding-dong cake and some Pabst Blue Ribbon for Britney and all her friends, right? Nah. She threw a reasonably classy shindig. She just did it in cowboy boots. There is a 30 odd picture photo spread of the event if you are interested…just waiting for you over at Access Hollywood…and you are….so just go already.[link]

“Don’t Piss on My Leg and Tell Me April Won HOH”



"This has been a very trying season of Big Brother. I really
love this show, and quite clearly I love to talk about it, but I have
never had so much of an emotional investment into a reality show since,
well, I guess since Naima won ANTM a few months ago, but I think you
get the idea. The last month has been great, with HOH and nominations
swinging back and forth every week. Unfortunately, there has always
been that creepy feeling in the back of my head. What would happen if
my side didn’t win?
"[ Continue reading…]

TVGasm talks about the last episode of Big Brother, the show most people love to hate. It appears the show this time, has broken TVgasm’s heart.

Blog Battle: Maddox Jolie vs Zahara Jolie




Poor baby Zahara is feeling her first negative emotion towards her big brother. Jealousy. Maybe she saw all those pictures people were posting on the internet of Maddox‘s Toys R Us shopping spree. Or maybe it’s because he got to spend more time hugging Angelina Jolie‘s chest. Well, whatever set her off made her start a blog in opposition of Maddox’s blog. The battle of the Jolie baby bloggers begins, choose a side and place your bets!

Maddox Jolie Blog    vs    Zahara Jolie Blog

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Perez Hilton

Best of Thursday Linkage


Dance like nobody is watching, Take 5


Maybe you’ve seen this before but I’m pretty sure I could watch it every morning for the next 5 years and still laugh. Go white boy, go white boy, GO![link]

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I want my very own pet midget

Look how useful they are. Gas prices are rising and I think this may be the only way to ensure survival of the fittest in the year 2005. Get yourself a pet midget today.[direct video link]

Burn Your Men’s Mags!


"There used to be a time in my life where I could not
wait for my mail to come at the beginning of the month. No, I wasn’t
waiting for my Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder, but rather my
monthly installment of men’s magazines filling up my little apartment
"[Continue reading] NSFW due to language.

Airport passenger control

This video isn’t in English but I think you’ll grasp what is being said without a translator present.[video link]

Cruelest Parents Ever

I think I would have ran away from home if my parents had pulled such a stunt on me during my tender youth. Maybe we should stop blaming video games and go back to parent bashing, yes?[link]

Mr. Lover. Lover.

One pop star wannabe try-out from "Pop-stars: The Rivals".[link]

Sonic vs Mario


cool Sonic vs Mario flash. This time with armies and no sprites!"[ go play]


And finally, I just hope everyone remembers (women too) that YOU ARE THE MAN. DA MAN.


Celebrity Couples – Age Differences



Oh No They Didn’t  has compiled a list of celebrity couples in order of  their drastic age differences. Some  of these entries are more shocking than others, but lets be honest, being normal just isn’t hot anymore. Old and busted: high school sweethearts. New hotness: Liking them old and wrinkly.[ link ]

The boob is out of the bag



As  you may have heard, Tara Reid is only now announcing to the world that her boobies didn’t magical grow and that they are indeed fake. This isn’t so much news as it yet again another reason to mock our sweet American Pie princess. Oh how the once ‘mighty hot’ have fallen.  It’s just a matter of time before she accepts Hugh Hefner’s offer. Cityrag has more Tara links.[Check it out]

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Thursday Morning Quick Hits



Playboy finally leaves the stone age and will publish digital edition starting on September 13. 16 year old boys everywhere are rejoicing!

Brad Pitt hires PR guru to announce his romance with Angelina Jolie; as if we didn’t know about it already. Perhaps he should have found another PR representative to talk to other than Tom Cruise’s…just an idea.

MTV might not let Nine Inch Nails sing a political song but they have no problems letting R.Kelly sing at this year’s VMAs.  Hmm Interesting, ever wonder what the difference is between them? Nine Inch Nails pisses people off while R. Kelly pisses on people!

wins libel damages over claim that he cheated on Cameron
Diaz. Which he didn’t. So be careful not to libel him in the comment section.
True statements only. Like "he’s got a tiny, tiny penis. Minuscule,

signs movie deal for Halo – Ebert & Roeper surrender.

Olivia Newton-John’s
boyfriend may be alive and scandalous. Cha Cha DiGregorio wanted for questioning.

Renee Zellweger really misses her breasts. So I am going to take a few days off work to help her find them again. They have to be around here somewhere.

And lo, 19 years ago Earnest Goes to Camp was unleashed upon the land.
And it was a troubled time, war, famine, Britney Spears, y’know what I
mean Vern?