Today in Celebrity Conception



On this day in 1930, The Big Bopper was conceived in part by his father’s big bopper.  Perhaps the romance was sparked by the recent astronomical discovery of Pluto or perhaps it was the debut of the comic Blondie.

Also conceived on this day: Kevin Kline (1947)  Scott Peterson (1972)

The BWE Poll of the Day: Oscar Edition



The Oscar nominations are in. So here’s today’s question: Who (or what movie) should have been nominated but got the shaft?

(Please answer in the comments section. And if you want to say who you think will win, go ahead!)

Corn Flakes: Your Essential Inessentials



This day last year, January 31, 2005



Reports surfaced that Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth were breaking up because they were just too busy to make the relationship work. Pre-“PopoZao” Kevin Federline was given a metrosexual makeover for a shoot for Details. Mike Piazza silenced the whispers by marrying former Playboy Playmate and Baywatch star, Alicia Rickter. Finally, Tara Reid asked Ellen DeGeneres to help her find her Mr. Right. Here’s hoping that this year Tara finds him!