IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Billy Corgan Pro Wrestler???


The Smashing Pumpkins were rumored to headline Coachella this year, but since they’re not, we’re going to share with you this classic clip of Billy Corgan’s appearance on ECW, nearly getting his pumpkin smashed for being a "devil worshiper" (wrestling fans don’t like devil worshippers). 

Say It Isn’t Not So!



We’re not stupid. We know that reality TV distorts reality to tell good stories. Please, I think VH1 alone has dedicated at least three days worth of Awesomely Bad programming to the matter. We get it, and we tolerate it. However. Today. Today I hit my breaking point.

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Ashley Parker Angel and the Case of the Pillar Candle



If you’ve been watching MTV’s new reality show, There and Back about former boy-band member Ashley Parker Angel’s struggle to reclaim musical success. In the past few episodes, Ashley has had to ask his mother in law, his record label and even his neighbors for money to pay the rent.

What the so-called reality show is not exposing is the real reason why Ashley’s in the hole. In last night’s episode, every room in Ashley’s house-even the backyard- was decorated in pillar candles. That’s $15 a pop at pottery barn. I suggest Ashley cuts back on his candle habit before it burns him even more

A BWE Oscars Drinking Game



While you’re watching the Oscars, take a drink every time someone mentions “courage” or “bravery.” I know the show isn’t until March, but I have a feeling you’ll need the time to build up your tolerance.

Today in Celebrity Conception



On this day in 1930, The Big Bopper was conceived in part by his father’s big bopper.  Perhaps the romance was sparked by the recent astronomical discovery of Pluto or perhaps it was the debut of the comic Blondie.

Also conceived on this day: Kevin Kline (1947)  Scott Peterson (1972)

The BWE Poll of the Day: Oscar Edition



The Oscar nominations are in. So here’s today’s question: Who (or what movie) should have been nominated but got the shaft?

(Please answer in the comments section. And if you want to say who you think will win, go ahead!)