Just want you to know…that this video doesn’t suck.



I can’t believe I am posting this…but the new Back Street Boys video is pretty damn funny. The boys do an ode to  Heavy Metal Parking Lot. If they would have started making videos like this years ago, I wouldn’t have still played their videos on mute but I would have at least watched them. This is your must watch video of the day, even if you have to put it on mute too.[link]

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Monday Afternoon Quick Hits



R is for rocket. S is for space. B is for birthday. Happy 85th, Ray Bradbury.

Hawaiians revive lost sport of "lava sledding". Reports that Darwin has
purchase a plane ticket to the islands are apparently true.

Halle Berry’s ex-husband cheated on her to save their marriage. Yeah, good one Buster.

When responding to criticism of his owning seven houses, Sting replied, "I want to live as normally as possible". Back off people, it’s not like he owns 8 homes or something crazy like that.

Always ready to stretch her acting legs to characters she’s nothing
like, Janeane Garofalo will guest star as an annoying liberal media
strategist in "The West Wing"

Cow jailed in Columbia after police cite it udderly responsible for moooving too slowly and causing an car accident.

Pink meets Hilary Duff



"But before the show we were ushered backstage to hang out with Hilary
for a little while in her dressing room. She was so incredibly nice …
she totally made us feel like welcomed guests, like friends. The first
thing she said to me was "I’m such a big fan of yours"I about fell on the floor!Pink is the new Blog sticker and she put it on her wardrobe trunk! I can’t even believe she said that to me … she was so sweet to say that!…"

Trent met the Duff’ster this weekend. I think he’ll forgive her for not wearing pink. Pink is the new blog is blowing up big today, folks. Check out his picture post.[link]

Early Monday Morning Quick Hits



Jessica Alba is considering switching movie genres from super hero movies
to bad TV remakes, no word on when she intends to try the other 2 movie
genres of romantic comedies and Adam Sandler crap. And of course if that fails there, give Hefner a call.

Hip Hop Lyric expert says raps are really just verbal jousting, and are not
real threats. Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay, C-Murder could not be
reached for comment.

In a move of sheer marketing genius, the publishers of Vogue ready to
publish a version of the magazine aimed specifically at men
relationships with women who read *gasp* Vogue.

Britney Spears plans to give birth to Cletus Jr. in $3800 worth of blessed Kaballah water. In related news, "Kaballah" spelled backwards is "naive". 

Did Steve Coogan knock up Courtney Love?…



He denies it of course. In his defense, can you blame him? Run and hide Steve. Run and hide.

Friday Afternoon Quick Hits



The 10 most embarrassing sex scenes.  Yours didn’t make the list because it was just creepy and awkward.

Carlos Santana likes to "calibrate" his personal assistants, if you know what I mean.

British royalty not amused by soft-core porn movie that features Princess Margaret blowing something other than her royal stipend.

French company selling books out of vending machines.  Snickers expected to be bestseller.

names wine after hurricanes. I hear it really blows. hardy har har….

Jennifer Aniston
invites none of you to the pants party.

Dear Ford employees, the high price of fuel for my yacht has prompted
more layoffs than originally planned. Sincerely, Elena Ford.

Snoop Dogg building successful youth football league in Southern California. Gives kids hope of being the next Randy Moss.



The following link is NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK:


It has been about one year since the release of the original Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics, and it is just as popular as ever. Despite the endless cascade of praise, criticism, and death threats — and the fact that Horgh has become the patron inverted-saint of Ruthless Reviews — I’ve been reluctant to compile another list. But, alas, the demand is just too high. And so is the volume of totally pathetic source material. So, with some help from the Ruthless Forum Black Metal Horde, I proudly present:(THE OTHER) TOP 10 MOST RIDICULOUS BLACK METAL PICS OF ALL TIME.

Best. scariest. picture. collection. ever! So frightening. So ridiculous. so completely unnecessary.[link]

A sneak-peek inside of what could be Jessica Simpsons new 10 million dollar home



The sprawling hilltop villa in the Hollywood Hills features a dramatic swimming pool, fountains and open air theatre. The home she reportedly looked at with husband Nick has a European feel with painted frescoes on several ceilings, decadent column pillars and grand courtyards. It also boasts grand sweeping staircases leading up to the front door and spectacular views of LA.

Must be nice. This following link will give you a glimpse of Jessica Simpson’s real estate tastes. I’d gladly come over and baby sit that pool. Call me, guys![link]