Lindsay’s Mystery Friend Revealed!



Perez Hilton on Mystery friend:

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted all over Los Angeles
recently with a moppy-haired gayish looking boy. We don’t even know
him, but we don’t like him. If she’s going to hang out with a fag, it
should be Perez!

Well, one of our sources does know who the hairy beast is. It turns out that Hohan’s little ho-friend is none other than Michael Levine, brother to Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. And, to add insult to injury, the Levine brothers are stinkypoo rich! Their father, Fred Levine is the owner of the M. Fredric boutiques.[from Perez]

But new anonymous sources suggest it’s
Patrick Aufdenkamp
and lookie who has a ‘my space’ page
and most importantly a picture section.

If you don’t have a myspace account (first of all, good for you) here are the ones worth looking at.

Isn’t that Ms. Lohan?

Or is he just  too cool for school.

Pics thanks to:

The Evolution of a Cute Kid







The human head weighs 8 points… Lipnicki’s is already up to about 11 1/2.

For more photographed documentation of Jonathan Lipnicki’s fall from cuteness, check out his official site. Don’t worry kid, you only have to deal with the awkwardness for a few more years. Hold your massive head up high and you’ll persevere. Trust me.

Friday’s Quick Hits: From Beyonce to Brad


Beyonce Preggers? Apparently the geniuses over at Q100.5 seem to think that a hand over one’s stomach equals pregnancy because why else would couples touch eachother? It just doesn’t make sense.

Jack and Kelly Osborne announced that they are planning to write an autobiography together.   I heard the book will be incredibly addicting.      

Coldplay has revealed that their hit Yellow was actually inspired by the Yellow Pages.  Apparently even their influences are boring. (ed note: We actually like Coldplay over here at BWE, it’s just too easy sometimes)

And finally, a jar containing air that was breathed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is on sale on ebay. And yes, it is better looking than your air.

it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood



[Mr]. Rogers and his world go on, not just in the TV show but in a traveling display, "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — A Hands-On Exhibit!" which is at Strong Museum through Sept. 5.

Newell donned his Mr. McFeely outfit to greet Rochester fans of all ages during the exhibit’s opening weekend, last Saturday and Sunday. Traveling with the museum is one of several things Newell still does to keep alive Fred Rogers’ legacy: Explore your world, and love yourself. [continue]

Meanwhile, all the happy little trees and pretty little clouds have done jack s*** for Bob Ross. Ungrateful s.o.b’s.

Ryan Gosling: From Nerd to Stud



You know Ryan Gosling from "The Notebook." I remember Ryan Gosling from the good ol’ days of Breaker High. A television show about a group of high school students on a cruise]around the world. They learn and travel and make awkward love connections. Think the love boat but rated "G". Ah yes, a time when Ryan Gosling was a dorky teenager who had trouble with the ladies. Now look at him, he’s almost too studly for his own good. Who’s bad? Ryan’s bad.

So I post these old pictures in hopes he will one day return to his dorky glory.





Those of you wishing to drool yourself silly over the new (and improved) Ryan Gosling click yourself over to this site.