Get Your Daily Pink On



This is just a reminder that you should be checking Pink is the new blog every day for updates. Trent has been a Best Week Ever favorite for a long time and it’s about time Trent  gets some linky loving. It’s Pink, It’s witty, It doesn’t require a lot of heavy reading and it’s beyond fabulous.[Link]

Some Thursday 4:20 Quick Hits



Kanye West calls for an end to gay-bashing.  Gays and homophobes alike wonder who Kanye West is…

Horse that tried to kill Madonna was gift from husband.  Questioning into justifiable homicide charges to commence in...3…2…

Randy Moss admits he uses marijuana "every blue moon"; In other news, Ricky Williams buys a telescope.

This story has it all…"the clown punched him in the face and kicked him several times".

Meet Sheba The Wonder Dog. She can calculate square roots, knows how
many engines a P-38 has and tracks Matt Lauer in her spare time (with
video). I, for one, welcome our new canine overlord.

LPGA Portraits breaking the stereotypes



I think this may be the worst photo-shoot for a women’s professional sports league ever and yes I remember the Playboy Brazilian soccer team shoot. I thought that was great. This however, is not Playboy. What is their point here? That golf is uber girlie? Oi…cause you know in case you forgot, PINK means GIRLS! [link]

Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits



Tijuana to clean up its brothels with "clean health" electronic cards
for prostitutes. "Swiping the card in the reader" is now code for
something else.

Ever wonder what happened to Hootie and the Blowfish? Yeah, me neither
but if anyone does care they’re playing a gig at the Jacksonville

"World of Warcraft" game: $49.99. Monthly subscription: $14.99. Getting
pwned by your mom
in the forums for breaking your curfew: Priceless.

Soap operas are dying. Stefano expected to resurrect them in a Friday cliffhanger.

Angelina loves Brad



Angelina Jolie misses her Brad and may want to have his babies and really, lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to reproduce with that man? Is she to be married again? Does she really want more kids? Brendon has the scoop.[link]

Thursday Morning Quick Hits




Diva Steven Cojocaru needs another kidney after it was discovered the
first transplanted one didn’t match his Fendi man-purse.

Cameron Diaz Likes Sex With Her Clothes On. Men everywhere respond with "Whatever you say Cameron Diaz, we are men. Our Imagination will do us just fine". Thanks for coming out Diaz, these silly men aren’t going to let you off the hook that easily.

Adam Guettel and screenwriter William Goldman will collaborate on a
musical version
or the hit fairy tale film "The Princess Bride"? INCONCEIVABLE!

Fake lesbians TATU to release new record. Fans who pretended to like their music suddenly not interested.

British model Kelly Brook tells us how she stays in shape with sex and ‘No’ you can not work out with her. 

Eva Longoria hit by a pole. Sometimes these headlines just write themselves.

Wanted women to date guys in isolated British moor town. Must like
farming, hills and men with a suspicious affection for sheep.