Coffee before Baby



Yes, everyone is dying to see baby pictures, but Britney shows us what is most important part of her morning routine…and I have to say I agree with her completely. Coffee. Yes, coffee comes before baby.

Pay attention ladies to Britney’s plan of attack on pesky baby fat. Observe: The super-sized coffee+whip-cream+cigarettes diet.  The only surefire way to lose baby weight in Hollywood. Watch how in only a month’s time she will drop down four dress sizes. It’s like magic. Don’t call her selfish because she’s not doing this for Britney, she’s doing it for the peoples.  [ONTD pictures]

Hickory Hank’s Glitz & Gab: BWE, 1924-style


Hickory_hank_3_7Good afternoon dames and gents.  Hickory Hank here to fill you in on whats buzzing in the biz.  Let’s get a wiggle on. 

Looks like Jude Law gave Sienna Miller the old icy mitt.  Seems Jude wasn’t too keen about Ms. Miller having a soiree with the next 007 himself, Daniel Craig.  Word on the street is that Sienna isn’t taking the breakup well.  Seems like Law gave her a bum’s rush out the door.  Guess his favorite color is… burnt Sienna

In happier news, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore tied the knot.  That dame might be over the hill but she’s got a pair of gams that won’t quit.  â€œDude, where’s my car?” is something Kutcher could be hearing from Moore in the next five years… as she approaches senility!   

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are expecting.  Some people say it’s thanks to the chemistry, but if you ask me it sounds more like… science fiction!

Congrats to Jessica Biel on being voted the World’s Sexiest Woman.  I’m not feeding you a line, Beil is the bee’s knees.  She makes Eva Longoria look like a bug-eyed Betty.   I wouldn’t mind it if she took ol’ Hickory Hank to… seventh heaven!

Dennis Rodman’s new tell-all book “I Should Be Dead By Now” is out.  He claims that ex-flame Carmen Electra attempted to shove spaghetti in his can.  Rodman’s probably just chewing gum but who knows what Electra is like in the sack?  She seems like a bearcat and a half.  If she wants spaghetti… I’m scrambling to find the sauce

Fox has cancelled The Simple Life.  Woof! Woof! My heart is breaking for Paris & Nicole.  Jeepers creepers, these two have been ridden more than the Cyclone at Coney… and for half the price! 

Well that’s all for now folks.  I have to go see a man about a dog.  Tune back next time for the next “Glitz ‘n Gab!” 


Nelson De La Rosa



I love midgets…err small persons…tiny people, whatever. I especially love it when they bust a groove. Check out the World’s Smallest Man cut a rug.[ Link]

Friday Morning Quick Hits



Hear That Sound? INXS shows Faith In Each Other and gets a Kick out of their New Sensation of a singer, Jumping to the Billboard charts for the first time in 13 years. Said to have shed Bitter Tears.

Elvis once grabbed Nipper the RCA dog on stage and loved him tender; audience all shook up when they notice Elvis’ big hunk o’ love.

Charlie Daniels insists that his song "The Devil went down to Georgia", which talks about the devil challenging a guy to a fiddling contest, doesn’t deal with Satan. hmm. "The devil went down to Georgia,he was lookin for some souls to steal…." Naw.…that’s got nothing to do with Satan…

Michael Keaton may play The Joker in the next "Batman" movie.  The circle is now complete.

Sylvester Stallone plans on making Rocky 6 at age 60. Says his opponent will either be senility or Alzheimers.

Lawsuit accuses Siegfried of drugging Roy against his will.  Roy claims innocence, says he’s Siegfried’s number one fan.

Spielberg has agreed to team up with EA for three video games.  Due up first: ET’s BMX 2007.

Target denies plans to sell sex toys; vows to continue to use non-possessive language in referring to the devices they deny selling.

TVgasm’s Lost Review: Never Put a Fat Guy in Charge of The Food



"For all those people out there that were constantly complaining that Lost wasn’t
answering any questions, and spinning its wheels about the big mystery,
after last week’s episode I think we can safely tell you all to talk to
the hand, cuz the face ain’t listening. In just two episodes into the
second season everything about the show had been turned upside down."

TVgasm sums up another episode of Lost that once again makes me wonder why I even bother watch the show.[TVgasm review]

You Can’t Blog This!



It seems that Mc Hammer visited the google office. I just wish I could have been there to hear him talking about blogging, rapping and all things googling. He truly is too legit to quit.[Flickr pictures]