BWE Ringtones


Okay, it’s time to lose that ridiculous "My Humps" ringtone and UPGRADE to a BWE tone. Be the first person on your block with Sherrod Small in your pants. Okay, well, actually Sherrod gets around, so you might not be the first…


Either way, download these brand new ringtones by Sherrod Small and Paul Scheer here. That way, you can have the Best Week Ever.

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Oh, and while you’re fancy-ing up your phone, sign up for BWE Mobile alerts too. That way you can have the… yeah. You get it.




Did you see Monday’s episode of Arrested Development? If you’re an average American, probably not. That’s why it’s YOUR fault the show is going to be cancelled. The rest of us hate you.

If you DID see it, you’d know it was by far the funniest half hour on television this year. All 4 days of this year. They pulled out all the stops: 3-D glasses, celebrity cameos, an unexpected death (I won’t ruin it for you by telling you who died). Meanwhile, the entire thing was a big F-U to FOX. Just incredible.

Unfortunately, chances are it was the last episode of AD to air on the FOX network. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Save the page and check back for updates. Hopefully it works out better than the old page.

Listen to Ron Howard: Please tell your friends about this show.

Best Vacation Ever



In Case You Missed it, it was decided by YOU, the viewers at home, that the one and only Angelina Jolie had the Best Year Ever.

I need to know: what do you think? Did she deserve it? Was Kanye robbed? I’m sure he thinks so. What about Tyra? Or cheaters? Or Weathermen? Do you think Angelina had a better year than all of them? I want to hear your thoughts.

Speaking of Best Year Ever, (this sentence is going to be weird, get ready) Best Week Ever had the Best Year Ever. So after working hard for nearly 52 best weeks in a row, we’re taking some time off. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you should go far. You can still check out for daily updates, and when we come back next month we’re going to have an all new, bigger and better Blog. So get ready.

And that’s that. In the words of Kristin from Laguna Beach, this post is dunzo. See ya soon.

Best Year Ever! Tonight @11



From TomKat to Brangelina. From MJ to R. Kelly. From Paris to Lindsay and from Nick to Jessica, 2005 was THE BEST YEAR EVER.

Tune in tonight at 11 a nd all weekend long to find out who had THE BEST YEAR EVER! Hey, maybe it was you.

Comedians on 2005



In preparation for Last Laugh ’05, CC Insider has asked a bunch of comedians to talk about the year that was. Our own Pete Holmes had this to say about his favorite video of the year.

"I have to give it up for R. Kelly’s unintentionally hilarious ‘Trapped in the Closet,’ specifically the part where a pie-eating midget poops his little-person purple pantaloons. My favorite thing is that ‘midget’ is an offensive and outdated term, but R. Kelly uses it freely, presumably because it rhymes with ‘Bridget,’ the midget’s not-so-little secret lover. I guess it’s because nothing rhymes with ‘Little Person,’ except maybe Elle McPherson or ‘Brittle Person.’

Read the rest of Pete’s take on R. Kelly, as well as pieces by Sarah Silverman and Lisa Lampanelli here.

And here’s Part I of Comedians on 2005. What a year. What a year.

What’s Wrong With Mariah?



Ohmygod, is Mariah okay? I mean, she has somebody holding a cup up and putting a straw in her mouth, surely something’s wrong. Maybe she’s severely injured. Maybe she’s paralyzed. Maybe she’s… oh wait.

The singer — famous for her outrageous demands — stunned fans by being too lazy to lift the cup herself. A brunette assistant had to perform the task at
regular intervals while the singer signed copies of her album The
Emancipation of Mimi.

Okay, nevermind. Everything’s fine. Mariah’s juuuuust fine. Nothing wrong with her at all. Carry on.

The Superficial

Rest of U2 Perfectly Fine With Africans Starving


 SAN FRANCISCO – Rock band U2, currently on tour in North America, is well-known for its human-rights advocacy, particularly its ongoing campaign to eradicate poverty in Africa. Less known to fans of the Irish supergroup, however, is that the lion’s share of these efforts are made by lead singer Bono. The three other U2 members are perfectly okay with the dismal plight of Africa’s poor. [Continue Reading]

I know everybody already checks out the Onion every week for their hilarious stories. HOWEVER, in case you were slacking, I felt like I had to link this one. Man, will the Onion ever stop being funny? I really don’t think so.

Everywhere You Look….



Have you ever thought, "Man, you know would make for a great trip? Going everywhere that the Full House open was shot and taking pictures of the locations! That’d be the BEST!"

Well, I haven’t either. But somebody did. Check out the pictures here if you’re a big Full House fan. Or if you’re really, really, really, really, really bored. Or if  you’ve been harboring a secret crush on Kimmy Gibler. Come on. Just admit it.