Leslie and the Lys: “Gold Pants Live”



First there was Star Wars. Then The Lord of the Rings.
Now the Gem Sweater trilogy reaches its climactic end. Leslie and her
Lys are back one last time to rock the mic live to thank her mama for
making her gold pants.

  See how the phenom started with the original Gem Sweater and rocked on in Beat Dazzler.

Gold pants have never been rocked so hard before. Ever.[watch now]

The birth of Frodo



Those of you questioning Elijah Wood’s sexual preference can stop right now. Click the picture to see what exactly that is. Any joke to be made here would be too offensive so we will let you do it.[NSFW CityRag Link]

Tuesday Morning Quick Hits



Homosexual cowboy movie coming to theaters soon, to finally answer question "Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"

I pity the fool who wont watch this show. Mr. T is the new Oprah.

Matthew McConaughey, everyone’s favorite stoned bongo player, shares
his art onstage at John Mellencamp concert
; keeps his pants on this time.

Paul McCartney’s
latest solo album called his best since the breakup of
The Beatles.
By best, they mean the fact that the first single is
already a corporate jingle.

Bill Cosby makes hey hey hey over Fat Albert domain name, wins legal battle.

Leonardo DiCaprio to play Teddy Roosevelt in upcoming film. Hollywood may not be out of ideas, but they’re out of good ones.

If you notice SNL sucking more than usual this fall it’s because Tina Fey will be busy being a MILF.

Contestant on new Trump "Apprentice" is an Eastern European stripper
who bilked some guy out of lots of money. Sounds more like one of
Donald’s wives.

Screw you guys, I’m going to Broadway: Trey Parker and Matt Stone to pen musical.




Hotdogboy is comprised
    of two separate Earth beings, Rub and Tug. Check it out. [link]

What does it take to destroy an iPod nano?



"What does it take to destroy an iPod nano, and what’s inside this tiny
package? We wanted to answer both questions and strangely enough
answering the first allowed us to answer the second. We could take our
turns at purposely rendering the iPod nano broken, and then when it had
endured more damage than it could handle we’d end its misery with a
respectful autopsy. Now, we know that destroying the iPod nano makes
some (strange) grown men want to cry. Rest assured, you can still buy one yourself, and the local priest said all iPod nanos go to heaven."

These geeks go all out in hopes to kill the nano ipod, but it just keeps on ticking.[link]

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