Sizzler: Jake Gyllenhaal and Sophia Bush?



Egotastic has pics of the Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal chatting it up with One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush at the local dog park.

Insert appropriate doggy-style jokes in the comments section. Extra points for including Chad Michael Murray.

Ho, Ha, Ha, Guard, Turn, Matthew Perry, Dodge, Spin, Ha, Thrust, Sorkin



What do Matthew Perry and Aaron Sorkin have in common? No, not that. They are going to be working on a new show together:

After lengthy negotiations, the former "Friends" star will join D.L. Hughley and Steven Weber in an untitled drama set behind the scenes at a fictional long-running sketch-comedy series in the mold of "Saturday Night Live." Perry will play a genius comic writer who was forced out of his position as co-executive producer on the sketch show after a dispute with the network, UBS. Weber will play UBS’ ambitious chairman, and Hughley one of the sketch show’s three stars. Aaron Sorkin, who created the project with Thomas Schlamme, wrote Perry’s part with the actor in mind. "A lot is going to be asked of this cast," Sorkin and Schlamme said. "We still have a number of roles to fill to complete the ensemble, but you couldn’t hope for a better start than these incredibly gifted actors."

Assuming everyone behaves, this could be a hit for a long time.

Is DNA Having the Best Week Ever?



First we hear about the Yellow Cab driver who was so infuriated by Paris Hilton’s drunken taxicab " bladder accident" that he saved the soiled rag he used to clean up her mess as a DNA sample to prove to the world that she’s a really "sloppy" drunk. 

And now that rumors of Clay Aiken’s love of Military Men are spreading across the Internets like wildfire, it turns out that the American Idol’s Drill Sergeant has saved some DNA specimens of his own.

DNA – it’s everywhere.  Literally. 

Unwelcome to the Jungle



Is Upton Sinclair the new James Frey? CNN has the story:

He was a man for whom the term muckraker was coined, a crusading journalist and novelist who never hesitated to expose scandal at the highest levels of government and business. But now the integrity of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Upton Sinclair is being questioned 38 years after his death because of the discovery of a letter he wrote in 1929. Quotes from the letter in recent news reports make it seem that the man who exposed the horrors of the meat-packing industry in the 1906 book "The Jungle" covered up a confession from a defense lawyer that famous anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were guilty of the murders for which they were executed. Many people thought the two were innocent and prosecuted for political reasons.

If this turns out to be true, we’re going to have to take back Sinclair’s Best Year Ever (1906) Award.

The BWE Poll of the Day



Question: Who would you like to see get the Oprah beat-down next?

(Please give your answer in the comments section.)

Sizzler: Lindsay Lohan Gets Asthma Tattoo



According to Pop tart Lindsay Lohan has had the word ‘Breathe’ tattooed on to her wrist. " The new tattoo is reportedly a reminder of her recent asthma attack. "It’s about the asthma attack, but also a reminder to just slow down and enjoy life," says a friend.

Other possible things the tattoo could remind her of :

Faith Hill’s chart-topping country single "Breathe"

Michelle Branch’s chart-topping pop single "Breathe"

Fabolous’ chart-topping hip-hop single, "Breathe"

Marie Burnett’s chart-topping Christian single "Breathe"

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe: The Pink Floyd Cover Band

Bath and Body Work’s "Breathe: Honey and Soy Foaming Bath Milk"