The Passion of the Matt



Tonight kicked off with the second stop of the Eugene Invitational
tour. As RAW was broadcasting from Pittsburgh, PA, the audience
wondered who Eugene’s "Hometown Hero" opponent could possibly be? H.J.
Heinz? Andy Warhol? Jimmy Stewart? Unfortunately, they’re all dead, so
we had to settle for Kurt Angle. (We can only imagine how cool it would
have been to see Andy Warhol’s reanimated corpse shuffle into the
squared circle…)[continue reading…]

TVGasm takes a look at Raw.

Best of Tuesday Linkage


Gnome Nookie

It may be a commercial for gum but I’m more impressed at how suave this little gnome is…(link thanks to Cynical Smirk)


Musical Hands – This guy makes NES Mario noises with just his hands. Women everywhere remain unimpressed.


New Strongbad email – Lady…ing – Ooooooooh the ladies can’t resist the cute baby brother…


Guilty Pleasures, Embarrassing Truths
- "Ask anyone what their favorite movie is and you are likely to get the stock response: The Godfather. Or maybe Scarface. If you ask a woman, you might get some cr…"


MAGIC HARRY’S MUGGLE POTS.- Which pot is the Orb in? Quick flash game for the Potter-nuts.

Tuesday Quick Hits



Marc Cohn shot. Driving in Denver apparantly not as safe as walking in Memphis.

Upon learning that her Harry Potter books are the most frequently
requested reading material
among detainees at Guantanamo Bay, J.K.
immediately got to work on her next novel, "Harry Potter and
the Muggles’ Jihad".


agreed to change its media plan for Star Wars: ROTS, keeping ads for
the movie out of TV shows
whose primary audience is age 2-11. Selling
burned action figures apparently still okay.

Hollywood study shows that bad guys smoke more than good guys. Still no cure for cancer.

Strip club name change to "Vaginas R’ Us".In potentially related news, Geoffrey is officially AWOL.

Oh and the 40 Year-Old Virgin is on sale. Get him while he’s hot.

Wax on?



Ignore for a minute that this wax statue of Jessica Simpson is bound to show up on Ebay in the future and that some of the men in these photos have probably waxed off to this hunk of wax. I just want you to imagine for a moment that you could have a wax statue of yourself. Would…would you keep it for yourself or give it away? Seriously, I want you to think about this…how creepy would this be? I think I would burn it in a bonfire and watch it melt away. But that’s me and my plan would also probably involve beer and midgets. So I’m curious as to what you would do. Have more made?  An army of wax statues in your likeness? Do tell. [see more creepy photos here]

Monday Moring Quick hits



ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings has passed away due to lung cancer.

Kevin Costner
wants to make "The Bodyguard" sequel with Jessica Simpson. In related news "sequel" is code for "have sexual relations with".

Old and busted: The Vagina Monologues.  Up and coming: The Holy Phallus.

Mel Gibson asked to give Aussie children nightmares by staging crucifxion on World Youth Day.

shot in leg
while attempting to photograph Britney’s baby shower. In a
related story, all them years Cletus spend possum huntin’ finally pay

The cheerleaders put their skills to work with the help of Kimmie Gibler.

Tonight Ricky Williams will be as close to the NFL Hall of Fame as he’ll ever be.

"I want halllllffff Eddie!": Oomfufu files for divorce.