Tuesday Morning Quick Hits



Elizabeth Hurley wants permission from India to turn the Taj Mahal into a giant pink boobie, for breast cancer benefit. And why not…Who doesn’t love boobies?

Tribute band Nanowar do a gay version of Manowar. In other news the original band Manowar wasn’t gay???

Rodman gives the scoop on Carmen Elektra‘s jungle fever and the one in a million shot, Fuscilli Dennis style.

Wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Dugin uses his 2×4 for leverage and flips purple school bus with news reporter inside.

Regis Philbin takes the Welch’s Grape Juice Spokesman title from Larry King in a 5-hour, 18-inning prune fest.

"This is your pilot speaking. Our speed is Mach 2, our flying time from Tokyo to New York will be 6 and a half hours."

Wallace, Gromit, Shorn the Sheep and Evil Penguin all perish in
warehouse fire
. Gumby, Pokey, David & Goliath to be pallbearers.

Kevin Smith Talks Back.


It seems director Kevin Smith decided to take a break from watching Degrassi
High reruns and from filming his latest project, Clerks 2,to
reply to both his fans and haters
on his webpage’s message board.


"Fan Comment":I didn’t hate Jersey Girl

by Brock Tune

Just found it extremely mediocre, not memorable in the least.

Kevin Smith’s response: Not so, sir: you remembered it was mediocre!

See Kevin Smith’s full post here.

Afternoon Quick Hits



Little Richard returns half his concert fee, or $30k, to cash-strapped
community. In other news, it apparently costs $75k to get Little
Richard to show up, sing a couple songs, say Oooooh Shut Up, and leave.

institutes the "That’s not my cocaine sitting next to my
computer in my apartment" defense in drug case. Soon to be known as
Karma Chameleon defense.

charged with battery after hitting five-year old with his camera,
pushing another out of the way in Disneyland to take pictures of Reese
. Those Mickey Mouse ears are going to be real popular in

Vogue editor assaulted by PETA because violence is always the solution. Quite frankly, I think we all should be pelting pies at the readers of Vogue instead. No, I don’t need a reason to dream of such things.

"Seventh Heaven" is now officially the longest running family drama on
TV, despite the fact that you don’t know a single soul that watches it.

A Middle Eastern tv show about militant Islamists and moderate Islamists has drawn the ire of many muslims. It might be the
title…Bombs of our Lives, or was it 2 Arabs, An Infidel, and a
Bomb….or Bombs on a Plane…OR…

The 25 People We Envy Most



"Sure they’re richer than you. And smarter. And they have more friends,
faster cars, bigger houses, and hotter dates than you ever will. And
they (mostly) have full heads of lustrous hair.* But that’s no reason
to hate them… right? For this year’s Power Issue, we eschewed the
idea of ranking dealmakers and corporate chieftains in terms of raw
corporate power and instead chose a slightly different metric: envy."

Well it looks like we found another list here for you people to groan about. Fortune Magazine has posted their ‘Envy’ list and while I envy the google dudes, I’ll take a pass on Pastor Rick Warren.[Direct Link and Gawker Post]

I hope we feel like this forever Forever, forever, ever, forever



"Mission Impossible III: You Don’t Know the History of Electric Bugaloo. I Do"

The pot calls the kettle black as Jude Law dumps Sienna Miller for cheating. Fortunately Jude Law’s pity party will be a lonely one.

Sharon Osbourne blurs the fine line between Reality and Fiction.  Ozzy still slurs speech.

Finally, all those nights spent in your mother’s basement pretending to be in space might actually get you out of there, via  Spaceship.

Dumb: Stealing a laptop.  Dumber: Stealing a broken laptop.  Dumbest: Calling tech support for help on a broken stolen laptop.

Britney Spears cancels auction of bra on eBay because – like her singing ability – she felt it was falsely hyped.

Girl-on-girl violence on the rise on Boston’s subways.
In other news, Boston’s subway system experiences a dramatic increase
in male riders.