Has the Theaters’ “Bubble” Burst?



You may have heard by now that Steven Soderbergh’s new movie, Bubble, is being released more or less simultaneously in theaters, on cable, and in DVD form. This is scary stuff for theater owners and studios because they worry that people won’t come out to the theaters anymore. Mark Cuban, who is putting money behind the idea, has some interesting ideas up on his blog (which you should read regularly:

The point in all this is to emphasize my shock in reading EVERY SINGLE COMMENT about the day and date release strategy of Bubble and the many films we will release this way behind it.

Go through every article. Hollywood Producers, Directors, Theater owners from big chains and honchos from theater trade organizations.

NOT A SINGLE PERSON. NOT ONE stood up and said, “screw him, our product is great. We dont care what he does”. Not a single person said  “It could hurt our business, but we will just have to work harder to bring people in to our theaters”. Not a single person said, “It will make us have to work harder and create a better value and experience for our customer”

I think this is really on target. Just like the music industry, the movie studios and theater companies are going to have to get used to all the competition out there. It would be sad for me, personally, if movie theaters disappeared, but who am I to tell people where and how they should watch movies? In New York, going to a movie can cost a family of four sixty dollars. Why would someone struggling to make ends meet pay that when they can watch the same movie on DVD at home (a few months later) for three dollars? They wouldn’t, unless they are given a unique experience at the theater. Right now, all they get is sticky floors, uncomfortable seats, expensive popcorn, and “The 20” (which I actually like). Movies, we love you. But don’t take us for granted.

Finally, Irrefutable Proof There’s a God


Naturally, it comes from Star magazine. Where else?


"She told me that maybe a sexy magazine layout with her showing her assets might give her a little edgier image and she might be considered for a femme fatale role. She knows she can pull it off, but she thinks casting directors aren’t so sure." – A "friend"

Okay, so it’s far from conclusive… but still. You gotta believe. You just gotta.

In the meantime, Egotastic has a bunch of pictures of J-Love in a bikini to tide you over. They sure beat sitting through The Ghost Whisperer.

American Idols: Good Country Folk



It’s no secret that American Idol audition candidates are the creme of the crop. One can only assume the show’s producers subject their talent to rigorous background checks, psychological screenings, and drug sniffing dogs. So it was a shock to discover that one candidate on Tuesday night’s episode has a history of violence.

Rhonetta Johnson, last seen gloating about her musical abilities to little fanfare, was charged in 2003 with "assault of a deadly weapon–cutting." Apparently Bitch will cut you.

Check out her inmate summary here  .(Thanks trent!!)

Development Watch: America’s Funniest New Shows



Because we just can’t get enough of America’s Funniest Home Videos, we are thrilled to hear about two new shows slated to air in the coming months. USA has ordered a new pilot called eBaum’s World, inspired by the website of the same name where people can post their funny home videos  and clips.  Meanwhile, Ultimate Blunders on TLC showcases some of our dumbest moments. 

Lets just hope both shows land hosts with the wit and candor of Tom Bergeron. (thanks Cynopsis)

Zimbalist Movement



Pierce Brosnan has five (!) projects currently in the works: Seraphim Falls, The Topkapi Affair, Mexicali, Butterfly on a Wheel, Instant Karma. Yet tragically, he doesn’t want to do a movie based on Remington Steele, which was the most awesome show ever. He can’t be swayed with money, so let the passionate letter-writing campaign commence!